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Xtrema Fruit to discuss challenges facing stone fruit sector

Xtrema Fruit to discuss challenges facing stone fruit sector © Xtrema Fruit
Xtrema Fruit in 2018 © Xtrema Fruit


The 2nd National Stone Fruit Forum will take place on the platform on November 5, from 4.30 to 8 pm. Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, it will take place online, with over 2,000 registered agricultural professionals from around the world. The topics to be discussed will include the expected impact in January 2021 of the new European regulation for organic production and the situation of the stone fruit sector for the next campaign. The latest advances and developments in the sector will also be presented. 

The presentations will be developed within different thematic blocks: Fertigation, Plant Health, New varieties and Alternative Crops, Ecological Agriculture and Marketing. In this last block there will be a round table in which those responsible for the associations of stone fruit producers of Extremadura, Murcia and Catalonia, which concentrate most of the Spanish production (Afruex, Apoexpa and Afrucat) and where they will analyse and discuss the state of the sector.

Among the experts who will participate as speakers are researchers from institutions such as Cicytex (Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadura) or SEAE (Spanish Society for Ecological Agriculture), as well as from leading companies such as Bayer or Plantae.

The online event also has the collaboration and support of ICL Specialty Fertilizers, Alimentos de Extremadura, Eurofirms and Fruit Logistica.

The online event, organised by Agromarketing, is held in collaboration with Bayer, Afruex, Cicytex, ICL-SF, Alimentos de Extremadura, SEAE and Mercados Magazine. 

Those interested in attending can register for free at