Fruit Attraction 2021

Fruit Attraction 2021 incorporates new areas of Innovation, Research and Technology © Fruit Attraction

Madrid, 16 June 2021 – Fruit Attraction, a trade fair organised by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, will hold a new edition from 5 to 7 October aimed at promoting the sector’s competitiveness and growth. For this, and with the aim of promoting innovation, research, technology and digitisation as fundamental keys to future growth, Hall 5 will bring together the three solutions and services areas related to agricultural sector innovation: Biotech Attraction; Smart Agro and Smart Water&Energy.

Biotech, the great challenges of the horticultural and agricultural sectors

The fruit and vegetable sector faces major issues and challenges that will restrict its capacity for growth, development and competitiveness, such as the opportunities and future of plant biotechnology, its impact on the environment, on industry and society; new digital solutions that add value to the entire agri-food chain; the improvement of production in terms of productivity and sustainability; technological solutions to irrigation; and new developments in energy efficiency aimed at fruit and vegetable farms, among others.

Likewise, agriculture faces new challenges presented by demographic growth, which will increase demand for raw materials, by preferences in consumption, by environmental and legal aspects, and by issues related to the globalisation of the economy. Overcoming these challenges requires an increase in the efficiency (higher productivity with fewer inputs), quality (nutritional, organoleptic) and sustainability (lower environmental impact, reuse of waste, etc.) of agriculture that can only be achieved through the application of new technological developments.

The knowledge generated in applied Plant Biology offers a set of strategic technologies (development of new plant varieties, bioinformatics, genomic editing techniques, agrobiologicals for plant nutrition and protection, revaluation of waste and circular economy, new plant sources for obtaining protein, bioproducts of plant origin with industrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, plant biofactories, etc., applications that will make it possible to get to grips with global challenges (productivity, sustainability, quality) faced by the agri-food sector.

Driven by this reality, Fruit Attraction 2021, with the collaboration of BIOVEGEN, is including the plant innovation hub in its BIOTECH ATTRACTION programme, aimed at bringing together and promoting technological innovation and innovation-based business development opportunities. A new specialised area, aimed at companies dedicated to research and technological development of plant genomics.

Smart Agro, precision technological solutions

Likewise, Smart Agro will once again be the specialised space for technology solutions companies in precision agriculture, focused on showing the latest developments in management products for agri-food companies and advanced mobility and analytics solutions, promoting agro-industrial transformation.

Fruit Attraction will also have the collaboration of AgroTech ESPAÑA, which aims to encourage and create business opportunities for agrotech. To this end, different initiatives, such as ´AgroTech Tours´, will be launched, which will allow producers and other agents in the sector to be put in contact with those ‘Techs’ that propose specific solutions. In short, to generate encounters between supply and demand.

Smart Water & Energy, water and renewable technologies

Fruit Attraction incorporates, also as a novelty, Smart Water & Energy, which is oriented to water and renewable technologies in the agri-food sector. Thus, SMART WATER is a new area with the goal of addressing the technological transformation of water in horticulture for the best and most efficient use of water and to improve crop productivity.   It is aimed at professional horticultural producers, and managers and technical directors of companies that install irrigation systems and are interested in learning about new irrigation technologies. In this space, participating exhibitors will present equipment, products and services that incorporate the latest technological solutions in irrigation that are dedicated to smart water management.

In addition, renewable energy on fruit and vegetable farms is a valuable opportunity for farmers to reduce costs and emissions. SMART ENERGY was created with the aim of promoting the transformation of energy use in the sector. It is aimed at fruit and vegetable producers, agriculture and energy consultants, installation companies, engineering companies, and technicians from public bodies and administrations. Leading companies in the renewable energy sector linked to agriculture will participate in this exhibition area; suppliers of renewable energy, electricity, green hydrogen, battery storage, bioenergy, solar pumping, self-supply, financing, etc., which will showcase all the new developments in energy efficiency aimed at fruit and vegetable farms.

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IFEMA Madrid launches its leadership in digital business with a renewed brand

IFEMA Madrid launches its leadership in digital business with a renewed brand
Press Release

The presentation of the new strategy and corporate brand was attended by their Majesties the King and Queen, alongside the President of the Senate, the President of the Community of Madrid, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Mayor of Madrid, among other dignitaries, politicians and business leaders.

The company is undertaking a strategic review aimed at promoting its two main goals: digitisation and internationalisation. Its positioning in the field of sustainability and innovation, placing people at the centre, will also play an important role in this new phase.

