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Stable supply expected of Vietnamese exported fruits

Stable supply expected of Vietnamese exported fruits, credit: Eurofresh Distribution Magazine
John Nguyen, Sales Manager, Vina T&T, Vietnam © Yzza Ibrahim


Coconut, longan, mango, and dragon fruit ranks as the most demanded exotic fruits

Vietnam is home to many exotic fruits that have started to gain traction in North America. These fruits are amongst the most highly sought after produce in the US where there is a concentration of Asian migrants. According to Vina T&T, one of the leading Vietnamese exporters of fresh fruits, the clamour for such exotic and tropical fruits has not only been driven by Asian communities in the US, but the locals have also begun to expand their palette for these types of products. The US market is, however, competitive and the requirements for imported goods are stricter than in other countries. Restrictions pertaining to quality and on the amount of chemicals used are the main specifications typically demanded by wholesalers and traders in the US.

In addition to this, certain cultural intricacies also affect consumers’ purchasing habits. For example, for Buddhists, dragon fruit is an essential element in their rituals, so the skin of the fruit is a main consideration when buying them.

Because of the rising demand for exotic Vietnamese fruits, Vina T&T has decided to invest in a new warehouse, the largest to be built on Vietnamese soil, which will accommodate more orders, especially for popular fruits like longan and coconut.

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Prices are also expected to be stable, as most products exported are available all year round. With the company’s efficient supply chain operations, orders from the US are fulfilled in a span of three days. This will be supplemented by the completion of a new warehouse which is expected to commence operations by the end of the year.

Vina T&T is a fruit trading expert. It has dual headquarters, in the US and Vietnam. Its key pillars are its quality management system and modern food warehousing.

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