Apple leaders present sustainable packaging at IFPA Show

The shift to sustainable consumer packaging has reached the apple industry.
Tue 10/01/2023 by Nadia Venticinque 
Easy-to-understand product information is presented on the front of packaging.
EZ Band is made from cardboard and is totally recyclable at home.
CMI Orchards offers more new items than ever before

“One of the things we are most excited about launching this year is our Flavogram® Campaign, which is an educational tool that retailers can use to allow shoppers to easily compare apples with other apples. It is a new way of looking at apple flavours, thanks to a colour bar guide for easy reference. So, consumers at a glance can look at the colour band which visually describes the sweetness and tartness of the apple,” said vice president of marketing, Rochelle Bohm. The grower also presented new sustainable packaging options as part of its award-winning Relax® campaign, which saves consumers time when researching the sustainability of various products.

Stemilt launches EZ Band for large-sized fruit

“The EZ Band is an approach to sustainable packaging we’ve seen in Europe. It’s the first of its kind in the United States and easy on the shopper, retailer, and the earth,” said marketing manager Brianna Shales. Regarding the difficult and uncertain economic situation, Shales explained that because of the short crop last year, apple dollars increased significantly, but volumes were pretty flat. “It will be interesting to see what happens as we get into this crop. However, the domestic market is still very strong, as is Mexico, and we have some regional suppliers like New York and Michigan who have increased volumes over the last year. So, although overall supply in the US is down, there will be plenty of apples to promote.”

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