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Unica Group remains leading Spanish fruit and vegetable exporter, with 195 million kilos

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Second-tier cooperative Unica Group (Unica Fresh) continues to lead the national rankings of vegetable exporters, according to data published in Alimarket in January 2018. The company exported over 195 million kilos, a figure that includes watermelon and melon. It is the fourth consecutive year that the group has been listed as number one.

The firm’s main products are pepper (75 million kilos including specialties), tomato (65 million kilos), cucumber (45 million kilos – it’s also Europe’s leading supplier of snack cucumber), watermelon and melon (45 million kilos), courgette (25 million kilos) and aubergine (25 million kilos). Overall, the cooperative recorded 320 million kilos of fruit and vegetables in the last campaign.

Customers value innovation, reliability in the supply, volumes, diversity of products and the model of sustainable agriculture for the environment and society, offered by Unica Group.