Winning year for Medfel exhibitors

The Medfel fair has just ended and the comments of satisfaction are numerous among members of Saint-Charles Export. The fair, now in its eighth edition, was organised by the South […]
Wed 04/05/2016

The Medfel fair has just ended and the comments of satisfaction are numerous among members of Saint-Charles Export.

The fair, now in its eighth edition, was organised by the South of France Development teams. Saint-Charles Export and the platform MP2 were responsible for the animation of the stands of 43 companies, present on more than 500 m2, a number reinforced by numerous member companies present in the South of France and Morocco pavilions.

Attendance on the rise

In a press release, organisers said this year Medfel drew 6,122 visitors. Attendance on the first day was up 6% on last year, 8% higher on the second day, and equal for the third and final day. “Those good results show the dynamism of this fair,” the said.

Medfel allows all professionals in fruit and vegetables of the Euro-Mediterranean area, either producers, shippers, importers/exporters or transporters/logistics, to demonstrate their know-how to the more than 6,000 visitors.

Motivated buyers

Among the exhibitors, companies such as Marquillanes and Soleil Roy noted that this year’s exhibition was even better than last year’s. Other feedback welcomed the rise not just in visitors but in very good quality contacts. Some reported making excellent contacts for sales to non-EU countries, particularly in French-speaking Africa, North Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, while others targeted countries on the European continent. And, though keeping a low profile, many buyers of French supermarket chains were also present at the show.

Common factors

But Medfel is a very specific fair for Saint Charles, and some common interests were clearly pointed at.

Firstly, Medfel is an ‘at home’ fair for those companies based in Perpignan, which makes a difference. For example, the company Caustier by STC, an associate member of the platform, manufacturer and installer of conditioning equipment, said: “Proximity allows us to go to the plant directly in order to show our customers machines and come back to the stand, which is obviously a privilege.”

Secondly, and from a commercial point of view, the main objective for exhibitors remains to meet new customers, then to strengthen existing relationships. But another important point, and one often cited by business leaders is that Medfel also allows for what could be described as a ‘family meeting’ between the different sectors, including fruit and vegetable operators and those from transport and logistics. They have the opportunity to exchange in a more friendly manner than usually and renew more personal connections.

Exhibitors in the Saint-Charles Export pavilion were:

Alma Transitaires / Anecoop France / Armand Fabre / Banque Courtois / Banque Populaire du Sud / Bio & Bio / Caustier by STC / CIC Iberbanco / CLTM Port-Vendres / Crédit Mutuel / CTS – Chartering Transport Service / Euler Hermes / Fontestad France / Food Développement Services / Gartner Spedition / Green Produce / Groupe Medina / Guanter Rodriguez / JH Mesguen Transports / JMF Partenariat / Laboratoire Départemental d’Analyses / Laboratoire Phytocontrol / Lacour / Leible Seifried International / Les Fruits Rouges de l’Aisne / Marquillanes / Oryvert / PSCCT / Plénétude Informatique / CCI Port-Vendres / Primar France / Primever Roussillon / Regal’In Europe / RCI / Saint-Charles Export / Satfer / Socafna / Solagora / Soleil Roy International / Spanfruits / Syndicat Mixte MP2 / Top Fruits / Vialade Champignons.