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Primafrio Foundation launches solidarity campaign

The Primafrio Foundation has launched a project called “Un poco de todos es MUCHO”  (“A little bit from everyone is A LOT”), a food collection campaign among the employees of the Primafrio Group, in order to donate them, through the Spanish Red Cross, to the most vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 emergency.

All Grupo Primafrio employees who want to collaborate will be able to either make their purchase online at the supermarket located in its Alhama de Murcia facilities and directly donate non-perishable food and personal hygiene items, or make the purchase at their usual supermarket and take it to the collection point enabled in the Primafrio offices for the campaign. Once completed, the Foundation will take all the items collected during the campaign to the Red Cross so that it can distribute them among these people.

With this campaign, which will run until April 15, the entity that was founded by the Grupo Primafrio joins the fight against COVID-19 and ratifies its commitment to the Murcian community. “A little of all is MUCH” will also count on the collaboration of Primafrio, which will also donate a selection of basic necessities.

In the words of Juan Conesa, president of the Primafrio Foundation, “from the international freight transport sector, where Grupo Primafrio operates, we are especially aware of the expansion of the Covid-19”, adding that “it is necessary that together we should contribute our grain of sand to help the most vulnerable people, especially affected by the pandemic emergency.”

One of the fundamental objectives of the Spanish Red Cross during the crisis caused by COVID-19 is to ensure the food of more than 20,000 people who are in a situation of extreme vulnerability in the Region of Murcia.

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Intelligent Delivery and Primafrio sign partnership

Primafrio reinforces its position in the fruit and vegetable market with new logistic platform

Ermua-based company Intelligent Delivery (ID), a pioneer in Click & Collect solutions in the Iberian Peninsula, has signed an agreement with Primafrio, a leading European fresh produce transportation to develop better logistics for the sector. For Primafrio Group, the move represents a further step in its commitment to new technologies, horizontal diversification within the logistics sector and the development of transport solutions that minimise environmental impact, in line with its CSR policy. Primafrio is committed to last-mile logistics, which means being as close as possible to the consumer thanks to technologically advanced solutions, such as intelligent distribution cabinets.

For Intelligent Delivery, the signing of this agreement represents a gateway to important cooperation opportunities between the two companies, thus increasing the possibility of entering the cold sector for last-mile delivery of perishable or even frozen products .

Primafrio is Spain’s leading fruit and vegetable products transportation company and one of the most important in Europe. It has over 50 years of experience in the domestic and international refrigeration transport sector, with Germany, the UK and France the main destination countries for a range of services in which refrigeration transport accounts for the largest volume of business, followed by logistics services.

Intelligent Delivery offers click and collect services in Spain and Portugal through automated terminals, (from smart lockers to robotics) for sectors such as logistics, retail, corporate and others. It provides turnkey solutions with great capacity to adapt to different needs arising from the delivery and collection of parcels in an automated terminal.

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Primafrio reinforces its position in the fruit and vegetable market with new logistic platform

Primafrio reinforces its position in the fruit and vegetable market with new logistic platform

The Primafrio Group was founded over 50 years ago with a very clear vocation: to be a global player in refrigerated land transportation, guaranteeing a comprehensive quality service to its customers. In order to maintain a quality service, Primafrio has five logistics bases distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The firm’s headquarters, located in Alhama de Murcia, is equipped with the most modern information and communications systems and workshops. It has its own service station with 18 pumps, rest areas for drivers, a restaurant and a cafeteria. The base has a 15,000m2 fully refrigerated logistics warehouse with 106 loading and unloading docks. This allows the development of a groupage service as well as greater control over the temperature of the products passing through the warehouse .

The company reaches 25 European destinations, with daily routes to different countries such as Germany, Denmark and the UK, always ensuring the traceability and correct delivery of all merchandise.

In the last two years, Grupo Primafrio has increased its movements to Central and Eastern Europe as a result of the increase in demand for fruit and vegetable transport and the groupage services.

The newly created company, Primavia, is the result of a partnership between Primafrio and a subsidiary of the French railways (SNCF). The project is aimed at the future need for multimodal transport, using rail as a complement for traditional transportation.

Within this strategy, Primafrio considers that technological innovation combined with continuous training of employees is essential for providing a better service to its customers.

Primafrio maintains a fast and agile capacity to respond to the demands of its customers thanks to its ability to move large volumes of cargo while ensuring a high level of service.

Thanks to its live tracking equipment, the company constantly monitors the position, fuel consumption and driving times of its fleet of vehicles, while also monitoring and controlling at all times the temperature at which the refrigeration equipment of each trailer is programmed, thus guaranteeing the cold chain.

The Primafrio Group is a leader in transporting berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries), concentrating most of its fleet in Huelva between February and July. This leadership position is evidenced by its transporting an average of over one million kilos of fruit daily, from Huelva to all of Europe.

Moreover, the company has the GDP certification that enables it to distribute medicines for human use, and for the transport of pharmaceutical products and road medicines.

One of the commitments of Grupo Primafrio is to comply with the highest standards of environmental care and protection. For this reason, it has set in motion various actions, such as raising awareness of the environment among its personnel, the activation of an environmental audit to identify areas that may be improved, the calculation of its carbon footprint, and the equipping of Euro VI engines in all of its vehicles. These are systems that reduce atmospheric emissions and consumption