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Global Women Fresh announces line-up for WOFI event

Global Women Fresh announces line-up for WOFI event © Global Women Fresh

© Global Women Fresh


Global Women Fresh (GWF), the international network for women in produce, has announced the speaker line-up for its latest webinar, which takes place on 26 May within Fruitnet’s World of Fresh Ideas online learning and networking event.

Zespri CEO Daniel Mathieson, Nicole Neeman Brady, CEO of S-DAC and Lori Taylor, founder and CEO of Produce Moms, join moderator Michelle Redfern for a lively discussion on issues affecting women in produce. This will be followed by the announcement of the winners of the inaugural GWF Woman of Impact and EmpowerHER Awards.

Founder, Julie Escobar, said: “We’ve invited three exceptional industry speakers to join us for critical conversations around gender equity, setting the stage for the exciting announcement of the winners of our first ever awards celebrating the role of women in the global fresh produce arena. We’re thrilled with the amount of nominations we have received for the awards, as well as the support of companies who have already come forward to sponsor the event and the work that GWF does. We’d invite more companies to get involved and help us to empower, inspire and connect women around the world.”

Fruitnet’s World of Fresh Ideas is a live online learning and networking event for the global fresh fruit and vegetable business that takes place over two days on 26 and 27 May. It will feature four different programme tracks offering a wide range of talks, interviews, and interactive discussions with experts from across the international fresh produce business.

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BusinessAGRO Mujer supports gender equality in agriculture

BusinessAGRO Mujer supports gender equality in agriculture

Following the success of the three previous editions (Seville, 2017; Toledo, 2018; Córdoba, 2019), Valencia will host the IV National BusinessAGRO Women Agroprofessional Forum, organised by Siete Agromarketing and Mujer Agro (#MujerAGRO). The event will take place on September 17 at the Joan Plaça Auditorium (Botanical Gardens) with a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual) that will bring together around four months of debates to important entities and personalities from the agri-food sector and its value chain.



Under the slogan “We are not invisible”, this fourth edition of the Women Agro Forum will analyse the path already travelled by women, men and companies in the agri-food sector towards the real achievement of gender equality. Thus, structured in four tables, there will be a debate and dialogue about the positive transformation that is taking place in the agricultural sector with the incorporation of more and more women in relevant positions, the empowerment of women and cooperativism; on fruit and vegetable women, their challenges and opportunities; and on how institutions and companies are key pieces to achieve real equality. This fourth edition wants to highlight the path that many women, men and companies are already taking towards gender equality.



The IV National BusinessAGRO Women Agroprofessional Forum will have a hybrid format. In other words, it will be held in person at the Joan Plaça Auditorium (Botanical Garden), with a limited capacity and which will comply with all security measures. In this sense, prior registration will be mandatory for access. Likewise, hydroalcoholic gels will be put at the service of the assistants, and the necessary separations will be identified at all times to comply with the social distancing established by current regulations.

In parallel, the IV Mujer Agro Forum will be broadcast live via streaming through a digital platform that will allow the visualization of the day as well as participation in question turns in an agile way.

The Forum can also be followed through Social Networks under the hashtag #MujerAGRO.

The Forum has the backing of Regional Institutions as well as agricultural organizations and will be moderated by Álvaro Bárez, Agrifood Journalist and Secretary of APAE and Silvia Soria, Agroalimentaria journalist, director and presenter of El Forcat.



As has been customary in all Women Agro projects, this IV Forum has the support of the Institutions of the Valencian Community, as well as agricultural entities as strategic collaborators such as the Agro-alimentary Cooperative of Spain, the Association of Cooperative Women Agro-alimentary of Spain (AMCAE), Agro-alimentary Cooperatives of the Valencian Community; Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), Official College of Agronomists of Levante (COIAL), National Association of Agricultural Engineers, (ANIA) UNIÓ de Llauradors i Ramaders, AVA-ASAJA, Association of Rural Women and Families (AVAMFAR) and Association for the Promotion of the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables 5 a Day, in addition to others that will be added.



A growing number of entities are added that are committed to equality, and want to make their commitment to the empowerment and visibility of Agro Women visible. For this reason, at the IV Forum, there will be sponsors such as MSD Animal Health, AEFA (Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers), Onubafruit, BAYER, Euralis Semillas and Caser Seguros, as well as others that will be added in the coming days. 

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Women and Gender Equality in agriculture

Women and Gender Equality in agriculture


An Exploratory Study on Women and Gender Equality in South African Agricultural Careers


South Africa, 23 July 2020 – SIZA, in cooperation with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, is excited to announce the launch of a project specifically aimed at gathering more insight into the representation and treatment of women within the South African agricultural industry, with a strong focus on careers. The focus on gender equality and dignity of all people is becoming ever greater across the globe and people and businesses alike are realizing the value behind dignified treatment of all employees.

The project was initiated as an exploratory study aimed at gaining an understanding of the number of females actively involved in various career positions within the South African agricultural industry. This is largely due to export markets requiring more information from their suppliers on gender representation within businesses. The study includes a quantitative research component as well as a qualitative component. An independent researcher was contracted to collect data from credible and academic sources and included the findings gathered from a survey distributed to various industries and organisations across South Africa. After the initial data collection, interviews were conducted with relevant stakeholders within various industries to allow for more insight into female representation. The data has been compiled in a research paper and the interviews are available to view in a documentary You Tube video. Due to COVID-19 regulations, the majority of the interviews were done via virtual platforms.

The primary objective of this study is to determine how many women are employed in this industry, how they experience the working environment as women, what some of the challenges are, what barriers are faced by women in the industry, and how they are represented. The study elaborates on what responsibilities fall onto men and how organizational assistance can contribute to the future of all those within agriculture. Furthermore, to allow for effective and practical support, the secondary objectives are to ascertain whether women are treated with dignity at all levels of the industry and to identify barriers which hinder gender equality in agriculture.

This research study is prepared to allow all stakeholders in the value chain a glimpse into how women are represented and treated in South African agriculture, the extent to which women have been liberated, and to identify areas of improvement. SIZA also would like to identify the limitations so that support can be created to ensure that women are well represented in Agriculture in the years to come.

Women have an important role to play in the future of agriculture worldwide. Although the role of women in agriculture enjoys more recognition than a few years ago, much more can be done to support women in the industry. SIZA is excited to launch this project and provide a better look at females within our industry. It is ultimately not only about women, but about the wider industry and society at large and how roles are going to change once more women entered the workplace.

For more information please contact Retha Louw ( or Werner van Dyk ( or contact the SIZA office at Tel (021) 852 8184.

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AREFLH promotes role of women in fruit and vegetable sector


The AREFLH is an Italian association consisting of producers, managers, consultants, journalists, experienced researchers in different areas of the entire production chain, from the nursery to the distribution. The association hopes to support the establishment of similar associations the other EU countries with the future goal of creating a European Federation of women of fruit and vegetables.

The organisation aims to promote culture and knowledge of fruit and vegetables from a feminine perspective and to bring the production world closer to consumers. The association enhances the image of quality fruit and vegetables from a scientific viewpoint, while involving women to guarantee equal opportunities.

The association organises meetings, debates, round tables, studies, courses, exhibitions, and cultural initiatives to promote the role of women in a strategic sector for the Italian economy while improving knowledge of fruit and vegetables with innovative tools and language.

Upcoming events are:

• 15/16 April Fruttamami, Milan

• 10 May, Macfrut, Rimini, “Quality in the Mirror” Conference

• June, a tour of the production facilities of Sicilian members

• 6 October, Ferrara

• 15/17 November, Interpoma, Bolzano