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Peru rolls out its ‘Super Foods Peru’ promotional campaign again in Asian markets

Peru rolls out its ‘Super Foods Peru' promotional campaign again in Asian markets
Press release & photos: Mint & Promperú
  • The online trade fair Asia Fruit Logistica ON, at which Peru was featured once again as a Guest Country of Honor, has serviced as a business, promotional and communications platform for fresh Peruvian produce in Asia.
  • Videos on digital channels, actions with influencers and promotional campaigns in restaurants and major retail chains rounded off this ambitious campaign.

Lima, December 2020. Peru has been demonstrating its firm intention to establish itself as a preferential partner in Asia for over a decade. The signing of new protocols and agreements, the work of Peru’s trade offices in Asian markets, and the country’s permanent presence at trade fairs and sector events are bearing fruit. Asia is now the third biggest market for Peruvian agrifood exports.

“Asian countries as a whole are an extremely important destination market for Peruvian foods, which is why we are redoubling our promotional efforts towards both the retail sector and end consumers to generate and increase demand for our products. Meanwhile, from a State perspective we continue to work hand-in-hand with other institutions on the protocols and permits necessary to permit the entry of new fresh produce to the Asian market,” noted Mario Ocharán, Export Director at PROMPERÚ.

To give Asian consumers a much closer insight into what Peru has to offer, several well-known influencers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand recently prepared a number of dishes live using the most representative ingredients from Peruvian cuisine as a common denominator. This action, which was posted on the social media profiles of various regional influencers, hopes to achieve thousands of impacts and showcase Peruvian foodstuffs to a younger audience.

In Thailand, the campaign is complemented by the promotion of cranberries, chia, quinoa and table grapes on the e-commerce portal, as well as through tasting sessions in the supermarket chains of Foodland, Tops, The Mall and Max Value. Meanwhile, over in Singapore, Peru has recently launched its ‘Power Up with Super Foods Peru’ campaign in a number of supermarkets, and will shortly start promoting pisco through a campaign entitled ‘Pisco Nights’.

In the midst of all this promotional campaign, Peru also took part in the biggest fresh food trade fair in Asia: Asia Fruit Logistica, held this year online. And it did so in the best possible way, repeating its status as Guest Country of Honor for the second year running and sponsoring the Asiafruit Congress, held on the day before the fair. This renowned virtual fair kept a special place for a show-cooking session by chef Coco Tomita and bartender Aaron Díaz, the creator of the Carnaval bar that recently came twenty-first on the list of “50 Best Bars”. Both Tomita and Díaz, each in their respective fields, highlighted the culinary use of superfoods from Peru such as asparagus, camu camu and cranberries.

Agrícola Chapi, Agualima, Asglobalfresh, POMICA and Vison’s Peru were the Peruvian companies that took part this year in the Asia Fruit Logistica ON online event under the umbrella of PROMPERÚ. All of them are well-versed in Asian markets as they already export a large proportion of their output to China, Japan, South Korean, Singapore and Taiwan, markets in which they hope to continue increasing their share, as well as targeting other countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

“This has been our first time at Asia Fruit Logistica, and we’re very happy with our participation. As a company, we have achieved one the targets we set ourselves this year, which was to penetrate the Asian market, as it represents a great business opportunity due to the tremendous growth potential in the demand for fresh fruit of Peruvian origin, most notably citrus fruits, avocados and grapes. It is worth highlighting that the commercial impact of Peru is particularly positive in China, India and Japan. These markets demand high quality citrus fruits, avocados and grapes at competitive prices,” explained Vanesa Benavides, the Asglobalfresh representative.


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Peru is the guest country of honor at Asia Fruit Logistica ON 2020

Peru is the guest country of honor at Asia Fruit Logistica ON 2020
 Photos: Promperú                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Asia is the third biggest market for the Peruvian agri-food export industry.

Grapes, cranberries, avocados and mandarins are the top fresh Peruvian products imported by Asia.

Lima, 17 November 2020. Peru will once again be the Official Partner Country at the virtual edition of the ‘Asia Fruit Logistica ON’ fresh food trade fair, considered to be the most important fair of its kind in Asia, which takes place from 18 to 20 November, according to PROMPERÚ, the Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ).

The Peruvian delegation’s challenge will be to reach both the retail industry and the final consumer, and to do so it will roll out a variety of promotional campaigns in conjunction with the sector’s brand names: ‘Super Foods Peru’, ‘Coffees from Peru’ and ‘Pisco, Spirit of Peru’, thus firmly positioning Peruvian products in consumers’ minds.

The planned activities will include showcooking sessions to promote Peruvian gastronomy along with its food sector, and demonstrations of pisco-based cocktails.

In addition, a strategic partnership will be closed between the Singapore firm KOL and the ‘Super Foods Peru’ brand to develop recipes that feature Peruvian foodstuffs, which will be promoted by influencers Fiona Loh and Jamie Yeo to give consumers a closer insight in to Peruvian products, to encourage them to try out new flavors and show them how to make exciting new dishes.

