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Explore Hazera’s latest product range during online Experience Days

Explore Hazera's latest product range during online Experience Days


22-24 Sept. 2020 – Hazera have enjoyed welcoming customers to their annual open days for many years, but this year, owing to the current Covid-19 situation, Hazera will offer a unique three-day, digital programme. This being organised in close cooperation with the company HM.Clause.

During this digital event, they will show and discuss their latest product range, on 22-24 September 2020, from 9 a.m. Go to

Onion – High yield, high quality!

In the onion portfolio, they are presenting a newest variety 37-222. This is an extra long day red onion with the golden combination of very high yield and high quality suitable for long storage. A newest yellow onion in the long day segment is 37-117 and it has an excellent bulb and storage quality, with firmness and high yield potential.

Power to the leeks

New to their existing leek portfolio they present a new yield booster 33-2580. This highly productive hybrid combines an attractive dark green leaf with an excellent, uniform yield positioned for late summer and autumn harvest.

Brassicas – Reliable quality in a changing environment

The environment and consumer preferences change continuously and Hazera’s breeding offers solutions to these varying market needs with their new and established varieties. Join to discuss how they create value.


Rendera is the latest variety from the high tech tomato breeding programme. It is an early cluster tomato, up to 14 days earlier than the reference varieties. It has beautiful, healthy green parts and has a great storability.
Sensera is a new, innovative and tasteful cluster tomato with an attractive red color. It’s the only tomato with natural handle, which means less plastic and packaging is needed.  

Watermelons – Quality all the way

Through offering solutions in size ranges to both growers and shippers, retailers can offer excellent watermelons of convenient sizes according to the market needs. Varieties such as Lynx have already set a new standard for the consumer: a small sweet and crunchy watermelon that brings excellent eating qualities from long distance and keeps well in the fridge.

We will feature solutions to the grower with a New Generation of Quality aiming for healthy crops with a new pipeline of watermelons.


HM.Clause will present an assortment of their best crops, including broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and several tomato specialties.

The broccoli range will be highlighted with Babilon, a main season hybrid with uniform maturity for concentrated harves. It has firm heads with a nice dome shape.

In tomato they have a very broad breeding program, adapted to meet the requirements of dedicated growers, supply and consumers in large parts of the world. This season they will  highlight Diletto, their new Albenga type. This variety produces an excellent yield and has a very good tolerance to Blossom End Rot.

The new Nantaise variety Polydor, a Priam type, will be presented. This variety shows great qualities for storage, slicing and direct sales to fresh markets from end of July onwards. It combines smooth skin with very strong roots and the healthy foliage is a benefit for organic production.

HM.Clause is proud to showcase the diversity of their brassica breeding innovations. In white cauliflower new variety HMC33833 brings an early season option with excellent curd quality and strong performance in hot conditions. In the Romanesco range they bring high-quality, attractive curds in a variety of colours.
The newest innovation is HMC33919 bringing an ORANGE Romanesco to the market. With a strong adaptability and high quality color and curd – it is in high demand from growers, retailers, and consumers. 

From this year, HM.CLAUSE offers their customer corn salad seeds treated with a biofungicide (Mycostop®). One of the advantages of this agent is not to generate residues while having a good efficiency against pathogenic fungi. This innovative process contributes to the implementation of good practices at the grower level for a sustainable agriculture and more respectful of the environment.

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Fruit Attraction 2020 will be held using telepresence technologies

Fruit Attraction 2020 will be held using telepresence technologies


Madrid, 1 September 2020 – The Organising Committee of Fruit Attraction met and decided that the 12th edition of this world leading event for the international fruit and vegetable professional community would be held using new, advanced telepresence technology: Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect. The next in-person edition of Fruit Attraction, organised by IFEMA and FEPEX, is scheduled to take place from 5-7 October 2021.

This decision has been taken based on months of careful monitoring, assessing the development of the global situation, the unpredictability of the measures that will be deployed to control the pandemic in different countries in the coming weeks, and a concerted desire to cater for the concerns and needs of the entire Fruit Attraction exhibition community.

