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LIDL explains how to recognise quality in fruit and veg

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Global discounter LIDL has launched a quality campaign in its German home base teaching how to recognize good quality.

The campaign includes a TV ad now on air in Germany which asks “How can you tell what really is good?”

The initiative focuses on six product groups: fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, fresh meat products, wine, coffee and chocolate.

An accompanying web site says how fresh, crisp and juicy they are is a guide to quality in fruit and vegetables “and not the fact someone made a colourful pyramid out of them.” Good vegetables are usually plump, crisp and firm. For many types – such as tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers – a strong and uniform skin colour is an indication of ripeness, it says.

Lidl has included a fruit and vegetables ‘horoscope’ to guide consumers as to the ‘stars of the season’. It provides an overview of Lidl’s changing range according to the time of year. Being in season is another factor in good quality fruit and vegetables. “We only offer a product when it has reached the ideal level of maturity and thus tastes really good,” it says.

See the web site (in German)