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Revolutionary tray-positioning system developed

Revolutionary tray-positioning system developed

Tray sealing specialist Proseal has launched a revolutionary tray positioning system – the first of its kind – that calculates the required tray-spacing set-up parameters for individual tray sealing tool-sets, eliminating the trial and error usually associated with this process. The new patent-pending ProPosition™ feature automatically identifies the best position for trays, to ensure the perfect alignment every time. Its advanced technology provides food manufacturers and processors with a simple one-step tool-set-up, and removes the time consuming and potentially wasteful process of running test trays through the tray sealer to ascertain the best position. Instead operators are guided through the set-up via easy to follow animated instructions on the machine’s touch screen.

The system then permanently saves the relevant parameters for each tool, which greatly speeds up product changeovers and avoids operator errors during set-up.

ProPosition is fitted as standard to all new Proseal GT platform machines. Additionally, as part of Proseal’s ongoing strategy of futureproofing its equipment, the software can be retrofitted to any pre-existing machines which have the suffix GTe and GTs.

“The new ProPosition system showcases our incredible engineering innovation and underlines Proseal’s commitment to being at the forefront of product development and innovation,” said Paul Watkin, Proseal systems development manager. “This pioneering technology helps to minimise downtime, reduce errors and minimise waste to deliver valuable cost savings that will deliver a fast return on investment.”

Photo: Proseal

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Goliath; the success of the new watermelon box with 1 million units sold

Goliath; the success of the new watermelon box with 1 million units sold

                                                                                                                                                                                              Press release

The watermelon is a fruit with very specific characteristics that requires packaging designed to absorb any potential damage caused by its weight. The packaging must be stackable, and suitable for both long-distance transport and display at the point of sale. Smurfit Kappa has managed to combine these features in its latest revolutionary product, Goliath, a corrugated cardboard packaging solution for the fruit and vegetable sector. One million units have already been manufactured with 100% satisfaction from the customers who have tried them (zero claims have been filed for collapsed boxes). In this interview, Enrique Guillén, Regional Manager of Smurfit Kappa Alicante and Almeria, two plants 100% dedicated to the design and manufacture of packaging solutions for the agricultural industry, talks to us about this new box and the company’s commitment to innovation in this market.

How did Goliath come about?

Innovation is one of our main pillars. So when our customers in the sector asked us for an efficient solution, developed specifically to transport and store watermelons,  meeting a set of criteria that would ensure the products ‘arrival at the point of sale in perfect condition, our designers got to work to create an innovative package that would solve the producers’ dilemma at its source. That was the beginning of Goliath, a product developed at our Agri Experience Centre in Alicante, Europe’s unique centre devoted 100% to agricultural research, development and innovation, where efficient (and) sustainable designs are conceived.

What are its main features?

Thanks to its conical shape, Goliath is able to absorb any impact caused by the weight of the fruit. Its internal anchors allow for perfect stacking, thus improving loading efficiency; it optimises ventilation and preservation of the fruit; it is recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable to minimise the ecological footprint of our customers; and it strengthens the customer’s brand image by supporting any type of printing. Originally designed for watermelons, it is now being used successfully to package other fruit, such as melons, citrus fruit, and even bananas.

How has Goliath evolved?

Smurfit Kappa’s designers developed a new version of this solution, the so-called Goliath 2.0, which—thanks to its redesigned anchors—allows Goliath to be stacked according to different market formats, a development much appreciated by retailers, while also providing better ventilation. The advantages of this latest solution are being presented to new and prospective customers through webinars led by the Agri Experience Centre (

Goliath is also suitable for both long-distance transport and display at the point of sale.

That’s right. Thanks to its cone-shaped design that can support 20 kg. of product, Goliath is the ideal solution for exporting fruit, since—in addition to all the aforementioned advantages—it streamlines distribution, minimises unoccupied warehouse space, eliminates collapsed box claims, and reduces fall incidents to virtually zero, a very important point considering the unique characteristics of the watermelon. It also reinforces food safety and hygiene because cardboard transmits less bacterial contamination than other non-biodegradable material. Moreover, all of our agricultural plants in the Iberian Peninsula are certified with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Goliath’s innovative design ensures fruit arrives at its final destination in perfect condition, an aspect much appreciated by our agricultural customers, especially brand owners who use packaging to reinforce their designation of origin, brand, and values by printing images, logos, and text on the boxes, a distinctive element that drives consumption.

About Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa, a company that trades on the FTSE 100, is one of the leading suppliers of paper packaging solutions in the world, with roughly 46,000 employees at approximately 350 production centres in 35 countries and revenues of EUR 9 billion in 2019. We are present in 23 European countries and 12 countries across the Americas. We are the only large-scale pan-regional operator in Latin America.

Our proactive team consistently applies its experience and expertise, backed by our structure, to provide our clientele with new opportunities. We collaborate with forward-looking customers through the exchange of superior product knowledge, market expertise, and an understanding of packaging trends to ensure business success in their markets. We have a portfolio of unprecedented paper packaging solutions that is constantly updated with our market-leading innovations. This is reinforced by the benefits of our integration, with optimum paper design, logistics, prompt service, and packaging plants whose raw materials are supplied almost entirely by our own paper mills. Our products, which are 100% renewable, recyclable, and sustainably produced, help improve our customers’ environmental footprint.

Visit our microsite & web /

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SIDE DELIGHTS® partner Michael Family Farms educates shoppers with new website

SIDE DELIGHTS® partner Michael Family Farms educates shoppers with new  website

Fresh Solutions Network invests in digital programs to support local growers and customers seeking information online about the foods they purchase

San Francisco, CA  (April 7, 2020) –  Studies show that 70-80% of people research a company online before making a purchase. Shoppers search to find information about their potential food purchases in addition to the companies that produce it and what they stand for.  Consumers want the information quickly, efficiently, and with engaging details.

To respond to the growing importance of this information, Michael Family Farms today debuted a new website for their Mid-west farm, and their Side Delights® potato products. The new site, is welcoming, highly functional, and easy to navigate. Website visitors will find a full spectrum of product details, nutritional information, recipe suggestions, food safety, and other news.  The Side Delights® lineup has a dedicated section so consumers can dig deeper into each grouping to learn more or link instantly to other products and topics of interest.

Fresh Solutions Network created Side Delights® in 2014 as a national brand that would unify all of the most popular fresh potato segments under a single name that consumers would easily remember and instantly associate with superior quality.  More importantly, establishing the Side Delights master brand benefits retailers and foodservice operators alike by giving them a full line of fresh potatoes with strong consumer awareness that they can stock and promote to draw traffic and increase sales volumes.

Michael Family Farms and Fresh Solutions Network have partnered together on a “Grown Where it Matters” campaign, which connects farmers in the network with their regionally relevant market. As consumers engage with the story and history of the local farm, they understand how the sustainability practices and passion of the farmer result in a better-tasting, higher-quality potato.  As part of this campaign, Michael Family Farms will soon be using Kwik Lok tags on their potato bags that invite consumers to check out their 360-degree farm video and farmer podcast supporting their locally grown produce.

“During this time of social distancing, both digital connectivity and healthy eating have become increasingly important,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “As a family-owned local farm, the Michael family felt it was important to move forward with the release of this site now during the crisis so their customers in the Mid-west will get the opportunity to learn about the potatoes, the family and their company values – from their homes.”

“With the launch of our new website, we provide a destination that benefits current and potential customers,” added Kathy Sponheim-Michael, VP of Sales & Marketing of Michael Family Farms.  “Consumers benefit from being able to easily access everything they would want to know about potatoes grown in the Midwest and about our family farm in one place; retailers benefit from the increased awareness and purchase intent that a compelling digital brand experience delivers, and the grower/shipper partners who make up the Fresh Solutions Network benefit from having consumers and retailers learn more about the great potatoes they market under the Side Delights® brand.”