The Organising Committee acknowledges the effort made by IFEMA during recent months to help exhibiting companies to decide whether to take part according to developments in different scenarios, and the protocols introduced on its sites to ensure a safe, hygienic environment for productivity and business activities. The Committee, chaired by FEPEX president Jorge Brotons also committed to holding its next in-person exhibition from 5-7 October 2021.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect 2020 will be active for 31 days

The first ever online Fruit Attraction will be live from 1 to 31 October 2020. By registering as exhibiting company on the Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect platform you keep and renew all your seniority and loyalty rights for the next edition, which include a new Loyalty and Stimulus Programme.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect is an advanced technological platform and artificial intelligence system able to generate thousands of impacts and raise brand awareness of companies and their products among thousands of buyers, distributors and traders from 160 countries, making it the largest professional network and community in the world specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The structure of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect has everything needed to generate and promote new opportunities for professionals from all over the world to buy, sell and build sales teams’ networks of contacts in participating companies. It provides comprehensive information about suppliers, products and news about sector in 2020 and has tools for making video calls and doing eB2B in the same platform itself. There is a chat-live system and users can receive contact recommendations thanks to the artificial intelligence system and organise meetings and demonstrations with exhibiting companies and host videos and technical documentation about products and services.

In short, it is a new work and networking tool for the professional community that will be available throughout October, a pivotal moment for planning the season, which will allow companies to generate countless new commercial leads from buyers to be able to do business.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect will amalgamate all the sectors connected to Fruit Attraction, Flower&Garden and Fresh Food Logistics.

A month of Congresses, Seminars and Meetings

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect 2020 will be a framework for numerous technical seminars, debates, meetings and daily monographic conferences dealing with product categories, international market opportunities on topics of great interest to the sector organised by associations, the media and participating exhibitors.

Among the events scheduled are conferences like Biofruit Congress, World Fresh Forum (with specific sessions for buyers from the USA, India, China, Japan and the UAE), Grape Attraction Congress; seminars on packaging, SDG, Sustainability, The Fresh Convenience Market, Factoría Chef …

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect will be the best space to get news on the market for 2020 and watch the finals of the Innovation Hub-Accelera Awards, and plenty of daily sessions organised by exhibitors who will make the 31 days of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect the largest and influential edition to date. You can be part of everything just by registering on the platform at

The world’s most extensive fruit and vegetable sector trade community

The theme is Connecting The World’s Fresh Produce Community, and the event is backed by a massive global communication and viral marketing campaign that will enrich the platform community, fed from the Fruit Attraction database that has 230,000 active users from 160 countries. In fact, Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect is aiming to become a world leading professional community for sales networking in the fruit and vegetable sector . To participate as an exhibitor, just register at . Companies wanting to take part in the first remote edition of Fruit Attraction and take advantage of its telepresence technologies should see the Exhibitor’s Guide, which contains full details and comprehensive information.

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Blueberry market in Eastern Europe

Blueberry market in Eastern Europe © Fruit-Inform Agency
© Fruit-Inform Agency


On September 17, Fruit-Inform Agency (Ukraine) will hold an international Zoom webinar on the highbush blueberry market in Eastern Europe. The event will be in English and combine blueberry production and trade experience from both Western and Eastern Europe.

There are several reasons for an event dedicated to blueberries: they are one of the most expensive and transportable berry crops with perfect taste and flavour; their production and consumption has been actively developing in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres; and they are traded in Eastern Europe all year round.

The areas that the webinar will focus on are: blueberry production in Eastern Europe; blueberry imports, exports and price performance; minimisation of production and trade risks; and blueberry business development strategies.

Among the speakers, a representative of an international organisation will present market trends in the European market and globally and a representative of a European trader will present his/her view of the blueberry trade developments. There will also be blueberry growers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus with their assessment of blueberry production, trade and market trends, as well as partners holding webinars about blueberry growing, handling and storage technology innovation. Lastly, a representative of Fruit-Inform will reveal the results of the key study “The Market for Highbush Blueberries in the Eastern Europe-2020”.

