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Dewulf and Agrointelli jointly explore autonomous potato planting

Dewulf and Agrointelli jointly explore autonomous potato planting
Press Release

Dewulf and Agrointelli have announced that they will be working together to explore the benefits of using autonomous machines in potato cultivation. This joint effort is triggered by a shared vision of broadening the possibilities for potato growers to implement new solutions for more sustainable, efficient, and robust production methods and technologies. A first project will see the combination of the autonomous Robotti platform with a 4-row Miedema CP 42 cup planter.

Enabling automated operations for potato growers

Combining their competences, experiences, and technologies, Dewulf and Agrointelli will undertake a joint effort towards offering automated operations with a high level of data acquisition and sitespecific optimization. For this effort, Dewulf will be offering its decades-long experience in robust, high-tech and cost-efficient solutions for potato growers. Agrointelli will from its side be supplying the robotic platform Robotti. The two companies have the ambition to enable potato growers to enjoy automated operations for soil preparation, planting and crop care during the season with a lightweight automated setup.

First project

For their first joint project, the autonomous Robotti platform from Agrointelli will be combined with a 4-row Miedema CP 42 cup planter. This planter will be a straightforward, mechanically-driven machine. This will allow to identify what automation and optimization features are really needed when potato planting with a robot. The autonomous potato planting combination recently planted on the demonstration fields of Potato Europe ’21. Robotti had already demonstrated spot spraying in relation to potatoes together with Wageningen University in Lelystad.

Shared vision on automation and precision farming

Dewulf and Agrointelli share their vision in the importance of automation and precision farming as a response to the challenges potato growers are currently facing in their critical and important highvalue activity. These challenges include a lack of skilled labour, the threats of soil compaction and a high need for sustainable solutions.

Quote Melle van der Molen, Product Manager Planting equipment at Dewulf:

“At Dewulf, we place the need of our customers, of potato growers worldwide, first. We believe a great role will be played by autonomous agricultural machinery in the future. Agrointelli is at the vanguard of robotisation in arable farming. The Robotti is a great example of how robotisation can reduce labour requirements while at the same time tackling soil compaction. The learnings and discoveries that will come out of this project will help make potato cultivation more enjoyable for growers and will shape the solutions that we will be offering tomorrow.”

Quote Ole Green, CEO of Agrointelli:

“The well-known, robust and reliable machines from Dewulf enable us to use Robotti in a whole new arable potato use case, in which we see fantastic perspectives. Potato production in Europe is an important industry and the crop’s cultivation area is increasing in size throughout Europe. At the same time, it is a production system requiring a lot of manhours as well as a lot of treatments during the season – here we see some amazing optimization possibilities for the growers to improve their production system and economy.”

About Dewulf 

Dewulf is a leading global player and full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops. With three locations – in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania – the company leads the industry in the development and production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, storing, grading and transport of potatoes and vegetables. The family business has a rich 75-year history and is now under management of the third generation. Enjoyable collaboration, extensive market intelligence and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of Dewulf’s business strategy. The group achieves a turnover of 80 million euros (2020) with a close-knit team of 400 employees.

About Agrointelli

Agrointelli was founded in 2015 as an innovation house for new technologies within agriculture. In order to meet the demands of modern and professional farmers, AGROINTELLI has developed ROBOTTI. ROBOTTI is a 100% autonomous agricultural robot, which is able to operate with high-precision in different types of crops – with different types of standard implements. A powerful and reliable agrobot with PTO, external hydraulic connectors and a total of 150hp generated from a traditional diesel-hydraulic mechanical setup. It’s easy to service and is designed for operating hour after hour – also during the night. ROBOTTI represents a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. The lower weight of ROBOTTI minimizes the risk of soil compaction in the field, as well as the robot consumes significantly less fuel compared to an equally advanced tractor. The manufacturing and distribution of ROBOTTI on a large scale is now the sole strategic focus of AGROINTELLI. ROBOTTI is currently available for farmers in Europe.