Belgian Fruit Valley BFV, 15% of the world’s production of Conference pears

Wed 27/07/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Red Conference pears, with their more delicate fragrance and texture, are gaining popularity among fruit consumers.

BFV is Belgium’s main fruit grower cooperative, selling domestically and worldwide. It employs tastings and other marketing strategies to promote products in its growing German market. Last year, BFV pre-launched the Morgana apple variety in Belgium and the red Conference pear in China, the latter having already been launched in Europe. In volume terms, BFV supplies 250,000 tons of fruit a year, including roughly 125,000 tons of Conference pears, which represents about 15% of global production.

Concerning prospects for next season, Marc Evrard, commercial director of BFV, said: “Because of what’s happening in Europe (war and strikes), we have to be extremely flexible and pragmatic until the market is fully accessible again.”

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