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Fruit Attraction 2020 goes digital

Fruit Attraction 2020 goes digital © Eurofresh Distribution
Stand of Freson de Palos, Fruit Attraction 2019 © Eurofresh Distribution


The 12th edition of Fruit Attraction will be held digitally. This is the outcome of a meeting of the Fruit Attraction Organising Committee yesterday. The digital event is made possible thanks to a new and advanced technological platform placed at the service of the international fruit and vegetable professional community: Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect. The next face-to-face edition of Fruit Attraction, organised by IFEMA and FEPEX, will be held from October 5 to 7, 2021.

This decision is the result of months of exhaustively monitoring and assessing the development of the situation around the world, the unpredictable evolution of measures to control the pandemic in the different countries in the coming weeks, and the ever permanent will to address sensitivities and the needs of the entire Fruit Attraction exhibition community.

The Organising Committee has recognised the efforts made by IFEMA during these months to keep pace with the developing situation and ensure the necessary protocols were implemented at its facilities to guarantee maximum safety, hygiene and commercial productivity. The Committee, chaired by Jorge Brotons, president of FEPEX, has announced its commitment to holding the next face-to-face edition in 2021 from October 5 to 7.

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Global Citrus Congress goes Live

Global Citrus Congress goes Live
© Global Citrus Congress


Global Citrus Congress Live is a must for those who want to learn more about the international citrus business. The new online event takes place on 5th November, and focuses on the major developments in the citrus category.

Citrus is one of the biggest produce categories, but it has faced increased competition from other fruit and vegetables in recent years. Since the onset of Covid-19, however, demand has been booming. How can suppliers maximise this opportunity and build a more sustainable industry?

Fruitnet Media International and the World Citrus Organisation have joined forces to organise the first ever Global Citrus Congress Live, a virtual event bringing together leading players from the global citrus industry to identify and develop strategies to meet growing global demand.

Global Citrus Congress Live presents the latest global production figures and track emerging consumer trends, identifying opportunities to sell more citrus in traditional and emerging markets.

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Cool Logistics Global 2020 to go ahead as a live virtual event

Cool Logistics Global 2020 to go ahead as a live virtual event

After much consideration and in consultation with key stakeholders, the 12th Cool Logistics Global conference will now run as a full feature live virtual event from 13-15 October 2020. The planned in-person event due to take place aboard the SS Rotterdam, Netherlands is now postponed until spring 2021 with preliminary dates of 18 – 19 May 2021.

Rachael White, Cool Logistics Director, said, “Nothing beats the power of a face to face meeting. Under current circumstances, however, with limits on the number of people allowed to physically gather, plus corporate travel bans, we would not be able to deliver the onsite, in-person global event experience to the standards that the Cool Logistics community rightly expects.  We are also committed to delivering carbon-neutral events and that simply would not be possible with the procedures needed to safely host an onsite conference and exhibition.” 

 “With the decision taken to now hold a live virtual event, we are able to deliver the same high-quality and insightful debate, discussion and networking in a safe manner to our attendees wherever they are in the world, without the worry of international travel. Our theme for this year is ‘Redesigning the Cold Chain: Imagine, Transform and Rebuild’ and as always we are pleased to host sessions from the industry leaders and thinkers who are active in the global cold supply chain. With the support of our host Port of Rotterdam, together with key sponsors and supporters including Fruit Logistica, AgroMerchants Group, Kuehne + Nagel,  Emerson, Mundo Maritimo and World Cargo News, we look forward to serving the Cool Logistics global perishables trade community and indeed reaching new audiences in the virtual world,” she continued.

 Now in its 12th year, Cool Logistics Global conference is the leading event for logistics, shipping and supply chain professionals focusing on perishable cargoes. This year’s event is hosted by the Port of Rotterdam and with over 20 speakers already confirmed, attendees can expect a broad agenda encompassing all aspects of the cold supply chain, set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 has severely tested the resilience of the supply chain and demonstrated that logistics really matters and now more than ever, the international cold chain community needs to connect, communicate and collaborate. Our 2020 live virtual event will provide the opportunity to welcome back both our established Cool Logistics Global community but to also welcome new colleagues to join our discussions”, concluded Rachael White.

