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Interpoma 2020 is changing format and going digital 

Interpoma 2020 is changing format and going digital 

                                                                                                                                                                                          Press release

Interpoma 2020, the international fair dedicated to the world of apples planned for the coming November in Bolzano will be presented in a new hybrid format, which will see events both in digital format and in physical presence. “Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy”, which is the name of the appointment, will take place 19 and 20 November, while the traditional physical exhibition will be moved to 2021. The decision was made by the Board of Directors of Fiera Bolzano after having conducted a survey among the international public and was of the opinion that the distinctive international character of Interpoma was therefore potentially compromised due to the present and future international travel restrictions.   

Bolzano, 5 August 2020 – Interpoma 2020 will be changing look and become “Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy”, two days of events and webinar. The new format which will replace the “traditional” fair the 19 and 20 coming November foresees the traditional international Congress “Interpoma Congress” available  both online and in person, “Interpoma Future Hub”, a digital platform for the promotion of international start- and scaleups, and new events as “Interpoma Business Match”, a virtual matchmaking platform for companies and customers in collaboration with EEN (European Enterprise Network) and the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano. The “traditional” fair, with the exhibits will be held next year, from 4 to 6 November 2021. 

In the last few years Fiera Bolzano, along with the collaboration of customers and partners, has invested a great deal in the internationalization of Interpoma reaching during the 2018 edition, 20,000 visitors and 460 exhibitors from 74 and 24 countries worldwide. This is precisely what led to the decision of transforming the 2020 format and moving the “Classical” fair to 2021 so as not to compromise this important and essential component of internationalization of the event due to the many widespread international travel restrictions.

“Over the years we have done everything possible to give Interpoma an international aspect together with our partners and customers. At the end of the day this element is crucial. However, the international character of Interpoma is also essential in the world of apples where South Tyrol is a leader on the world market. Hence the decision for a new, internationally accessible digital format” – states Armin Hilpold, President of Fiera Bolzano.

“The Covid-crisis has proved that nothing can replace physical encounters when it comes to business relationships. However, it is in these particular times that our new concept hybrid event formats enable us to remain active in the international business community and to connect our exhibitors with their clients” – concludes Armin Hilpold. 

The appointment therefore is online the 19 and 20 November 2020 with “Interpoma Connects 2020: Digital Days for the Apple Economy”, and, for those who wish also at Fiera Bolzano for “Interpoma Congress”. 

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Taiwan International Agricultural Week as an intermediary towards new south bound business opportunities


Taiwan possesses a variety of fruit and vegetable breeding and cultivating hinge techniques, and is also the leading country in agricultural research and development in the sub-tropical climate. We welcome you to the upcoming Taiwan agricultural week from 9th to 11th in November, to witness the extraordinary and advance Taiwan agricultural industry.

Organized by MY EXHIBITION and with associated partners together, the convention withheld multiple themes, including the “Taiwan treasure: Antrodia cinnamomea theme.” held by Antrodia cinnamomea Association of Taiwan Treasure. The “IOT intelligent farming theme” held by UAS Industry Alliance Committee. The “Applied Cold chain logistics theme” held by Global logistics Council of Taiwan. The “Natural Organics theme” held by the Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion. Altogether providing popular and eye-catching topics for the exposition, attracting buyers attention, therefore expanding business opportunities.

MY EXHIBITION stated this year’s main scheme will be focusing on “Sustainable Agriculture”. Besides of co-hosting the international forum on “Agricultural technology innovation and prospect – Cycle, Sharing and Intelligence” with Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, MY EXHIBITION also withhold the “Business model of LED plant factory in Taiwan” and “Cold logistics as solution in farming produce” seminar with the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association and Global Logistics Council of Taiwan. To explore future trends with experts from all fields, and to assist all participants to create new commercial chains and to elevate agricultural market competitiveness.

During the exposition, related activities will be held. This includes “one-on-one procurement meetings”, “Innovative Products and Technology Presentation”, “VCA -Vegan Cuisine Award by TAW”, and a variety of interesting activities which will deeply promote marketing values for every exhibitor. MY EXHIBITION also reach out to potential merchants of the countries according to Taiwan’s “new southbound Policy” brought out by the administrator. Both the agriculture and fishery exhibits combined, inviting 350 international traders to Taiwan, boosting arrangements between participants. Attracting an estimate of 5,500 Taiwan and international traders visiting and facilitating purchase opportunities.

The 2017 Taiwan agricultural week is a platform which demonstrates Taiwan’s refined agricultural industry, in which connects global traders to elevate business cooperations worldwide. During the 3-day exhibition, guests can have entry by exchanging your business card at the counter, we sincerely invite you to join us. For more information regarding the Taiwan agricultural week, please refer to our official website – (