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Takii Seed soon celebrating 180 years and worldwide recognition

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After nearly 180 years in business, Takii Seed, which describes itself as the oldest seed company in the world, continues its obsession with quality. “It is a great opportunity for us to bring Japanese fresh products focused on taste into European culture because the first thing growers ask about in Europe is yield,” explained Erik Vesseur, sales and marketing manager for vegetables at Takii Seed Europe. Takii Seed’s main products are: brassicas, onions (short, medium, long, yellow and red), rootstock and tomatoes.  Proud of its local achievements, Takii Seed is well-known for its fresh produce in Japan, where 70% of the tomato and aubergine and 60% of the carrot varieties are bred by it. Takii’s global footprint is also impressive, with a presence in ten foreign locations. Takii´s expertise in breeding, production, sales and marketing are the ideal ingredients that have produced successful varieties such as Export Tomato “Takumi F1” (suitable for loose or truss harvest) and “TRF1098”. Both these vigorous varieties have been developed for winter production in the Mediterranean region (Spain and Morocco) and carry the benefit of resistance to TYLCV.  The firm has also introduced in Europe the well-known pink Japanese tomato, which delivers a delicious taste. And its Momotaro tomato variety combines its pink colour with its identity.  Takii’s mild-flavored brassicas with a sweet-peppery punch add a special touch to salads and have the advantage of being available year-round. Furthermore, the brassica varieties are specially adapted to processing by harvesting machines.  CV