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Chilean produce promoted in Mercamadrid and Mercabarna

Chilean produce promoted in Mercamadrid and Mercabarna

ProChile has launched a campaign titled “Chile Keeps On Going for You” across the world to transmit Chile’s commitment to the global supply chain and its role as an exporter of world-class food. A spin-off from this work is a campaign at Spain’s two main wholesale markets – Mercamadrid and Mercabarna – called “Chile, origin of quality”, which highlights the commitment to traceability, safety, quality, diversity, ecological production and sustainability of the Chilean agri-food sector. The campaign is aimed at strengthening the image of the sector and will run between December 1 and 31, 2020.

According to a press release by ProChile: “We work daily to maintain food quality standards and maintain ourselves as a provider of healthy foods. This is demonstrated by the export figures, becoming the leading exporter of fresh fruit in the southern hemisphere and becoming the world’s leading exporter of fresh cherries and plums, second in grapes and blueberries and third in shelled nuts, raisins. Very relevant for the Spanish market are the shipments of avocados, walnuts with and without shell, kiwis and apples; followed by a long and varied list of references that include blueberries, nectarines, pears, raisins, dehydrated plum, among others.”

The initiative includes raising awareness of a new contact channel to identify suppliers from Chile, such as One Click Import.


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Promotion pays off for Chilean blueberries

Chile is now the largest exporter of blueberries worldwide and the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest producer, benefitting from the contrasting seasons.

After last season’s cold spells, Chilean blueberry exports this campaign reached 91,000 tons, meaning growth of roughly 22% on 2013/14 (74,653 tons), but only 5% on the previous season. The main markets are the US and Canada (67%), followed by Europe (23%) and Asia (10%), two markets currently growing in demand. This growth in the ‘new’ markets of Europe and Asia evidences the promotional and marketing efforts by exporter companies and the Blueberry Committee, which with the help of ProChile have dedicated consistent work and resources to the promotion of Chilean blueberries. “We believe this effort has definitely led to an increase in blueberry consumption in different markets worldwide, creating greater business opportunities for all concerned”, said Blueberry Committee CEO Andrés Armstrong.

Growing markets

In the case of Asia, the countries leading the growth of Chilean blueberry consumption are China and South Korea, where Chile has established phytosanitary protocols and which have now surpassed Japan, another country of interest in the region. “In Europe, the growth of blueberry exports to the port of Rotterdam in Holland highlights the impact of the Committee’s promotional campaigns in countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway in Scandinavia, as well as the United Kingdom, which is the main destination market in Europe for Chilean blueberries”, adds the Blueberry Committee CEO. For next season, Chilean Blueberry and ProChile will keep up their promotional effort in these markets, in addition to the US and Canada, looking to open up new channels and consumer segments. They are also currently working on new phytosanitary agreements with India. 

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