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IG International brings finest quality farm-fresh fruits to consumers

IG International brings finest quality farm-fresh fruits to consumers © IG INTERNATIONAL


Renowned fresh fruits importer IG International Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of the global blueberry sector, in partnership with MBO & Mano Babiolakis. Working with an Australian team, IG International has set up a large blueberry production area in India, the first of its kind for IG in India.

The venture began in 2017 and was motivated by a desire to produce the finest blueberries for Indian consumers on Indian soil. This is likely to revolutionise the global blueberry trade.

From the Indian perspective, this is the first large-scale blueberry project. IG International encountered some typical difficulties with climatic conditions before being able to successfully harvest blueberries in India thanks to persistent hard work.


IG International gains strategic advantages by producing blueberries in India

In India, the blueberry harvest spans from February to May. The window is in a strategic position to derive maximum value from markets across the world. During this phase, Chile’s yearly harvest season finishes, while the Northern Hemisphere season is just commencing. So, there are not many blueberries anywhere in the world during this window, which makes IG International’s Indian project a potentially lucrative one.


Blueberries are exceedingly good for public health

IG International is recognised for the quality of its blueberries, which are sold under the IG Berries brand. In India, IG International is planning to harvest 20mm blueberries that will be crunchy and sweet. 

Blueberries offer a range of benefits for public health, including aiding with the management of diabetes and UTIs. Similarly, blueberries are good for cardiovascular health. They help prevent cardiac disorders, keep the heart healthy, safeguard against cholesterol, and help manage hypertension. Blueberries are also associated with a reduction in muscle damage.

This is why nutritionists across the world label blueberries as a superfood and the king of antioxidant foods.

Despite being low in calories, blueberries have a high nutritional value. This is one of the key underlying factors behind the meteorological rise in the production and consumption of blueberries over the past few decades, particularly among people residing in urban areas. 


Blueberries produced by IG International are high-quality products

In a press conference, Tarun Arora, IGIPL director, vouched for the viability, quality, and pricing of the blueberries produced by IGIPL. This makes them highly lucrative for Indian and international consumers. Arora went on to state that this venture should secure IG International’s position among Asia’s top-five berry producers by 2024.

IG International’s blueberry production has certain unique features. Its produce procurement spans 22 countries, and the company has a handling capacity for 32 varieties. This empowers IG International to deliver natural produce to people with varied preferences in the Indian market.


About IG International Pvt Ltd. (IGIPL)

IG International is among the top importers of food produce across the world. The company is dedicated to ensuring that consumers get access to high-quality products. IG International is a group of 14 companies with 50 years of experience behind them, supplying the best-quality fresh produce. Importing fresh produce is the firm’s core activity.

The company initiated its activities in India in 2000, when its chairman, Gian Chand Arora, first imported fruit containers from Australia. From that point on, it began investing in infrastructure.

IGIPL is now a leader in imported fresh fruits. IGIPL handles fresh fruits in volumes of 3500 – 4000 sq foot3 refrigerated containers. The produce comes from 22 countries from all across the globe. 28 wholesale outlets from all across India manage the distribution of goods. 

Over 5 decades of experience in the industry has made IGIPL among the top distributors and marketers of the best quality and nutritious fresh fruits across the country. Consumers and industry players now associate the IG brand with reliability, freshness, and product quality.

Beyond imports, the other activities in IGIPL’s portfolio are temperature-controlled warehousing and third-party logistics. IGIPL currently has a capacity of 40,000 tons, with facilities in Amravati, Theog, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. Its fleet comprises 50 refrigerated trailers and 50 refrigerated trucks. Each of the trailers has 40’ reefer containers.


IG International announces launch of eCommerce platform

IG International has now come up with a dedicated eCommerce platform that makes it easier for consumers and merchants to get access to fresh fruit produce. They can place orders online and the goods are delivered right to their doorstep. Although the idea of taking business online has been in the pipeline for some time now at IG International, it came to fruition during the recent lockdown.

Inter-state transportation became a difficulty during lockdown, as state borders were sealed. This led to cases where people had to make do with the groceries available in local grocery shops and from vendors. Access to nutritious foods and dairy products was still there, but the choices were limited. Even eCommerce deliveries were restricted to essential goods for a while to keep a check on the spread of COVID-19. 