Digital platforms and services and the hybridisation of its fairs will add 30% to current turnover over the next 3 years, adding more than 40 million euros in revenue. Thanks to the new online environments and professional communities, it is estimated that the reach and internationalisation of IFEMA’s activity will generate a 150% increase in global audiences, to reach around 25 million visitors and active users.

This new corporate identity reflects IFEMA MADRID’s determination to evolve its business model, expand and diversify its revenue streams, and generate opportunities and alliances to boost its presence in new markets, in addition to providing value and significance to the Madrid brand as one of its ambassadors.

Madrid, 13 April 2021.- IFEMA MADRID launches its new strategy and brand image in an event that took place at IFEMA’s Palacio Municipal headquarters, which was attended by their Majesties the King and Queen, alongside the President of the Senate, the President of the Community of Madrid, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the Mayor of Madrid, the President of the Assembly of Madrid, and the Government Delegate in Madrid, among other dignitaries, politicians and business leaders.

IFEMA MADRID takes a step forward to publicise the transformation process it is undergoing, and promote the key strands in its business model moving forward. A change that seeks to offer a more digital, inspirational, flexible and smart product, with the ambition of turning Madrid into an international leader in the fairs, congresses and meetings sector.

Thus, with a legacy of forty years behind it, IFEMA MADRID’s journey is now at a turning point, anticipating the demands of the digital market by developing its own platforms that will provide a huge competitive advantage in addition to expanding business opportunities for 365 days a year and breaking through physical limitations, with a view to occupying a leading position in the main international markets.

According to the president of the IFEMA MADRID Executive Committee, Jose Vicente de los Mozos, “today, no one questions the potential of digital and hybrid gatherings, which are giving way to smarter, more competitive and profitable events. They have come to satisfy a society that is changing, which, for IFEMA MADRID, means a twofold challenge: to revolutionise its business model and to lead not only in Spain but also in international markets” 

Digital business and hybridisation: more than 40 million euros

Against this background, the new strategy has a very favourable outlook. If we add the new digital business to the current face-to-face business model it will undoubtedly grow the wealth creation potential of IFEMA MADRID. The goal is that, in 3 years, 30% of income will come from the digital space, and that global audiences will increase by 150%, until professional communities exceeding 25 million people in total are being managed. These professionals will participate in smarter events that will be much more profitable for their companies. In terms of turnover, this growth from the digital space could reach an annual contribution of around 40 million euros.

In fact, embracing digitisation has made it possible to maintain a connection with companies over these past months; with the sectors represented in the fairs having, as of today, a programme that includes 16 fully digital exhibitions in 2021, and also, based on this experience, the transformation of more than 50 face-to-face fairs into hybrid exhibitions.

Added to this is the institution’s initiative in creating innovative projects worldwide, in such important areas as sustainability or healthcare, which will soon be officially presented, as well as in leading not only in Spain but also in the international markets, and, very especially, in Latin America, the main market where our companies are focussing and where the digitisation of fairs opens up great opportunities.

New corporate identity

This new momentum has coincided with a change in corporate identity, through the design and conception of a new brand that represents the values of this powerful project for the future. To this end, IFEMA MADRID has committed to a thorough renovation of its image, recognising the legacy of a brand that has been part of Madrid’s history and landscape over the last 30 years.

The new image, produced by the Brandfor agency, changes design and concept in an exercise that evokes continuous movement, the dynamism of companies and people, and innovation. It is part of and a symbol of Madrid, an international focus for the cultural avant-garde, for business and changing trends. And is inspired by the power of the transformation and strength that IFEMA brings to its communities. The development of the new image seeks to draw attention to IFEMA MADRID’s strengths through a new visual universe adapted to digital environments, which accompanies and identifies its business strategy, capable of continuing to drive its business into the future.

“Feel the inspiration” is the new claim for a brand that wants to convey a proactive and positive attitude from its leading position as a promoter of knowledge, creativity and talent, highlighting the contribution that “Living the experience” implies. A brand that wants to convey the value of IFEMA MADRID, to promote and empower people and businesses, and impact society, being a source of inspiration and innovation for its audiences thanks to its dynamism and vitality.

An open brand, capable of generating value for its customers and its audiences, capable of building solid relationships, full of energy and passion, and one that turns the essence of Madrid into an appealling focus through the wealth of its experience.

According to IFEMA MADRID’s CEO, Eduardo López-Puertas, “IFEMA’s magic lies in its ability to connect ideas and people. To generate ecosystems for innovation and development. To harmonise the intelligence, ingenuity and creativity of so many companies, people and sectors that share their talent and knowledge. A magic that we have undoubtedly embodied in the new IFEMA MADRID brand, announcing to the world our ability to continue inspiring companies and being a source of transformation”.

