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Bioline obtains bronze medal at SIVAL Innovation 2021

Bioline obtains bronze medal at SIVAL Innovation 2021 with T-PROTECT® © Bioline Agrosciences

© Bioline Agrosciences


The innovative system for releasing auxiliary insects T-PROTECT®, developed by Bioline Agrosciences, has obtained the bronze medal in the SIVAL Innovation competition, held at the SIVAL fair in Angers (France).

After winning a bronze SIVAL in 2020 with PREDAFIX®, a solution to facilitate the installation of predatory mites, this year, the innovative nature of the T-Protect® delivery system has allowed Bioline Agrosciences to obtain another bronze medal at this major event.

The use of auxiliary insects is key in the implementation of biological control. However, in certain types of crops or at certain stages of their development, the management of these macro-organisms can be difficult or even impossible. Therefore, the development of innovative delivery systems is essential to ensure the deployment of biological control on a large scale and in a maximum of different crops.

In some cases, the auxiliary insect release systems, and in particular the innovative trichogramma release systems, must be placed in the soil to ensure good distribution in the crop. However, in midsummer, these release systems can be exposed directly to the sun and also to the heat that radiates from the soil, reaching temperatures that can be lethal to auxiliary insects in just a few minutes. Furthermore, in the case of some crops with poor foliar development or in the case of early application of protection solutions, the leaves may insufficiently protect the soil from the sun.

For this reason, the Bioline Agrosciences R&D department has developed the T-PROTECT® technology, a release system called a “diffuser”, which consists of a fully biodegradable protective cover that, in turn, acts as a refrigeration system.

These two properties provide optimal protection for the auxiliary insect. On the one hand, the diffuser ensures a gradual release of insects and is the first barrier of protection against heat, humidity, rain, and predatory insects, such as ants. The second level of protection is the cover. This case is an ingenious cardboard system that protects the diffuser from both direct sunlight and radiation from the ground, establishing a certain distance between the diffuser and the ground, so that air can easily circulate to cool it effectively.

T-Protect® technology ensures a level of efficiency equivalent to traditional release systems even in difficult sun situations, but with clear direct benefits:

  • Extension of the use of biological control solutions to other crops.
  • Possibility of using these solutions at the beginning of the season for preventive actions.
  • Possibility of increasing the performance of the site, mechanizing the application of biological control solutions.
  • Provision of a delayed release technology by controlling the emergence of the parasitoid in several stages. This allows the action to be prolonged, providing effective control during all flights and / or generations of the target pest.

With 700 exhibitors and 26,000 professional visitors a year in Angers, SIVAL is the trade fair in France that presents a complete offer of equipment and services for all plant productions: arboriculture, vegetable crops, seeds, viticulture, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants.

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SIVAL Expo showcases specialty crops in France

SIVAL Expo showcases specialty crops in France © SIVAL


SIVAL Expo, the trade fair for horticultural, cidricultural and medicinal crops, will take place over 3 days from Tuesday 12th January to Thursday 14th January 2021 in Angers, France. The event will showcase the products of leading agricultural machinery manufacturers in agriculture & forestry, chemicals & dyes, hand, machine & garden tools, and medical & pharmaceutical industries. A complete multi-sector offering will include tillage, plant protection products, packaging, and more; an offering that addresses the agricultural issues of tomorrow laboratories, waste management recycling, and organic products. Sival brings together everyone who counts from the world of horticulture, viticulture, arboriculture and vegetable growing. It is the leading trade fair for speciality crops in France and the best place where producers come to find the keys to their future success and a platform for communication and a forum for exchanging ideas.

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Sival international exhibition for plant production techniques connects productions of tomorrow

Sival international exhibition for plant production techniques connects productions of tomorrow

The Sival trade fair was held in Angers, France on 14-16 January and brought together equipment manufacturers and suppliers of winegrowers, market gardeners and arboriculturalists. It provided an excellent barometer to measure the dynamism of these specialised productions.

A host of innovations were showcased in varietal selection, crop protection and robotics. The Sival d’Or Award was presented to a new variety of pear, the CH201, which can be found in stores under the name ‘Fred’. In addition to its taste qualities, this Swiss pear has six months shelf life and is tolerant to fire blight.

Also presented was a biofungicide technique deriving from a very common yeast strain in the Saccharomyces family which can hinder the spread of pathogens. Researchers speak of spatial and nutritional competition. The good yeasts sprayed on a plant create a shield by occupying the ecological niche of botrytis, which destroys grapes, and moniliosis, which causes fruit to rot.

In terms of the robotics and machinery on display, Trektor is the first hybrid agricultural robot capable of weeding a vine including between vines, for eight hours without breaking the crust. This will allow farmers to raise productivity and cut costs at times when hiring agricultural staff has become a challenge.