This campaign will be replicated with all the KOLs: Mr. Tao, Mr. Nhong, Mr. Fahsai Fitness Trainer, Mr. Phatsakorn, Dr. Aut, Mr. Prot, Mr. Boat and Mr. Mike in Thailand, and with KOLs Tan Chia Yong and Clarence Wong in Malaysia.

The Peruvian delegation taking part in Asia Fruit Logistica ON will comprise Agrícola Chapi (grapes, asparagus, avocados, pomegranates), POMICA (pomegranates), AGUALIMA (cranberries, tangerines, avocados and asparagus), ASGLOBALFRES (mangos, mandarins, grapes, avocados, ginger and cranberries) and VISON’S PERU (cranberries, avocados,snow peas, pomegranates, citrus fruits, and mangos), the same companies that meet all the phytosanitary regulations demanded by the Asian nations and boast extensive experience in fresh food markets.

Peru has been taking part in this Asian trade fair for the last ten years, which has enabled it to penetrate this market with a number of products, including grapes, cranberries, avocados, mandarins and pomegranates, among others.

The Peruvian delegation enjoys the support of PROMPERÚ’s trade offices in Asia which work to increase the demand for Peruvian produce by opening up new markets by means of establishing strategic partnerships, signing new export protocols, and implementing tactical promotional campaigns aimed at both retailers and end consumers.


Peru is currently one of the world’s top ten suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Asia is the third biggest market for Peruvian agri-food exports, accounting for 9% of the agri-food industry.

In recent years, products including cranberries, mangos, asparagus, citrus fruits and avocados have achieved phytosanitary certification in countries such as South Korea, China and Japan, leading to a greater demand for fresh produce from Peru in the Asian market. Between January and September this year, imports of fresh fruit and vegetables increased by 22% compared to 2019.

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Peru closes deals to the tune of USD$300 million at the world’s leading fruit and vegetable trade fair 

Peru closes deals to the tune of USD$300 million at the world’s leading fruit and vegetable trade fair 

• Over the three days of the Fruit Logistica trade fair, 400 Peruvian companies firmed up 1,200 trade deals. 
• The Peruvian drive to promote its agri-food products will continue at Biofach 2020, the European organic food trade fair. 
Some 400 Peruvian companies managed to close business deals amounting to USD$300 million during Fruit Logistica 2020, a record figure for the country at the world’s most important fruit and vegetable trade fair, noted the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ). 

Between 5 and 7 February, the city of Berlin was the host of the leading event for the fresh produce sector; this year, it welcomed the biggest-ever Peruvian delegation, which managed to achieve 1,200 business contacts, with particularly important interactions between businesses and international buyers. 

The delegation representatives, headed by PROMPERÚ, rated the Peruvian participation as extremely positive, primarily because the agri-food sector is recognized Europe-wide as one of the country’s main economic drivers and makes strenuous efforts to promote its products in the Old Continent. 


Housed within the natural charms of the archaeological complex of Moray, our products were showcased to international buyers who were able to corroborate that Peru is synonymous with quality assurance in production as well as being both socially and environmentally responsible, complying with the very highest health and hygiene standards. 

In this respect, part of Peru’s offering at Fruit Logistica 2020 was made up of avocados, cranberries, mangos, citrus fruits, turmeric, asparagus, bananas, pineapples, kion (ginger), passion fruit, grenadines, berries and Amazonian fruit, among others. 
In the last few years, Peru has been a growing source of avocados, a product that is very well-established in European markets, to the point that our country is now seen as a point of reference in this product. This rise in demand has also been reflected in the case of Peruvian cranberries. 

The PROMPERÚ office in Germany revealed that the next wave of exports to Europe will consist of grenadines, dates and figs, while maintaining consolidated growth in shipments of asparagus, grapes and mangos. The organization is also working to ensure an increase in the offering of produce such as passion fruit, turmeric and ginger in Europe. 

This week, Peru will continue its promotional drive in European markets by attending Biofach 2020, the world’s leading organic food trade fair. The Peruvian stand will encompass some 30 companies in an area of more than 400 m2. 


Germany is the biggest consumer market in the European Union, with more than 80 million people; as a strong market with considerable purchasing power, it is one of Peru’s priority export destinations worldwide.

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Peru reinforces its commercial role in Asia by being partner country at Asia Fruit Logistica 

The most important trade show for fresh produce in Asia serves Peru to consolidate its export strategy in Asia. 
The country’s delegation gathered more than 250 professionals from different Peruvian production companies, associations and public institutions.

Hong Kong, 4th of September 2019.– Peru reinforced its position as key commercial partner for the Asian markets with a delegation of more than 250 professionals at Asia Fruit Logistica. Peru is this year’s partner country at the most important fresh produce trade show for the continent, Asia Fruit Logistica, which opened its doors today with a very special inaugural event.  

