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IG International announces the launch of their e-Commerce platform

IG International announces the launch of their e-Commerce platform

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IG International has now come up with a dedicated eCommerce platform that makes it easier for consumers and merchants to get access to fresh fruit produce. They can place orders online and the goods are delivered right to their doorstep.

The idea of taking their business online was prevalent for a long time earlier at IG International. It however came to materialization during the time of lockdown.

Inter-state transportation came by as a difficulty during the lockdown, as state borders were sealed. In such a scenario, there were cases wherein people had to make do with the groceries available with local grocery shops and vendors. The access to nutritious foods and dairy products was there, but the choices available were limited. Even eCommerce deliveries were restricted to essential goods for a while, to keep a check over the spread of COVID – 19.

 IG International entered the eCommerce arena at this stage, to simplify shopping for consumers, and making sure that they find access to the most nutritious foods.

This empowers consumers to shop at any time that meets their preference, from the comfort of their homes over their PCs. They can also comfortably shop on the go, over their smartphones or other mobile devices. IG International has come up with a nice and responsive website that can be easily accessed over mobile devices and ensures the best possible end-user experience. The quality of products sold by IG international online or directly to the vendors and consumers is always fresh and the best quality.

One of the prime factors why the services of IG International are preferred is that they make the finest variety available among fresh fruits. One can get the best suited fresh fruits that meet his family’s taste. IG International takes pride in their endeavor to keep the community fit and healthy.

Consumers and merchants alike prefer to shop at IG International’s online store because the website is easy to use, the menus and navigation are well defined, and a consumer can complete a purchase in three simple steps. IG International accepts several payment modes including net-banking, debit cards, credit cards, and PayTM.

Shopping at IG International web mall is simplified for consumers and merchants alike because they make the best prices in the industry available for all products that they sell. The products are nicely illustrated using photographs, so the consumers can gauge their quality.

IG International believes that going online will empower their consumers to get easy access to fresh produce, particularly in the times of lockdown. Consumers can hence comfortably access the products without going to the market. This promotes social distancing, which is one of the effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID – 19.

High nutrition products made available at IG International’s website

IG International firmly believes that keeping the immunity strong is the best safeguard against COVID – 19. One should keep an additional tab on one’s family’s and one self’s diet at such times.  

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the best ways to keep immunity strong. IG International now brings fresh and the best quality products in easy access for consumers.

Seasonal varieties of fruits keep changing. IG international makes the best seasonal produce available on their website.

Citrus fruits are among the finest ways of boosting the immune system. It keeps the recovery quicker when one is afflicted by colds or flu.

IG International believes that getting vitamin C from the diet, by consuming fresh fruits is better than getting the same from supplements because fresh fruits provide holistic nutrition.

Vitamin C boosts one’s immunity by enhancing the production of white blood cells, which helps fight infections. All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, such as limes, lemons, and oranges.

The products delivered to buyers’ doorstep in minimum time

IG International quotes an instance wherein getting quality citrus fruits are a difficulty for consumers. This is just one of the cases, the company expresses, wherein online delivery of fresh fruits makes all the difference. Similarly, varieties of fruits, such as kiwis, which are difficult to find otherwise are easily available at IG International’s website.

About IG International Pvt Ltd. (IGIPL)

IG International is essentially a group of 14 companies and has 50 years of experience behind them. They supply the demand for the best quality fresh produce. Importing fresh produce is their core activity.

With time, IGIPL is now the leader in the industry of imported fresh fruits. IGIPL now handles fresh fruits in volumes of 3500 – 4000 sq feet3 refrigerated containers. The produce comes from 22 countries from all across the globe. 28 wholesale outlets from all across India manage the distribution of goods.

Over 5 decades of a strong working experience in the industry now makes IGIPL among the top distributors and marketers of the best quality and nutritious fresh fruits across the country. Consumers and industry players now associate brand IG with reliability, freshness, and product quality.

Beyond imports, the other activities in IGIPL’s portfolio are temperature-controlled warehousing and third-party logistics. As of current, IGIPL has a capacity of 40000 MT. They have facilities in Amravati, Theog, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Their fleet comprises 50 refrigerated trailers and 50 refrigerated trucks. Each of the trailers has 40’ reefer containers.

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New B2B platform launched to support Malaysian farmers

New B2B platform launched to support Malaysian farmers

AirAsia has launched OURFARM, a new business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform connecting Malaysian farmers directly with businesses. The Malaysian airline aims to support farmers by cutting out intermediaries and providing logistical support. The platform is a partnership with the Malaysian government and was launched on 15 June by representatives of AirAsia and Malaysia’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries. It will initially support over 1,000 government contract farmers and private farms. OURFARM leverages AirAsia’s ecosystem, which includes cargo, logistics and payment capabilities along with its database of businesses and consumers. Also, the platform offers farmers free training to digitalise their business with e-commerce courses from the RedBeat Academy. The service currently covers the Klang Valley area, with plans to expand nationwide in the near future. AirAsia said there is also the potential to build in export/import capabilities and regional expansion in the longer term. Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, executive chairman of AirAsia Group, said the platform would reduce the cost of supplying fresh produce: “This platform is a disruptor and will help many small businesses by reducing the cost of fresh produce procurement by up to 25 per cent as they will be able to source directly from the agriculture producers.”

