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First pile in the ground for new build Nature’s Pride

First pile in the ground for new build Nature’s Pride - Fred van Heyningen and Adrielle Dankier © Nature’s Pride
Fred van Heyningen and Adrielle Dankier © Nature’s Pride


Maasdijk, 9 September 2020 – Nature’s Pride’s expansion has started. The official moment took place on Friday 4 September behind the current premises with all the construction team partners in attendance to watch the first pile being driven symbolically into the ground. This signals the start of Nature’s Pride’s expansion which is expected to become operational at the end of 2021.

The day before, the official moment was celebrated together with all the employees at Nature’s Pride. In an entirely ‘corona-secure’ way, the team walked to the construction site where a variety of activities were organised. Employees could inscribe their names in a number of pedestals which will be used as part of the pile driving work. This symbolises the valuable role paid by Nature’s Pride employees in supporting the entire organisation. Nature’s Pride believes that growth can only be achieved together.

Vibro piles are being used for this part of the construction process. A vibro pile is a closed off casing that is vibrated into the ground. When it has reached the right depth, the casing is filled with concrete and reinforcement and then extracted using pulling frames. This leaves behind a concrete structure that will harden in the ground.

The rising demand for the Ready-to-Eat range and the success of Apeel is driving rapid growth at Nature’s Pride. The expansion project will create more space for ripening activities and to streamline the logistics process. Advanced and extensive robotisation will also further improve the labour conditions. The warehouse will be automated and packing robots will be installed at the grading lines. Everything is focussed on creating an efficient supply chain in a sustainable environment. This will future proof the importer so it can maintain its position as a partner that combines delivery reliability with high quality produce.

All the developments relating to the new construction can be followed from now at This website posts the latest news, more information about the expansion project and introduces the construction partners.