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Growth in Spanish fruit & veg exports


Spanish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables for January to October 2015 were up 7% in volume and 14% in value relative to the same period in 2014 – reaching 10 million tons and €9.47 billion – according to Fepex.

Exports of vegetables were up 4.5% to 4 million tons, for a value of €3.77 billion (+14%) and those of fruit totalled 6 million tons (+ 9%) for a value of €5.7 billion (+14%), according to Spanish government data analysed by Fepex.

The most recent figures, for the month of October, show Spanish exports of fruits and vegetables stood at 804,644 tons, practically equal in volume to the same month in 2014, while the value was 11% higher, at €804 million.

In October, a 4% drop in fruit exports, to 470,040 tons, largely offset the 7% growth in vegetable exports, to 334,604 tons. But the value went up 20% in the case of vegetables, to €306 million, and 6% for fruit, to €498 million.

The main vegetables exported in October were cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes. Relative to October 2014, there was 15% volume growth in cucumber exports, to 68,584 tons. Zucchini exports were up 25% to 31,272 tons and those of potato up 61% to 28,066 tons.

In fruit, tangerine exports declined 6% and oranges 2%, to 41,744 tons, while there was a strong increase – 39% – in persimmon exports, to 43,294 tons.

source: Fepex