Asda slashes fruit prices

Tue 17/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

UK retailer Asda is investing £9m to lower prices by an average of 14% in a move aimed at supporting families impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. Among the cuts are a kilo of loose Braeburn apples, 20p off at £1.80; a kilo of loose pears, 70p off at £1.80; and a 350g pack of strawberries, down 35p at £2.15.

The latest round of price cuts follows a £35m investment to reduce the price of over 600 products during July and August, bringing the total Asda has spent on lowering prices to £44m since the start of the summer period.

Asda’s Income Tracker indicates that more than 60 per cent of households saw their disposable incomes fall in August compared to a year earlier, despite a slowdown in the headline CPI inflation rate.

The price reductions took effect from Wednesday 11 October.


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