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Trade license procedures temporarily lifted in Myanmar

Trade license procedures temporarily lifted in Myanmar © Werner Bayer Source Flickr (Public Domain)

Source: Flickr (Public Domain)


Following the coup by the Myanmar military, agricultural trade has been crippled due to country-wide peaceful protests in opposition to the military’s actions and the military’s increasingly violent response. To tackle shortages, the country’s Ministry of Commerce is waiving import and export license requirements for select agricultural commodities from March 8-April 9, 2021. While a lack of drivers to move the more than 10,000 stuck containers at a major port remains the largest single barrier to trade.

The commodities temporarily exempted from export/import license procedures include garlic, onion and fertiliser.

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Myanmar sends first watermelon shipment to Middle East

Myanmar sends first watermelon shipment to Middle East © Réussir Fruits et Légumes

© Réussir Fruits et Légumes


Myanmar has started exporting watermelons to the Middle East, with the first shipment heading for the UAE last week. Other destinations are to be added, as the country seeks to diversify its exports markets, reports the Myanmar Times.

U Naing Win, chair of the Myanmar Melon Producers and Exporters Association, said, “We have been exporting watermelons for the past 30 years and this is the first time we are engaging with the UAE. We will also be exporting to Qatar as well as Singapore soon.”

The move is intended to reduce dependence on the Chinese market. “If we are able to export regularly to Dubai, Qatar and Singapore, we won’t face such problems. The price will be more stable as these countries make orders by the container whereas watermelons are delivered to China on trucks, which are subject to customs checks and driver availability,” said Win.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, watermelon supplies have fallen in Myanmar after China shut down its borders. Watermelons can grow throughout the year in Myanmar.

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First Myanmar avocados land in UK

First Myanmar avocados land in UK


The first shipment of Myanmar’s avocados have been sent to the UK by air, according to an announcement by the Myanmar embassy in the UK. The exported avocados are of three varieties: Amara (local variety), Hass and Buccaneer. The Myanmar Fruits and Vegetables Producer and Exporter Association (MFVP) worked together with the British Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar to make the export project happen. 

The avocados were initially scheduled for export in October but transport was delayed due to COVID-19. The next phases of the trial will see six types of avocados, including those from Chin State and Pyin Oo Lwin. Preparations are being made to export more to the British market in 2021, the embassy said. Because of the entry into the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets have also shown an interest, it added.

Eighty-five percent of Myanmar avocado pears are exported to Thailand. Due to border trade disruptions since 2019, no exports have been made to China. The price per ton in the British market is around US$2000, and US$1200 in Thailand. 

Source : Myanmar Times