ASPROCAN launches project for greater sustainability in Canary Islands banana supply

Thu 08/06/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

ASPROCAN, the Association of Canary Islands Banana Producers, has rolled out a new research project “Plátano de Canarias y los Retos 2030”, which aims to provide practical solutions to producers to move towards sustainability and meet the challenges posed by the European “From Farm to Fork” strategy in the coming years.

The project will focus on defining a specific biological control strategy for pests that affect banana cultivation in the Canary Islands and testing new pest control tools with favourable toxicological and environmental profiles.

The start of this project has been possible thanks to public subsidies for financing the “Investigo Programme”, which facilitates the hiring of unemployed young people to carry out research and innovation initiatives, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience – Next Generation EU.

ASPROCAN, an organisation that represents 100% of the Canary Islands banana production sector, has been a beneficiary of this subsidy, which will allow it to expand the hiring of new young personnel dedicated to research. ASPROCAN will also have the support of the Protection Department of the Canarian Institute of Agrarian Research (ICIA).


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