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Transitex continues to expand

Transitex continues to expand
Photo: Fernando Lima, CEO de Transitex

Transitex has a fleet of trucks in South America dedicated to perishables transport. At this moment they`re constructing a bonded warehouse with 3.000 m² specifically to receive imported fresh fruit from the southern hemisphere, with custom clearance services. This warehouse is at the border of Portugal and Spain, within their logistics platform, that already connects the region to all Iberian main ports. Transitex works with all the TOP 5 carriers for reefer transport. This TOP 5 concentrates 80% of the reefer globe cargo.

Fernando Lima, CEO says: “We work mainly with the triangle: Europe, Latin America and Southern Africa.  We noticed, due to COVID-19 pandemic and cambial variations, the imports of fruits from South Europe to South America decrease sharply. On the other way, the same motives led to an increase of tropical fruit exports from Latin America to Europe. Another impactful factor in 2020 was that in the beginning of the pandemic ports closed with reefer container fleet in China, this directly limited the exports of fresh products. Transitex started certifying its statue of AEO/OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) in Spain and is at this moment in the process of obtaining this statue to all its 35 offices. In 2018 Transitex decided that digitization was an unavoidable and indispensable step to assert their market position. After stabilizing their operative system, that now works in network in all the 23 countries they are in all the company’s procedures and operations are accessible to all offices in real time. Now they are in the phase of creating connections on our system to their clients, making information more credible, continuous and fast.

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Transitex opens rail link between Elvas and the Port of Huelva

Transitex opens rail link between Elvas and the Port of Huelva copyright. Transitex
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Transitex will begin operating a weekly train between Elvas and the Port of Huelva in June 2020, marking a new phase in the company’s history. Transitex is aware of the growth of the region and the need for a varied offer of solutions that allows companies to continue growing in a sustainable way. The Port of Huelva, due to its growth, geographical proximity and the alternatives it offers, is a fundamental link in the success story that Transitex has helped to build, collaborating for the cohesion of this border area of ​​the peninsula.

Transitex began its activity in Elvas in July 2005 and operates between the logistics platform and the ports on the Atlantic coast. Containers are transported weekly from Elvas, offering logistics solutions from both sides of the border to increase the competitiveness of companies in the region. In the last 15 years, the ports of Sines, Setúbal, Lisbon and Leixões have received cargo transported by Transitex, a service integrated into the door-to-door offer that the network of its own offices allows it to build, across four continents.

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Yilport to continue to focus on growing its logistics services in 2020

Yilport to continue to focus on growing its logistics services in 2020

A subsidiary of YILPORT Holding, Transitex is a freight forwarder and logistics solutions provider company with 35 offices worldwide. The global logistics operator specializes in door to door transport services and features a network of offices in key world markets. 
As ports become strategic nodes in the larger logistics chain and a crucial part of global distribution channels, it is imperative to have integrated logistics services to connect inland transport with the port logistics system. 
In a press release, the Chairman of YILPORT Holding, Robert Yuksel YILDIRIM, reemphasized that Transitex will continue to expand its international logistics network in 2020. As a part of our vision, we see shipping, ports and logistics as a part of our customer focus service packages. As Yildirim Group we will keep investing on these strategical businesses.  
Transitex will continue to provide reliable and competitive logistical solutions by land, sea, and air. Founded in 2002 with the main purpose of extending the hinterland of the Port of Lisbon, the company has become one of the top logistics companies on the Iberian Peninsula and continues to strengthen its position in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries in LATAM and Africa. 
Currently ranked as the number one logistics operator in fruit transport from Portugal and Spain to Brazil and the second-largest freight forwarder of fresh cargo in Brazil, Transitex expanded its presence in North America and the UK and opened branches in Miami and Manchester in 2019. 
After the acquisition of Transitex in 2015, with the help of Yilport portofolio and Yildirim Group global footprint, Transitex keeps growing and investing to the strategical locations. Transitex opened offices in Turkey, Sweden, Ecuador where YILPORT terminals are located and opened offices at Tanzania, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, UK enlarge the global presence from 15 number of countries to 21 number of countries. Besides focusing on new markets, Transitex invested in the truck fleet at Brazil and Mozambique, rail HUB in Elvas-Portugal. The growth after Yildirim Group invested is 34% during the last 3 years. 
In 2020, the company plans to extend its operations into Northern Europe and the Middle East; and to invest in its existing infrastructure in Southern Africa, strengthening its position thereby adding more warehouse space and trucks to its fleet. 

Transitex was acquired by YILPORT Holding in 2016 to complement YILPORT’s one-stopshop terminal services and to promote sustainable growth to expand and serve a more diverse global customer base. Hence, the group has benefited and become more global by adding such a key player in the international logistics network to its services.  
YILPORT Holding’s consistent growth is also acclaimed by the industry. According to Drewry’s Global Container Terminal Operators Annual Review and Forecast 2019 report, YILPORT Holding is listed in the 12th place among international container terminal operators. The company reached another high after winning Port Operator of the Year Award by Lloyd’s List in December 2018.