Bringing value to Madrid

The new IFEMA MADRID brand and the strategy that precedes it will also contribute to adding value to Madrid, both in terms of image and prestige in the international MICE market, as well as in terms of economic impact and the dynamisation of the different sectors that are directly impacted by IFEMA MADRID’s activities, which will now be substantially improved with the new business models that have now been put into operation. It should not be forgotten that, based on our figures for 2019, the last year of activity prior to COVID-19, the estimated impact stands at a little over 5.1 billion euros, representing 3.8% of the GDP of the city of Madrid, and 2.2% of the GDP of the Community of Madrid, as well as contributing 39,343 jobs.


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Director general of food industry at XIII Professional Day 5 a Day to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables 

Director general of food industry at XIII Professional Day 5 a Day to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables 

The XIII Professional Conference “5 a day” took place on March 10, sponsored by Euro Pool System Spain, Cajamar, Patatas Meléndez, Sakata Seed Ibérica and UNIQ. Fruit Attraction and Mercamadrid also collaborated. On this occasion, the event took place in a hybrid format due to the pandemic, with participants attending in person in the Mercamadrid assembly hall and via streaming through the YouTube platform.

The meeting was opened by José Miguel Herrero, general director of the food industry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Mercamadrid director David Chica, while the moderator was the president of the association, Joaquín Rey.

David Chica pointed out that Spain is to introduce a “pioneering law” on food waste this year, to give continuity to the government’s commitment to reducing the amount of food discarded. Also in alignment with this goal is the “Perfectly Imperfect” campaign, launched by 5 a day in Spain.

Raúl Calleja from Fruit Attraction confirmed that from October 5 to 7 Fruit Attraction will be held both in person and digitally. He also presented the new image of the fair, a QR code, as well as the event’s “Figital” approach, which represents a combination of the physical and the digital.

Jordi Mur, director of innovation and projects at AECOC, helped attendees explore the European Recovery Funds “NextGenerationEU” which will represent an injection for Spanish companies of more than €140,000 million, divided between loans and transfers.

This year will be key for the fruit and vegetable sector and for entities related to the production, marketing and promotion of fresh produce around the world, as it has been declared by the United Nations “The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (AIFV )”. For this reason, the event was attended by Alejandra Domper, executive secretary of 5 a day Chile and a member of the FAO International Fruits and Vegetables Steering Committee, who told us about the opportunities for the fruit and vegetable sector during this special year.

To end the day, the “5 a day” awards were presented. In addition to rewarding the commitment of entities participating in disseminating the “5 a day” message, the organisation also wanted to recognise the valuable work of all the communication media in the sector that has collaborate closely with the association every day. 

The winners this year are:

In the Children’s category: EL DULZE GROWERS, SL for its multimedia project Mundo Carakuato, which aims to promote a healthy life and the consumption of fruits and vegetables through an educational video game for mobile, web and tablet formats. The award was presented by the president of “5 a day” and collected online by Noemí Pérez from the marketing and communication department.

The award-winning entity in the Society category is the association to promote the consumption of broccoli: + BROCOLI, for its commitment to disseminating the importance of healthy habits, particularly by consuming fruits and vegetables and broccoli in particular. Receiving the Mª Ángeles Piné Award was the communication department manager Joaquín Rey.

The president also presented awards to the winners in the Disclosure category:

Photo: Pierre Escodo, editor of Eurofresh Distribution 

• AECOC, for its publication CODE 84.

• Agrifood Comunicación, for its publication QCOM.ES.

• Fruit Today, for its publication FRUIT TODAY MAGAZINE.

• Editorial Agrícola España, for its AGRICULTURE MAGAZINE.

• Horto del Poniente, for its FYH MAGAZINE.

• Infoagro System, for its publication INFOAGRO.COM.

• Lameyer, for its publication MARKET MAGAZINE.

• Publications Agricoles, for its magazine EUROFRESH DISTRIBUTION, received the award collected by editor Pierre Escodo.

• Siete Agromarketing Cultural, for its publication eCOMERCIO AGRARIO.

• Sucro, for its publication VALENCIA FRUITS.

At the end of the events, “5 a day” delivered all the fruit and vegetables used in the decoration to the Mercamadrid delegation of the Food Bank, doing its bit to help those most in need and in the fight against food waste.

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Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect to remain active and open

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect to remain active and open


LIVEConnect will remain active and open to allow the community to continue generating contacts, expanding networking, meetings, video calls and continue working with the contacts made, as well as having access to all the sectorial content.

