ZUMEX® takes freshly squeezed juice to the office with the new Versatile Pro Cashless

Freshly squeezed juice and cashless payment technologies go hand in hand in the new self-service professional automatic juicer by ZUMEX®, a strategic player and world leader in the juice business, […]
Thu 28/11/2019

Freshly squeezed juice and cashless payment technologies go hand in hand in the new self-service professional automatic juicer by ZUMEX®, a strategic player and world leader in the juice business, which aims to extend the “juice break” concept to the workplace.

  • ZUMEX® introduces a refreshing take on the traditional “coffee break” concept with the launch of its new Versatile Pro Cashless, its first self-service automatic juicer for offices
  • Freshly squeezed juice is a fast, profitable and healthy alternative to coffee in business centres, production plants, co-working centres and offices 
  • The new Versatile Pro Cashless is easy to use and offers up to four cashless payment methods for payments in record time

The expressions “coffee time” and “coffee break” are about to come up against some stiff competition. Up until recently, coffee and soft drinks were the only drinks option during the working day. Now, thanks to the arrival of freshly squeezed juice, there is now a faster and healthier option available in offices around the world with ZUMEX®. The world leader in juicing systems has developed Versatile Pro Cashless, its first self-service automatic juicer designed to offer a refreshing and healthier take on the office coffee service (OCS). 

Thus, after having successfully introduced freshly squeezed juice in the HORECA, retail and school environments, ZUMEX® is now committed to entering the lives of thousands of workers with its new automatic juicers. The new Versatile Pro Cashless range is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies, business centres and self-service areas that want to offer freshly squeezed juice, without taking up lots of space, to help promote healthy break times during the working day.

The new Versatile Pro Cashless is a revolutionary, highly compact, contactless cashless solution, and due to its small size, it fits easily into any office corner. In addition, it comes in two models, the table-top version and the All-in-One version with a podium, which is easy to move depending on day-to-day needs.

This completely new range is based on the successful Versatile Pro model, a range of machines that have proved to be a huge hit in food and drink chains around the world, such as Starbucks, Subway and Costa Coffee. This time, the result of the firm’s innovation is a new range of high performance automatic juicers that are efficient and easy to use in self-service environments, and are perfect for extending the “juice break” concept to the business world.

As easy as: “Pay, Press & Enjoy your juice”

The new machine stands out for its easy, highly flexible payment methods as it incorporates cashless payment technology. It provides up to four cashless payment methods including contactless with mobile phone and card (either personal or corporate), chip, magnetic stripe and MIFARE.

It also has a whole host of other new features which include its new ultra-fluid feeding system that makes it easier for fruit to enter the juicing cycle and improves the efficiency and autonomy of the machine, and its new more ergonomic anti-drip tap with its Easy Press front push button.  

In addition to being easy to operate and very user-friendly, this juicer is also easy to clean thanks to its 1Step Kit and the exclusive ZUMEX ASP® nanotechnology, which guarantees food safety.

In addition, it accurately counts the pieces of fruit to be juiced, providing optimum control for the machine operator and also includes different safety systems.

This new range of machines for the world of business was successfully presented at HOST 2019 and is available in two colours, which are ideally suited to the current working environments: Black, a new, very elegant, matt black colour and Orange, the most popular and distinctive ZUMEX® coourl.

In short, a machine with a state-of-the-art design that is perfect for optimising break times in new workplace environments and for promoting a healthy lifestyle, even during the working day.

ZUMEX® Group is a strategic partner and has been a world leader and innovator in the juice business in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for fruit and vegetable juicing for more than three decades. It is present in more than 100 countries through an extensive network of distributors and its five subsidiaries (USA, Mexico, UK, France and Germany), which work closely with its headquarters located in Spain (Moncada-Valencia).

The company is well known for the development of patented technologies and exclusive systems and has three major business lines: food service & retail, food engineering and vending.

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