The opening ceremony was held at the Peruvian stand where the country’s delegation led by PROMPERU’s Export Director, Mario Ocharan, played a hosting role.  

“The history of this trade show is linked with Peru since the very beginning. Being the partner country now is a historic moment and the result of the efforts made by both sides”, said Asia Fruit Logistica’s Commercial Director, Wilfried Woolbold at the press conference that took place prior to the fair.

The Peruvian ambassador in China, Luis Quesada, as well as the Executive Director at the Association of Peruvian Agricultural Guilds (AGAP), Gabriel Amaro, were some of the personalities who also took part in the opening ceremony.  

During the last 30 years, the private and public sectors in Peru have worked together to bring the country to lead the international export rankings in categories such as asparagus, quinoa, avocadoes, blueberries and mandarins, amongst others.   “We’ve been working with China since 2009 under the Free Trade Agreement, but we’ve also made progress with new protocols for very important products for Peru in terms of produced volumes. Pomegranates and quinoa will be the next Peruvian products to reach this market”, declared Mario Ocharan from PROMPERÚ.

Peru is also well-known as the origin for foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants, a competitive advantage that the country will continue to promote at a worldwide level with the Super Foods Peru campaign. This successful case study, an example of how a country can manage to consolidate itself as trusted commercial partner, was presented at the conference stage Asiafruit Business Forum, also taking place at the trade show.

During a presentation titled ‘From Peru to the world: producer spotlight’, Mario Ocharan, together with Carlos Zamorano, Managing Director at Provid, and Sergio del Castillo, Managing Director at Procitrus, explained the path that took them to their current success. However, the country is on the lookout for new opportunities “beyond China” and markets such as Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia could be next on their target. 

The promotion of the Peruvian foods in Asia also included the 1st of September being declared as Peru’s Day at the International Horticultural Exhibition (Expo Beijing 2019). This commemoratory day was the result of the collaboration between PROMPERU and the Potato International Centre. During her inaugural speech, the Peruvian vice-president, Mercedes Aráoz, stressed the many historical, cultural and commercial bonds that exist between Peru and China, with the cultural exchange of ideas, the undeniable Chinese influence in the Peruvian gastronomy or the Free Trade Agreement which celebrates this year the 10th anniversary from its signature, as some of the main highlights. 
During the Peru’s day, visitors to the exhibition could also taste some of their original potato varieties – the country has more than 3,000 different potatoes – as well as other traditional Peruvian products such as quinoa, maca, blueberries, chestnuts or pomegranates. All these authentic products were displayed under the Super Foods Peru brand. Likewise, a special venue was created for visitors to taste a variety of Peruvian premium coffees under the new brand ‘Coffees from Peru’.  

The event was also supported by the Chinese authorities and counted with the participation of Expo Beijing 2019’s General Commissioner, Chen Zhou; the President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tang Huajun; or the General Vice-Secretary of the Popular Government of Beijing, Bei Chen.  

The Super Foods Peru campaign will include an array of activities in China this year. Besides Asia Fruit Logistica and Expo Beijing 2019, the country will also participate in the China International Import Exposition (CIIE) in Shanghai and the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao. 


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Peru, Partner Country of Macfrut 2016

Being held September 14-16 in the Rimini Fiera, Macfrut will feature a focus on Peru, with show cooking and events to promote Peruvian fresh produce and its major fruit and vegetable producers, all organised in collaboration with Promperù.

Peru has been chosen as the partner country of the 2016 edition of Macfrut, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Being held September 14-16 in the pavilions of Rimini Fiera, Macfrut will thus feature a focus on this South American market, with show cooking and events to promote fresh produce from Peru and its major fruit and vegetable producers, all organised in collaboration with Promperú.

In a press release, Macfruit organisers Cesena Fiera said that with a GDP growth rate of 6.1% over the last decade and 5.5% forecast for 2016-17, Peru is one of South America’s most dynamic countries.

Last year, Peru’s fruit and vegetable production exceeded 8 million tons. As well as a leading producer and exporter of artichokes and asparagus, it is one of the world’s top exporters of table grapes, organic bananas, avocados, small fruits, citrus fruit and mango.

Peru exports mainly to the US, Asia and Europe, in particular to the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.

“There is also a growing interest in the Italian market, in fact, over the last five years there has been an increase in trade by about 15% per year,” the release said.

Macfrut president Renzo Piraccini said Peru is one of the most interesting countries in the international fruit and vegetable industry.

“In the last few years, thanks to extremely favourable pedoclimatic conditions and substantial foreign investments, its production has grown considerably.

“We are therefore honoured that Peru, which last year was able to experience the relaunch of Macfrut, has accepted, this year, our invitation to be the trade fair’s partner country.

“Leading associations and major fruit and vegetable producers from Peru will be attending the event. This proves that there is a growing interest in the exhibition and Italy as a target market for Peru’s produce but also in importing packaging and innovative technologies, a field in which we are world leaders,” Piraccini said.