Anecoop supports inclusion through sport

Mon 09/05/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

To mark the seedless watermelon’s 30th anniversary in the European market, Bouquet is sponsoring two sporting events promoting inclusiveness. Last week, the group sponsored the III Bouquet Rugby and Inclusion Tournament organised by the URA Clan Foundation (Almería Rugby Union) with the collaboration of the Almería Provincial Council and the Municipal Sports Board, with almost a hundred participants enjoying a day full of sporting activities, and seeing their efforts rewarded with refreshing portions of Bouquet watermelons throughout the weekend.

At the end of 2020, Anecoop renewed its agreement with the Almería Rugby Union for another year, allocating 50 per cent of the sponsorship to URA schools and academies in the province and the other 50 per cent to the URA Clan Foundation, dedicated to rugby that integrates children and adults with disabilities, behavioural problems or risk of social exclusion, giving them the opportunity to experience rugby as a sport and as a way of life, based on values such as respect, education, equality and inclusion.

On the same weekend, Anecoop sponsored the AVAPACE Corre Athletics Club’s, I+D Tavernes Blanques Inclusion and Sport race in Valencia, promoted by the Valencian Association for Helping Cerebral Palsy.

The 800 participants were able to enjoy Bouquet watermelons at the finish line and received a basket of Bouquet oranges that was included in the runner’s bag.

AVAPACE Corre is a running team that runs for and for its association for the inclusion of people with cerebral palsy in society through sport. The club is made up of 170 athletes who run pushing the running chairs of the boys and girls of AVAPACE.

Anecoop president, Alejandro Monzón, congratulated both organisations for their work for the benefit of society, reaffirming the second-tier cooperative’s commitment to the two entities through economic and product collaboration throughout the year, “contributing our grain of sand and being present with supportive and healthy portions of our star product, the Bouquet seedless watermelon”.


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