AEKAKI projects 50% drop in persimmon crop

Thu 01/12/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
High production costs, unfavourable weather, and pests have all taken their toll on this year’s persimmon crop.

This year is expected to be a tough one for Spain’s persimmon sector due to the adverse weather conditions and the high cost of raw materials. Pascual Prats, president of the Spanish Kaki Association (AEKAKI), forecasts a 50% drop in production this year compared to the previous campaign. The fruit has also been affected by various pests, such as cotonet. What’s more, as most of the persimmon crop is distributed via big retail chains, this tends to push prices down, cutting profit margins for farmers. This is why one of AEKAKI’s main strategies is to obtain good prices at origin and expand to new markets in South America and China.

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