Aldi China and Mr Avocado launch ready-to-eat avocados

Wed 22/09/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

With Chinese demand for avocados constantly growing, Mr Avocado and Aldi China have teamed up to launch a co-branded ready-to-eat avocado product. Mr Avocado reached out to retailer Aldi soon after it opened its first Chinese store in Shanghai.

Over the past three years of working together, Mr Avocado’s ready-to-eat avocados have won over countless shoppers at Aldi’s stores in China, and sales have grown steadily. On Aldi China’s recommendation, the two parties have launched their co-branded avocado product in recent weeks.

Liu Mosu, Mr Avocado general manager, said: “Today, our daily sales have surpassed 180,000 pieces,” “We are on track to reach the 260,000-piece mark by the end of this year.”

Mr Avocado was the first company to import avocados to China from Colombia and from California. Mr Avocado has close relationships with suppliers in Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and California, and will trial its first avocados from New Zealand this year.


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