For more information on Side Delights® products, programs and recipes, visit

About Fresh Solutions Network, LLC:  Fresh Solutions Network (FSN) is the exclusive supplier of Side Delights® potatoes and onions. FSN is a group of family-owned potato and onion growers and shippers who help fresh potato and onion buyers grow their categories, maximize category investment, and increase sales. FSN delivers category insights, collaborative innovation, and customized assortment. Fresh Solutions Network, LLC partners include: Sterman Masser, Inc. (Masser Potato Farms and Keystone Potato Products in Sacramento and Hegins, PA), Michael Family Farms, Inc.  (Urbana, OH), Basin Gold Cooperative, Inc. (Pasco, WA), Green Thumb Farms, Inc. (Fryeburg, ME), Red Isle Potato Growers, Ltd. (Prince Edward Island, Canada), NoKota Packers, Inc. (Buxton, ND), Sun-Glo of Idaho, Inc. (Sugar City, ID) and Mack Farms (Lake Wales, FL).

 Contact Information: Kathleen Triou, (209) 627-6800,

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ZUMEX is playing for high stakes in the USA and goes to NRA to present its new Speed S +plus line

Stand NRA

·As a novelty, the company presents its 1Step S and L Extraction Kits for the Speed S +plus machines series, two new add-ons which facilitate the juicing of large and small citrus fruit.

As well as the new series of Speed S +plus machines, designed to serve supermarket chains and hotels in particular, the firm also presents the new Versatile Pro with the 1Step Extraction Kit as standard, and its add-on, the 1Step S Kit.

ZUMEX® has become the leading strategic partner for juice business development for the most dynamic regional retailers in the USA, as well the most powerful national ones such as Albertson, H-E-B and Whole Foods Market.

ZUMEX® Group continues its penetration into USA and Canadian markets, and is present once again at this year’s NRA, the leading fair for the hotel and restaurant trade in the USA, held from the 19 to 22 May in Chicago and attended by more than 2,000 exhibitors and professionals from more than 100 countries. The perfect display cabinet for the firm, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for fruit and vegetable juicing, at which it presents its new Speed S +plus line, as well as the new Versatile Pro with 1Step Extraction Kit as standard.

New launches which strengthen ZUMEX®’s position as leading strategic partner for juice business development, already selected by large American companies such as Starbucks, Subway, Jamba Juice and Jugo Juice, which are putting their trust in solutions such as Essential Pro and Versatile Pro to offer maximum quality just-squeezed juice on their premises. At the same time, the robustness of the machines, their ease of use and speed of cleaning are just some of the key characteristics which have led to their being chosen by powerful retailers in the USA such as Albertson, H-E-B, Kroger, Safeway and Whole Foods Market, which already have ZUMEX®’s Speed series in their stores.

Speed S +plus, greater taste and convenience

The commitment to offering solutions which help its customers provide all consumers in the USA and Canada with easy access to fresh juice, has spurred the launch of the new Speed S +plus line, presented by the Spanish multinational at the American event. A new series of juicers which stands out for its innovative 1Step Extraction Kit that allows the juicing unit to be removed in one piece in just 10’’, without the need to disassemble it part by part, thus reducing the disassembly time and facilitating cleaning in the dishwasher or under the tap.

A solution completed by the new Extraction Kit accesories: the 1Step S for juicing fruit from diameter 45 mm to 67 mm, such as limes and lemons, and the 1Step L Extraction Kit for fruit of a large size, from 75 mm to 96 mm, such as grapefruit and oranges. All this means that a world of possibilities opens up for the creation of delicious fresh juice combinations in a single step, much more quickly and easily.

As well as providing maximum efficiency, performance and impeccable service, the fast and robust Speed S +plus juicers series incorporates other important properties such as the automatic PulpOut system, which allows the pulp to be removed more quickly, easily and hygienically, and the novel drip collection tray with 2 positions, enabling juicing both directly into the glass and into a bottle. All these features provide maximum quality and performance and optimise your day-to-day fresh juice service in high-demand spaces such as supermarket chains and hotels.

Versatile Pro, a great advantage in a matter of seconds

The new 1Step Extraction Kit is now also available for another of the solutions most in demand from retailers and convenience stores, our Versatile Pro, both in the tabletop model and in the version with podium. A lighter machine which allows you to create an easy, convenient and up-to-date self-service space. What is more, you can now change taste more quickly and easily in just one step thanks to the 1Step S Extraction Kit add-on for juicing citrus fruit of small size.

