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Walmart China partners with Sweeki for top-quality kiwis

Walmart China partners with Sweeki for top-quality kiwis
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The top-quality brand of Origine Group for the first time in Walmart shops and online in China

Ferrara, Italy / June 17, 2020 – Over 400 Walmart China stores nationwide, as well as the chain’s online platforms, are currently promoting  kiwifruit belonging to the Sweeki brand of the Italo-Chilean produce consortium Origine Group. Customers can now purchase Sweeki kiwifruit through Walmart’s omnichannel.

Numerous Walmart stores will hold a wide array of promotional events in the next few weeks, including product samplings to let customers experience the unique taste of Sweeki kiwifruit in advance. Sweeki is the premium kiwifruit brand of the Origine Group, a consortium of nine Italian and Chilean fresh produce companies renowned for providing high-quality products to the global market. The total annual value of the fresh fruits and vegetables produced, packaged and traded by the companies comprising the consortium exceeds $1.2 billion.

The new partnership with Sweeki to stock fresh kiwifruit also covers both hemispheres, with fruit being grown in both Italy and Southern Chile to ensure an uninterrupted supply throughout the year. Given the collaboration with Sweeki, Walmart is able to employ simple and efficient procedures for harvesting and shipping, which will ensure freshness and quality while maintaining cost effectiveness, enabling Chinese customers to spend less while enjoying higher-quality kiwifruit via the Walmart China omnichannel.

The Sweeki brand was established by the group in 2015, with a primary focus on exporting to Asian markets. The name Sweeki is a portmanteau of “sweet” and “kiwi” and represents the company’s commitment to its quality standards. All Sweeki kiwifruit must display a dry matter content of at least 16% prior to harvest and meet stringent standards for sweetness, ripeness, color and shape.

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The consortium Origine Group was founded in 2015 by several companies, leaders in the international markets in the production and trading of fresh fruit and vegetables. The consortium represents companies already firmly present on the domestic and international markets, with a total turnover of over 1,200 million dollars, which have joined their resources to provide a top-quality product, working together on innovation and new varieties to look out into new emerging markets. Origine Group member are the Italian groups Apofruit, Frutta C2, Gran Frutta Zani, Kiwi Uno, Minguzzi, Salvi-Unacoa, Spreafico and the Chilean groups David Del Curto and Copefrut.


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The Origine Group looks towards the Asian market

The Italian kiwi sector is showing a commitment to quality and a partnership of its leading forces in order to conquer Asian markets.  This is why the Origine Group was formed, uniting nine of the largest Italian producers.

The Italian kiwi sector is showing a commitment to quality and a partnership of its leading forces in order to conquer Asian markets.  This is why the Origine Group was formed, uniting nine of the largest Italian producers.  “The signs emanating from the Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong show that consumption of our product is growing in the Asian markets we deal in, making us optimistic about the 2016 campaign.  Our focus must be on quality because consumers, in Italy and Europe, too, demand ever higher standards, so, if we want our product to be valued, we need to give value, and giving value means meeting expectations.  Quality is obtained during the season, and the product must be up to the required standards since the consumer is always looking for a good and recognisable product,” said CEO, Alberto Garbuglia.  This is why the Sweeki brand unites some of the leading Italian producers.  “In Hong Kong we organized an event to present ourselves to the Chinese market.  We were able to identify our distributors there and establish a budget for promotions, both in sales outlets and on social media, with interesting results,” said Garbuglia.  Undoubtedly, these plans will be affected by the fall in Italian production and the scarcity of the South American product.  “This decrease in volumes returns us to a situation of normality following a boom year, but with a high level of quality.  We feel confident because the terrible harvest in Chile means that the South American product is quickly running out, so, demand should be high,” said Garbuglia.