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Worldwide boom in organics

New method to test whether your fruit and vegetables are truly organic 

The consumption of fresh organics for healthy living is now a global phenomenon.

While consumers in Denmark, Germany or Switzerland are already accustomed to seeing organic and conventional products share shelves in their supermarkets, until a few years ago, this was unthinkable in other regions of the world. However, imports of fresh organic produce are increasing globally and gaining more followers every day.

Dubai’s Fruit Line Trading Est develops food service
and zero-waste protocol for organic produce 

Imports represent more than 90% of the firm’s business and have grown on average by 30% for the past three years. These products consist mainly of citrus, apples, pears, grapes and kiwi from the US, South America, Europe, South Africa, China and the Middle East. This year, Fruit Line Trading Est is focused more on key accounts, like supermarkets, with whom it is seeking to establish long-term strategic relationships. Jamal El Kari, Trading Est’s manager for Khat AlFakeha, said, “We have started developing our food service area which is going to grow, particularly with the new Vision for KSA 2030, which focuses on tourism. We are based in the capital of Saudi Arabia in the Fruit & Vegetables Central Wholesale Market and are looking forward to opening our branch in Jeddah City, which will capture both Jeddah and Makka and target the pilgrimage seasons as well.” In the area of sustainability, the firm has developed a food service segment that includes organic and zero-residue products. Corporate responsibility is a key value for the firm and its trading company, Khat AlFakeha.

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Nahder & Ibrahim has over 5,000 acres of bananas under cultivation

Nahder & Ibrahim, Bahrain’s leading distributor of fruit and vegetables, has been successfully developing banana operations from the Philippines. L

Bahrain’s leading distributor of fruit and vegetables has been successfully developing banana operations from the Philippines.

Launched 12 years ago, this includes production on more than 5,000 acres of its own banana plantations, as well as distribution in Asian markets like China and Japan.

Nahder & Ibrahim also supplies all of the GCC countries, as well as Iran.

“To meet the demands of a growing market for fresh fruit, especially Cavendish bananas, we established NEH Philippines in 2001 in an innovative way.

The company has since built strong relationships with its growers, partners, and customers, “which has helped us to build a reputable name in the international fruit business,” said Abu Hassan.

This article first appeared in edition 143 (May/June 2016) of Eurofresh Distribution magazine. Read more from that issue here: