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Leonardi Salvatore, high quality guaranteed

Leonardi Salvatore

Since 1979, this family business has been operating in the Verona market, specializing in preservation, processing and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables. Continuously seeking out and selecting products, working with the latest technology, enables Leonardi Salvatore to deliver products punctually and with precision, ensuring the highest quality through packaging at its distribution centre by customer order. They also have their own logistics and transport system to maintain total control of the process, mainly focusing on Italian large-scale distribution.  
Under the brands Patata d´Oro, Terra e Sapori and Leonardi Bio, they supply a wide fruit and vegetable range. True to the Made in Italy concept, they show great appreciation for the typical regional products available throughout the Italian season, then continuing to import from Spain, France, Holland and Germany, among them citruses, watermelon, apple, strawberry, grape and pear, as well as potato, onion, tomato, lettuce and zucchini. “Guaranteeing the most top-quality fruit is a priority for us”, explains Leonardi Salvatore. “At our distribution centre we carry out rigorous inspections of the fruit we receive from the farmers, both externally by monitoring the appearance, colour, flavour etc as well as internally, by chemical and microbiological checks. Along with that, we guarantee the customer that the goods will meet all their needs in terms of packaging format and food safety. We have our own warehouse where we handle and pack the fruit under stringent health protocols. And we carefully manage our industrial refrigeration in cold chambers fitted with the latest technology to keep the fruit in optimum conditions. Then we have our own trucks to have full control of traceability from the field to the final destination, so we can control deliveries punctually and efficiently.  Despite being intermediaries, our way of working is more akin to that of a producer/exporter and this enables us to give all the guarantees you could wish, through total control of the process.” Some 80% of the fruit goes to the Italian market and 20% for export in the European Union.