ZUMEX® Group, leading strategic partner for juice business development and world leader in the design and manufacture of fruit and vegetable juicing solutions for more than three decades, is present in more than 100 countries through a wide network of distributors and its five subsidiaries (USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, France and Germany), supporting its headquarters in Spain (Moncada-Valencia).

The company stands out for the development of patented technologies and Premium systems with three important lines of business: Food service & Retail, Food Engineering and Vending.

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New green box for bio watermelon

Green Box generic designs are carefully selected and periodically renovated, that’s why they represent around the 60% of its sales.

Green Box it’s a family owned company that has been operating in the fruit and vegetable sector since 1924. However, it was almost thirty years ago when the Rubio’s family decided to focus in the creation of a packaging that could transport bigger capacities than a normal carton tray, being more resistant but also helping to achieve the best weight-to-load ratio.

This challenge was overcome creating a new basis in the company and since then, it has constantly been developing new Green Box models, for different markets and supermarket chains.

Creating better designs with an optimum quality, the Green Boxes have proved the best results into retails stores, improving product display and favouring product transportation over long distances, guaranteeing zero incidents.

Green Box generic designs are carefully selected and periodically renovated, that’s why they represent around the 60% of its sales.

This year, one of the best welcomed news, has been the new design for Bio watermelon which is boosting organic watermelon sales all around Europe.

On the other hand, personalised packaging sales are speeding up in the last few years. Supermarket chains don’t want to lose any opportunity of appealing to customers’ emotions through an attractive corporate images or stunning promotions.

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New and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables in Fresh Agromashov

דלעת כחולה- קרדיט יחצ אוריגן

A retrospective Fresh-Agro exhibition, to be held at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds at the end of June, will present a wide range of new and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables that will soon reach the success of all of us. So what’s new this summer in the fruit bowl?
‘Origene Seeds’ will present the unique development of all that was released this year – the Blue Pumpkin. It is unique in the color of the gray-green shell, and is suitable for cooking and soups. It also has a strong taste (a regular pumpkin has almost no taste without spices), and it excels in a long shelf life.
In the exhibition you can also watch a special type of watermelon. Further to the development of a charming watermelon, weighing up to 10 kilograms, and the little watermelon Anna, the newest species came to the medium-sized, 6-kilogram Hoya for relatively small families.
You will also find a brand new and refreshing Melon called ‘fresh dew’. Its uniqueness – high sweetness and long shelf life. The color of his shell is gray and white, and its cover is green, unlike the normal orange float.
‘Hazera’ company will introduce a new Aromato cucumber: a high quality Japanese cucumber, nigis and tasty, and something new and interesting – Dora’s tomato, which peels easily with a peeler, just like a cucumber or carrot. The DORA is a large and uniform egg-shaped tomato (rome), very smooth, bright red and with an unusually high lycopene. Another new development of the company – Angel Hotel, pineapple type, tasty and very sweet.
‘Zeraim Gedera Syngenta’ will introduce a new type of watermelon known as sweet dawn, which will provide fruit before the summer begins, and a new and unique pepper species, resistant to small soil worms that attack the roots of the bush.
Haim Allouche said about all the new products that: “We are excited every year to re-offer the new fruits and vegetables in the market. We believe in Israeli agriculture and want to empower it. We invite the general public to come and participate in the exhibition and hear from industry leaders how to reach agricultural solutions and see the latest developments in the field. Come to see the Israeli agriculture industry as a model and we are here to show this model”.

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New Mac Fruit Attraction China takes place in Shanghai November 22-24

Macfrut China 2017

After the success of Mac Fruit Attraction Mena, a new meeting will take place in Shanghai, in the framework of the HORTI CHINA trade fair in November of this year

Madrid, 24 March 2017. Mac Fruit Attraction China has been created though an alliance of IFEMA and Cesena Fiera with VNU Exhibitions Asia. The event will take place in the framework of Horti China, a fruit and vegetable trade show to be held from 22 to 24 November 2017 at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.