Fruit Attraction held its first virtual edition during the month of October, bringing together the entire world fruit and vegetable community through a new and advanced technological platform: Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect.

During this first phase, Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect has become established as a community made up of almost 7,000 members, generating more than 15,000 professional contacts; 40,814 messages exchanged between professionals in the community; more than 500 meetings held within the platform, 186 video calls and 228 conferences and technical seminars.

The next in-person edition of Fruit Attraction, organised by IFEMA and FEPEX, will be held from October 5 to 7, 2021.

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Fruit Attraction 2020: a fulcrum for reconstruction and a tribute to the sector

Fruit Attraction 2015, which will be held from 28 to 30 October in halls 7, 8, 9 and 10 at Feria de Madrid, is the largest and most complete edition yet, with the participation expected of 1,000 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, up 20% on last year.

In its twelfth year, Fruit Attraction 2020 will incorporate new elements into its format with the aim of serving as a fulcrum to promote the reconstruction of international trade relations within the fruit and vegetable sector. It takes place in October, which is the key time for the sector. The confidence of the sector as a whole, and the support of the international Fruit Attraction community to speed up the recovery, has allowed the fair to have recorded an increase of 5% in registrations for participation, compared to the same dates last year.

“We have a responsibility to celebrate Fruit Attraction 2020 together. I am sure that when it closes its doors on 22 October, all the heads of the participating companies will be proud to have contributed to the reconstruction of international trade relations for the entire fruit and vegetable sector value chain. During these months of COVID-19, our agri-food sector has shown and will continue to show the community as a whole all its strengths, reaffirming itself as a strategic and fundamental sector for our social structure’s food supply and confidence”, said fair director, Raúl Calleja.

Jorge Brotons, president of Fepex and the Organising Committee for Fruit Attraction, said: “We continue to work towards October, in a scenario of a return to a certain normality, because we need to see each other’s faces and work to help companies continue selling and growing. Fruit Attraction will be a great tribute to and recognition of all the professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector who have been working intensively in the field, in maintaining supplies, in the factories, in logistics, in distribution, in marketing, in warehouses, and at the points of sale around the world during these months of confinement and uncertainty”.

IFEMA and the Community of Madrid have agreed to dismantle in May the Emergency Hospital that its facilities are currently hosting, as will happen with the resource made available to the homeless. This will allow the maintenance projects and investments scheduled for the summer months to be carried out, ensuring the infrastructure is in optimal condition to resume activity in September.

The new provisions that IFEMA will implement in the coming months include services such as a thermal solution for measuring body temperature that will be incorporated to help monitor people accessing the site.

Aware of the uncertainty, but in a context of having to generate commercial sourcing and supply opportunities to match international fruit and vegetable supply and demand, accompany companies in the new investment scenario and minimise the risks associated with participating in Fruit Attraction, work is already under way on a new format in which the “functionality and commercial utility intrinsic to the fair” will be enhanced. It will probably be less social in order to preserve attendees’ health and safety (access management and capacity limits, temperature monitoring, hygiene-sanitary measures, etc.). This means moving away from grouping many visitors together and toward an event model that focuses on buying and selling processes and presenting new developments, innovations and know-how for this new market and consumption scenario. Three days during which the industry comes together to generate and develop commercial relationships in a mixed face-to-face and digital format, enhancing the quality of the buyer profile. Three days of international buying and selling, supply agreements, campaign planning, news, face-to-face and virtual forums and debates,  all taking advantage of IFEMA’s 5G technology.

Fruit Attraction will be held at a time when visitors from many countries will be able to attend the event in person and others will participate digitally through a new B2B-eMeeting service (30-45 minute video calls on a platform available for smartphones and laptops), with prearranged or spontaneous agendas between exhibiting companies and buyers from all over the world that are part of the entire Fruit Attraction digital community. This will enable the fair to put forward new value streams for customers who are unable to attend.

The intense specialised programme of congresses, conferences, debates, company presentations, etc. covering the entire value chain will also take place in a mixed format, and will begin virtually with the “VIRTUAL FRUIT FORUM” on 14 October, for the entire Fruit Attraction international community. There will then be daily digital events with high-value content up until the start of Fruit Attraction on 20 October, when the on-site events will begin, including the BIOFRUIT CONGRESS that will be held on the 22 October.

All the conference spaces, common areas, working areas and the layout of the fair are designed and planned to comply with all the social and hygienic protocols set by the authorities, with capacity control and management systems, temperature monitoring, etc. ensuring the health and safety of everyone attending the event, who will previously receive a Post Covid-19 Behavioural Recommendations Guide.

