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This year’s medFEL likely to attract about 6,000 visitors


About 6,000 visitors are expected to attend this year’s medFEL, being held April 21-23 in Perpignan, France.

Thanks to the launch of medFEL TECH, the event now attracts representatives from the entire fruit and vegetable industry, ranging from products through to packaging, seed producers and plant breeders, and logistics and cold chain practitioners.

A powerful tool for prospecting new business, medFEL encompasses more than 35 export markets and this year its visitors are expected to include 120 VIP buyers from Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, India, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

More than 4,000 BtoB meetings will be scheduled with exhibitors.

Focus on apples

With apples taking centre stage, fruit and vegetable producers from the French regions (Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire Valley, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur etc.) and Mediterranean countries (Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Algeria, Portugal, Turkey etc.) will shine the spotlight on every type of apple available to customers.

The major apple brands, such as Blue Whale, Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée, J.M.C. Fruits, Tifanette, Vog etc., will be exhibiting their produce alongside all the other varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Key issues

The consequences of the Russian embargo and five crop forecasts (apricot, peach, melon, plum and apple) will be the focus of a programme of debates designed to appeal to the media and medFEL visitors.

Organising committee president Chantal Passat said medFEL is responding to the demand for innovation, which is a key driver of the sector’s competitiveness.

”This will help our stakeholders to maintain a strong position in export markets and meet the changing expectations of consumers,” Passat said.




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France’s MedFEL 2015 to feature new tech business gathering



Apples will be in the spotlight at next year’s MedFEL in Perpignan, the 7th edition of France’s ‘must-attend’ trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector.

To be held April 21-23 at the Parc des Expositions (Exhibition centre), MedFEL 2015 will provide a comprehensive overview of apples and forecasts for this and four other fruits (apricots, peaches, melons and plums) as part of the programme of debates.

And the event features the launch of MedFEL Tech, a business gathering for fresh produce suppliers from the Mediterranean – which will see pre-production professionals invited to exhibit for the first time – as well as discussions on the difficulties facing the fruit and vegetable sector, the consequences of the Russian embargo, and the French agrifood sector contract.

Organised by Sud de France Développement and the Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Council, MedFEL has grown consistently over the last seven years. Last year’s edition attracted 5,315 visitors (up 10% on 2013), including the F&V sector’s most important buyers, and 241 exhibitors, and was the venue for more than 4,000 BtoB meetings.


To register :

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Nicolas Cuissard  – Tel: +33 (0)1 41 86 49 03  – Email :

Press contacts:

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Tel: +33 [0] 4 99 64 29 36

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Medfel drives more international buyers

The attendance and exhibitors at Medfel 2014 which is kept in Perpignan from 13 till 15 May 2014 increased 10% with 5,315 visitors against 4,894 (in 2013). Beyond figures, the first testimonies collected in Perpignan at the end of 4,000 BtoB meetings let think that the level of the business was very good too. The debates of Medfel were also very followed and are to be found on the site of medFEL with all the European harvest forecasts.

Poland’s Tropicana a big citrus buyer
From Tropicana in Poland, board president Wojciech Guzik was visiting Medfel mainly to seek new fruit suppliers. The importer and export of fruit and vegetables said he was looking for all kinds of products but, in terms of volume, mainly oranges. Greece and Spain are currently Tropicana’s main origins for oranges, though it now also buys from Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. It sources another of its high volume imports, bananas, mainly from Colombia and Costa Rica. Supplying small local greengrocers makes up about 80% of Tropicana’s business, and 20% is sales to retailers. The company’s focus is on imports but it also exports, such as selling Polish apples to distributors in France and cauliflower in the UK.

Saudi Arabian buyers at Medel for better fruit
Several Middle East buyers like Saudi Arabian importer Moatasem A. Abuzinadah were hosted at Medfel for the second consecutive year and looking to buy fruit including stone fruit, particularly cherries, apples and citrus fruit, as well as tomatoes.
General manager of Al Moatasem Trading Corp. and acting head auctioneer at the Jeddah wholesale fruit and vegetable market, Abuzinadah said last year he did some good deals with orange and apple suppliers from Spain and Egypt while at the fair. “Medfel is even better this year, with more visitors of different nationalities, and I’m hoping to find more new suppliers.”
Indonesian retail supplier at Medfel
Apples, pears and grapes were the main fruits, and carrots and onions the vegetables Jakarta-based fresh fruit importer and distributor Hendry Sim was most interested in at Medfel. Vice director of P.T. Laris Manis Utama, a company that mainly supplies retail chains, Sim said the US is its main source, particularly for apples and grapes from California, but China is also a big supplier, particularly of pears, and it also buys from Australia and Thailand.