Organised by IFEMA and CESENA FIERA, two trade fair operators from the main fruit and vegetable producers and exporters, Spain and Italy, Mac Fruit Attraction CHINA will be a meeting point for Asian operators and the international fruit and vegetable trade. China has been identified as one of today’s strategic markets for its potential for development, which will make this new platform a commercial opportunity where participating companies can form alliances with the Chinese market. 

European Union exports to China in 2015 totalled 22,768 tons, with a value of 36.3 million euros.  Apples and pears were the main products exported, totalling 5,399 tons, with a value of 6,211 million euros, followed by citrus fruits, with 4,278 tons and a value of 4,220 million euros.  Within the EU, Italy, France and Spain are the main exporters to China. Spain was also the first country in the world to be authorised to export peaches to China in July 2016. Spanish plum, peach and nectarine exports to China in 2016 came to 815 tons and were worth 1.32 million euros. Last year, according to the data for the period until November, EU exports to China reached 31,298 tons with a value of 45.6 million euros.

Mac Fruit Attraction CHINA will take place in the framework of Horti China, a VNU Exhibition Asia event with four sections: Horti Seed, aimed at the seed industry; Horti Tech, which focuses on applied technology in production; IFresh, featuring the Chinese fruit and vegetable industry, and Mac Fruit Attraction CHINA, a trade show for international fruit and vegetable exhibitors.  

Driven by the success of Mac Fruit Attraction MENA, which will be held for the second time from 22 to 24 April in Cairo, this will be an important step forward in IFEMA’s international strategy with Cesena Fiera, with what has become an established platform for internationalization in the fruit and vegetable sectors in their respective countries. 

“I am extremely pleased with this alliance”, said Renzo Piraccini, president of MacFrut, “because it is a unique opportunity to expand in the great Chinese market”. It represents a step forward in our strategy to make Mac Fruit Attraction a platform for internationalising the fruit and vegetable supply chain in Italy”.

According to Raúl Calleja, director of Fruit Attraction, “Mac Fruit Attraction’s China edition will enable us to continue expanding out international network, establishing Mac Fruit Attraction as the main tool for the global fruit and vegetable trade, because of its capacity to foster meetings between the supply and demand in strategic places, all over the world”.

About Horti China

Horti China 2017: a new, international trade fair for horticulture, focusing on fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, professionalizing the sector as well.

From 22-24 November, 2017, the first edition of Horti China will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The International trade fair’s powerful and highly experienced group of organizers consists of VNU Exhibitions Asia and their leading counterparts in Europe Mac Fruit Attraction. The event will create a much-needed professional platform for China’s horticultural business: agriculture, with vegetable and fruit production as a top priority, is seen as the country’s ‘forgotten sector’, in need of fast and comprehensive modernization. China’s central government has put agriculture and food production at the top of all priority  program.

At Horti China, leading fruits, vegetable, flowers and plants players from all over the world will meet Chinese business partners and seize the opportunities in the world’s largest food market! The fair will enjoy government support from China and Europe, and its program will include expert seminars, VIP incentives and media events ensuring full exposure to a market of 1,4 billion consumers.

About VNU Exhibitions Asia

VNU Exhibitions Asia is a joint venture of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs and Keylong Exhibitions Service Co., Ltd. As one of the earliest exhibition companies in the country, VNU Exhibitions Asia has been a leader in China’s exhibition industry for more than two decades. Through the joint efforts of more than 150 outstanding employees, the company hosts almost 20 top exhibitions and conferences in China each year, and boasts an exhibition area of over 500,000 square meters. The company is currently headquartered in Shanghai.

About Cesena Fiera

Cesena Fiera is the organizer of the International exhibition Macfrut, one of the leading exhibition in fruit and vegetable industry. The 34th edition of Macfrut will be held in Rimini Expo centre from 10 to 12 May 2017.


IFEMA (Institución Ferial de Madrid) and FEPEX organise Fruit Attraction, the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry, which attracts more than 1,500 companies from throughout the fruit and vegetable value chain, and 60,000 trade professionals from 110 countries to Madrid every year. The 9th edition of Fruit Attraction will be held from 18 to 20 October 2017