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Poland: expanding retailer seeks produce suppliers

RETAIL poland POLO - Edited

POLOmarket, one of the most popular retailers based entirely on Polish capital, was set up 15 years ago. It sells its products mainly in small and medium-sized towns. Very popular among Polish clients, this network is looking for new locations and expanding its fresh produce range and promotions.

“We’re still increasing the number of our shops in all parts of our country, so we need more and more new suppliers of fresh produce. Presently, we’ve got 439 outlets in Poland where over 14 million customers buy our food products every month. Last year, POLOmarket acquired 18 new store locations, meaning an increase of about 30% in our possessions compared to last year,” said POLOmarket marketing manager Katarzyna Ciszewska-Masianis.

10% sales rise in 2014

Last year was quite good for POLOmarket, with fresh produce sales increasing, despite the Russian embargo, by 10% on 2013. For instance, the volume of apples sold increased 10,000 tons, about 25% up on the previous year. The managers of this network predict 2015 will be about 5 to 8 % better in terms of total fruit and vegetable sales.

“Sales of citrus fruit in 2014 also increased in all categories (tangerines and oranges +1.8%). Banana sales have also improved (+2.5%) and other exotic fruits (+1.9%). The second half of last year also showed a rise in sales of citrus fruit.

“Since 2012, we have continued to improve our performance because we have decidedly less produce of lower quality at our points of sales than in the previous year. We thoroughly check each incoming delivery to our warehouses,” Ciszewska-Masianis said.

Last autumn, POLOmarket joined the general campaign promoting local products ‘I eat Polish products’. “This activity focussing on our fruit and vegetables, and all our fresh produce promotions like ‘Frutessa’ and ‘Vertus’, has attracted many new customers who until now bought fresh produce in other retailers’ networks,” she said. „


This article appeared on page 32 of edition 135 of Eurofresh Distribution magazine. Read it for free here.