Lalitha Sivanaser, chief executive officer of OURFARM, told Bloomberg there has already been interest in using the platform to export fresh fruit: “It’s the durian season now and we’re working very hard to get them on board. The Singaporeans, the Thais, as well Indonesians have reached out for durian exports using our platform.”


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Biovegen notes a growing interest in agricultural R&D projects


Biovegen has seen a growing interest in stakeholders engaging in innovative research projects for agriculture. The Spanish technology platform for plant biotechnology is a public-private partnership, led by the business sector, which brings together entities from the agrifood sector with an interest in R&D&i in applied plant biology.

The platform organised a day at Fruit Attraction in Madrid in partnership with the INIA (National Institute of Agricultural and Food Technology and Research), where it made more than 200 contacts with researchers and companies interested in their projects, thereby confirming a growing “effervescence and interest” in the fruit and vegetable sector for R & D & I projects. This is how the president of this platform is dedicated to building bridges between agricultural technology suppliers and plaintiffs, José Pellicer, who also values ​​“the important global offer but adapted to the needs of each region” exposed during the aforementioned working day. Indeed, throughout that morning of October 23, the directors or senior executives of eight of the autonomous centres of the R & D & I network that INIA coordinates (the CBGP of Madrid; the IFAPA of Andalusia; the APPOINTMENT of Aragon; INAGEA of the Balearic Islands; the IRIAF of Castilla La Mancha; the IRTA of Catalonia; the IVIA of the Valencian Community and NEIKER of the Basque Country) presented their main strategic and research lines. More than 300 entrepreneurs, private researchers or representatives of centres from all over Spain filled the Fruit Forum 4 room to the point that the director of the fair, Raúl Calleja – who participated in the opening of the meeting – acknowledged that these Biovegen conferences are all “a pride” for this fair “because R&D is the added value that we seek to offer to the business activity that we gather here.”

Key facts

  • The evolution of this platform, dedicated to mediating between research and agrifood companies, accredits this reactivation: in 2014 it had 43 associates, today there are 104

  • The Conference Attraction Technology Attraction ’by the hand of INIA, filled the room and attracted 300 researchers, responsible for agricultural centres and entrepreneurs

  • Eight directors of the main agricultural centres coordinated by INIA presented their main lines of action, adapted to the needs of their autonomous community

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Collaboration between Sustainable Rice Platform and GLOBALG.A.P.

GLOBALG.A.P. offers rice certification following good agricultural practices, and producers in several countries are already certified. The GLOBALG.A.P. certification system provides an integrated holistic approach to good agricultural practices and the scope covers more than 500 products.

In March 2017, the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) and GLOBALG.A.P. exchanged memberships and committed to work together towards good agricultural practices in rice production. 

In October 2015, the SRP and its members launched the world’s first sustainability standard for rice production. The SRP Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation has been field-tested over the last year in a number of rice-growing countries and is supported by a set of performance indictors to monitor impact. The Standard is now being upscaled to support a growing interest in sustainable rice supply chains in both the public and private sectors.

GLOBALG.A.P. offers rice certification following good agricultural practices, and producers in several countries are already certified. The GLOBALG.A.P. certification system provides an integrated holistic approach to good agricultural practices and the scope covers more than 500 products. More than 70 percent of the certified producers are organized in producer groups or cooperatives. 

GLOBALG.A.P. and PRIME Agri Ltd are launching the GLOBALG.A.P. Academy in Myanmar with a focus on Group Certification for smallholder farmers. The core curriculum in Myanmar is based on GLOBALG.A.P.’s Integrated Farm Assurance Standard for Fruits & Vegetables (Version 5), combined with a supplementary module of the SRP Standard and its protocols. This project in Myanmar will facilitate compliance with and certification of both standards without duplication in the implementation or verification processes.

“By the end of May 2017, we expect to have achieved the first Group Certification of nearly 100 smallholders in Myanmar’s southern Shan State – a region with the potential to be the temperate fruit and vegetable capital of the ASEAN region with amounts to rival California’s crop production valued at over USD 35 bn per year. This first batch of smallholder farmers paves the way for other smallholder groups that will be developed through the Myanmar GLOBALG.A.P. Academy. Altogether, these smallholders will form a food safety and sustainability compliant supply chain. Compliance with GLOBALG.A.P. Standards will accelerate access to high-value premium domestic and export markets as well as attract investments in agribusiness infrastructure and the downstream food industry,” remarked Kenneth Shein, co-founder and Group CEO of PRIME Agri.

GLOBALG.A.P. is also participating in a Sustainable Rice Platform Working Group, which is currently shaping a reliable and efficient assurance framework for the SRP Standard. 

“This cooperation will make an important contribution to harmonize and combine the efforts of SRP and GLOBALG.A.P. members to help rice farmers achieve more sustainable production practices, and will also help link them to local and international markets,” explained Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P.  

About the Sustainable Rice Platform
The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) is a global multi-stakeholder alliance established in December 2011, co-convened by UN Environment and the International Rice Research Institute. Its 70 institutional members include governments, supply chain members and input providers, international agencies, research institutions and civil society organizations. SRP promotes the establishment of resource-efficient, climate-smart sustainable supply chains in the global rice sector and aims to reach one million smallholders by 2021.

GLOBALG.A.P. is a leading global certification program whose mission is to bring farmers and retailers together to produce and market safe food to protect scarce resources and to build a sustainable future.

Sustainable Rice Platform: 

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