Optimising costs, minimising risks and simplifying setting up the stands for the participating companies will be another of the strategic pillars of Fruit Attraction 2020. It will make two types of modular customisable stands available, Basic and Premium, that are all inclusive and include 3 Premium WIFI connections, to effectively manage video calls with participating remote buyers. This service is also included for all exhibitors participating with custom designed stands.

The online Participating Companies Directory will play a leading role, since it will be essential for identifying companies, products, news, contacts, agenda and eMeeting services, etc. for all those visitors who cannot attend the event in person.

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Madrid’s IFEMA prepares for reopening with rigorous safety protocols

The Madrid trade fair institution IFEMA, home to the world-famous Fruit Attraction expo, is preparing to resume its normal activity in September, having been temporarily converted into a hospital to care for those affected by the COVID-19 virus. To guarantee the safety of exhibitors, visitors, suppliers and employees, it is adopting a series of measures that range from access control and social distancing to the prevention of high concentrations of people, to increased hygiene measures. All protocols are based on criteria defined by health authorities and the main national and international public and sectoral organisations.

IFEMA aims to maximise protection in order to recover the strategic role of fairs and congresses to help companies to revive their businesses and contribute to the reconstruction of the economy. It is establishing mechanisms that guarantee and monitor everything related to the field of safety, control and preservation of health, as well as hygiene, quality and environmental safety of facilities. In addition, there will be greater control of gauging and constant monitoring of human trafficking for the prevention of high concentration and social distancing.

A “contactless no hands” policy has been adopted during all production, celebration and dismantling processes of its events and for all users of the venue. Moreover, a new procedure has been set up for the preventive management of human and vehicle traffic, while telemetric counters have been installed for people entering and leaving to allow real-time control of attendance levels. Protective partitions have been installed in spaces where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, and the use of masks will be mandatory.


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Spaniards flock to new AliExpress store in Madrid

Spaniards flock to new AliExpress store in Madrid


Asian online retail giant AliExpress has opened its first outlet in Europe, in Madrid’s Intu Xanadú shopping centre. This represents a great success not only for AliExpress, but also for the mall’s other retail brands. The opening on Sunday 25th August led to a 500% increase in visitors to the shopping centre compared to the same day in 2018. The high level of excitement continued throughout the first week. According to a report published by TC Group Solutions, pedestrian traffic at the shopping centre increased by 40.3% per day on average during the first week of business and a 42.77% increase in the number of entries to nearby institutions. The main reasons for this high level of interest are the opening of the store during the summer months and the more than 8 million monthly customers that AliExpress has in Spain.


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Many new features at Fruit Attraction 2015

Fruit Attraction 2015, which will be held from 28 to 30 October in halls 7, 8, 9 and 10 at Feria de Madrid, is the largest and most complete edition yet, with the participation expected of 1,000 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, up 20% on last year.

Fruit Attraction 2015, which will be held from 28 to 30 October in halls 7, 8, 9 and 10 at Feria de Madrid, is the largest and most complete edition yet, with the participation expected of 1,000 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, up 20% on last year, and 32,000 m2 of net exhibition space, 18% more than the last edition. Yet again production will be the most represented segment, with 70% of the offerings at Fruit Attraction.

The presence of the main fruit and vegetable producing regions in Spain – including Aragon, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castile and León, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia, Extremadura, La Rioja and Navarra  – makes Fruit Attraction a top platform for sales and business and gives visitors a chance to discover a huge range of content and cutting-edge products, as well as the most innovative systems in the industry. Participants will also hail from companies in European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK. There will also be companies from Argentina, Brazil (which has significantly increased its presence), Chile, Mexico, Peru, the US and, for the first time, Nicaragua.

New features this year include a new exhibition area, the Organic Hub, dedicated to companies trading in organic fruit and vegetable products. Also, the suppliers area has been reorganised into a production area and distribution area to help professional visitors find the best suppliers to distribute their products in optimum conditions, and at Tech4Fruits they will discover solutions and technological innovations to improve productivity and production quality.

Complementing the fair’s trade activity, an extensive programme of events is on offer, spanning technical workshops, conferences and parallel activities covering a wide variety of topics. Also, organised by FEPEX, the 1st Persimmon Conference, Kaki Attraction, takes place on Wednesday the 28th covering issues relating to the production and marketing of this fruit. The 2nd Stone Fruit Attraction. on Thursday the 29th, aims to showcase Spanish stone fruit production, highlighting the diversity and variety of the offerings which make Spain the only Northern Hemisphere country able to supply all international markets for six months (April to November). Another of the initiatives is Pasarela Innova, an area dedicated to new products, varieties and brands.

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