IG International has entered the eCommerce arena at this stage to simplify shopping for consumers, and make sure that they find access to the most nutritious foods. This empowers consumers to shop at any time that suits them from the comfort of their homes over their PCs. They can also comfortably shop on the go, over their smartphones or using other mobile devices. IG International has come up with a responsive website that can be easily accessed over mobile devices and ensures the best possible end-user experience. The quality and freshness of products sold by IG international online or directly to vendors and consumers is always guaranteed to be the best. 

IG International’s services are preferred because the firm supplies the finest varieties of fresh fruits. Families can get the best fresh fruits to match their tastes. IG International takes pride in its endeavour to keep the community fit and healthy. Consumers and merchants alike prefer to shop at IG International’s online store because the website is easy to use, the menus and navigation are well defined, and they can complete purchases in three simple steps. IG International accepts several payment modes including net-banking, debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.

Shopping at the IG International web mall is simple for consumers and merchants, who can find the best prices for all products. The products are nicely illustrated using photographs, so consumers can gauge their quality. IG International believes that going online will empower consumers to get easy access to fresh produce, particularly in times of lockdown. Consumers can hence comfortably access the products without going to the market. This promotes social distancing, which is one of the effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


High nutrition products made available at IG International’s website

IG International firmly believes that keeping the immune system strong is the best safeguard against COVID-19. Everyone should keep an additional tab on their family’s diet at such times. Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the best ways to get a strong immune system. 

Seasonal varieties of fruits are constantly and IG international makes the best seasonal produce available on its website. Citrus fruits are among the finest ways of boosting the immune system. They also make recovery quicker when one is afflicted by colds or flu. IG International believes that getting vitamin C from one’s diet by consuming fresh fruits is better than getting the same from supplements because fresh fruits provide holistic nutrition. Vitamin C boosts one’s immunity by enhancing the production of white blood cells, which helps fight infections. All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, such as limes, lemons, and oranges. Moreover, varieties of fruits which are usually difficult to find such as kiwis are easily available at IG International’s website.

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25th AECOC Commercial Strategy and Marketing Congress to analyse consumption in remainder of 2020

25th AECOC Commercial Strategy and Marketing Congress to analyse consumption in remainder of 2020

The 25th AECOC Congress on Commercial and Marketing Strategy will be held virtually between July 14 and 15. This year’s event will analyse the impact of COVID-19 as well as the transformations it has already generated and is expected to generate in mass consumption. Attendees will be presented with analysis of the economic outlook for the second half of the year for the consumer goods sector. Nielsen CEO in Spain and Portugal, Patricia Daimiel, will advance the consumption forecasts for the remainder of 2020 to obtain a complete picture of what impacts COVID-19 will have.

To complete the photograph of the impact on mass consumption, the AECOC Shopperview area will present the first results of its barometer dedicated to COVID-19. It will analyse the main changes in consumer behavior during and after confinement, identify the consolidated trends and predict how buyers will react to different future scenarios, such as possible new confinements in the event of outbreaks.

The programme on the first day will conclude with master-chef Ferran Adrià outlining his vision of the role innovation should play in the new normal.

Online commerce will be the focus of the second day, with an ‘E-commerce and omnichannel’ roundtable discussion and a presentation by IESE professor José Luis Nueno titled: ‘New opportunities from Direct to Consumer (DTC)’. In this intervention, Nueno will analyse the growth of the direct-to-consumer online commerce model, under which more than 6,000 companies operate in the world, thus eliminating intermediaries and creating flexible and externalised supply chain systems. According to the professor, the acceleration of e-commerce during the COVID-19 crisis will advance the DTC revolution.


AECOC is the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors Companies, one of the largest business organizations in the country and the only one in which the industry and consumer goods distribution work together to develop good practices and technological standards that help companies to be more efficient and competitive, adding value to the consumer. It encompasses both the largest companies and small and medium-sized companies and

It represents sectors as diverse as food and beverages, textiles, electro, hardware and DIY, health and hospitality, among others. It has more than 30,000 associated companies whose joint billing represents close to 20% of the national GDP.

