The PDO podded Coco de Paimpol is still packed but with 3 times less plastic!

Tue 14/07/2020

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Press release

  • Prince de Bretagne launches a new cardboard punnet for its fresh podded white beans
  • The first ready-to-cook product of the Brittany market gardeners’ brand Nutri-Score
  • New references in fresh and frozen products

After the success of its punnets of fresh podded white beans, Prince de Bretagne has kept the promise made at the launch of the prize-winning product: for the coming Coco de Paimpol season, the firm presents a cardboard punnet packaging (bearing Nutri-Score information) and other new products. Europe’s leading fruit and vegetable cooperative group has made a number of innovations in the field of sustainable development and CSR to satisfy consumers’ health and environmental expectations. 

From 17.7g to 6.2g of plastic per punnet

As part of its social and environmental commitments, Prince de Bretagne presents a new cardboard punnet for its ready-to-cook fresh white PDO Coco de Paimpol beans, which contains a third of the amount of plastic (only requiring a plastic wrap inside the punnet).

Packed in 220g and 400g punnets in the fresh department

This punnet packaging allows the vegetables to be cooked directly (30-40 min in boiling water), with no need for podding, as this has already been done. Launched last year in a 220g punnet (for 2-3 people), Prince de Bretagne now offers a new 400g punnet (for 4-6 people) – a size that can also please restaurant owners. Podded and packed, the product undergoes no form of preservation treatment.

More information with Nutri-Score

The new packaging of the ready-to-cook fresh beans bears the 5-colour Nutri-Score logo. Consumers are provided with details of Coco de Paimpol’s nutritional qualities to respond to the increasing demand for fibre- and protein-rich leguminous plants. 

A range for everyday consumption

In addition to the current 1kg frozen packages for restaurants, Prince de Bretagne has created a 450g package for consumers (in supermarkets). Likewise, the timeless traditional Coco de Paimpol in pods are available in 1kg and 5kg packages, as well as in 8kg packages (rather than the previous 10kg). Whether frozen or fresh, the shelled coconut is ready to cook and requires no soaking, thus constituting a real time saver.