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Spinneys enters world of e-commerce

Spinneys Dubai has launched an online grocery delivery service in response to strong demand from customers. CEO Sunil Kumar said: “Demand for home grocery deliveries has never been higher. Launched amidst the economic challenges caused by Covid-19, our new service will offer our customers an efficient, convenient and safe way to shop for their groceries. Stepping into the world of e-commerce strengthens our ability to further support our communities and continue to provide our customers with the best possible products in the best possible way.”

At present, the service is limited to Spinneys customers in Dubai, but it is expected to soon expand to Abu Dhabi. There will also be a Spinneys app available for download in the coming weeks.

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Macfrut Digital: The fruit & vegetable world on your PC

Renzo Piraccini /// © Macfrut Digital


The Digital trade fair for the fresh produce industry, a three-day event for professionals with B2B meetings and buyers from all over the world, will take place from 8 to 10 September 2020, hosted by the Natlive platform. An absolute novelty in the trade fair scene of the industry.


Cesena, 12 May 2020 – Macfrut 2020 goes Digital. From 8 to 10 September 2020, Italy’s international showcase for the fresh produce industry will offer business opportunities through a digital platform that will bring together buyers from all over the world, opening up new international markets for the sector. This innovative project makes Macfrut the first digital trade fair for the fruit and vegetable industry.

The uncertainty surrounding the current health emergency has made it difficult to organise the traditional trade fair, now in its 37th edition, in the usual way. Italy is striving to reaffirm its leading position in the sector, and this approach is in line with the current possibilities offered by state-of-the-art technology, which provides a unique opportunity for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Hence the launch of Macfrut Digital, a professional, simple and effective virtual trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, which will be fully online. This virtual event will not replace the physical one, but given the current situation it is intended to give all professionals involved the opportunity to do business in the global market. Thanks to this interactive platform, exhibitors will be able to interact with the buyers and sector professionals who will “participate” in this three-day virtual event.

How Macfrut Digital will take place

All visitors, from all across Italy and from all over the world, will be able to access and participate in this three-day virtual trade fair by using a personal device (PC, tablet or smartphone). This system has three strengths: it is effective, since it allows participants to reach out to a large number of customers and markets directly from their workstation; it is simple, since it uses a platform that has been designed also for computer illiterate people; and it is inexpensive, free of charge for visitors and affordable for exhibitors.

But let’s go into detail. Macfrut Digital will consist of two areas: the Exhibition and the Forum. To log in, please register on (registration is free of charge). Once logged in, visitors will be able to view an interactive map broken down by product sector and explore all the virtual “stands” to find out more about an exhibitor’s product range, request information, and hold and live stream B2B meetings.

There are plenty of advantages for exhibitors: an agenda of scheduled meetings with buyers and the opportunity to interact, also face-to-face with live streaming, with professionals from all over the world.

More than 500 buyers, invited by the organisers, will be selected in collaboration with the ICE-Agency (Italian Trade Agency), with which Macfrut has been working together with excellent results for many years through its well-established network of foreign sales agents.

Buyers and business meetings are therefore at the heart of Macfrut Digital. Moreover, the costs for exhibitors are rather low: a virtual stand costs from 1,000 euros (the package includes a video presentation, a multimedia brochure, B2B live streaming, and an agenda of meetings with buyers).

In addition to covering the business side, Macfrut Digital will host Technical Forums. The international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector has always been an event rich in content and technical insights on key topics in the industry. As part of this long-standing commitment, during these three days Macfrut Digital will host a series of live-streamed conferences, which can be viewed on the Natlive platform, after registering free of charge. The topics covered will include innovations in horticulture, innovations in the greenhouse sector, Acquacampus and innovations in irrigation, and the Biostimulant Forum. The platform will also be available to exhibitors for dedicated events.

For more information, please visit

Watch the interview with Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut, where he presents the Digital Trade Fair:

Macfrut International Press Office:
Elena Vincenzi/Stefania Duminuco
International press office Macfrut c/o fruitecom – Mob. +39-340- 5588732