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A large number of international participants at Macfrut 2018


One in four exhibitors will be from abroad, exceeding the target of 1,500 buyers, with the presence of the world’s leading retail chains and European importers of tropical fruits. The result will be an increasingly international Macfrut 2018 (Rimini, 9-11 May).

Many new countries will be present, including several new entries from Africa: in addition to Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tunisia and Egypt, which have confirmed their participation again this year, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique will make their debut at Macfrut; from South and Central America there will be representatives of the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia – this year’s Partner Country – and China will be present with about 20 companies.

One of the highlights will be the presence of the world’s leading distribution chains, such as Rewe (from Germany), Edeka, Spar (from Austria), Jerónimo Martins (from Portugal), Biedronka (from Poland), Carrefour Romania, Lulu Hypermarket from the UAE, and many other chains.

Finally, exhibitors will have the opportunity to interact and meet more than 1,500 global buyers through the B2B platform made available to them. Buyers, opinion leaders and decision makers will also be present, in particular from China, Eastern Europe, India and Russia. Thanks to the first edition of the Tropical Fruit Congress, Macfrut will also be attended by major importers of tropical fruits from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK and by the managers of leading distribution chains in Italy.

The support of ICE-Agenzia for promotion abroad and the internationalisation of Italian companies and the support of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration, aimed in particular at incoming Chinese buyers, played an essential role in the internationalisation process.

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Macfrut 2018, an international convention on the European peach and nectarine market

Macfrut 2018

European producers, emerging Mediterranean countries and large-scale retailers will meet to discuss one of the top fruit and vegetable products of the summer

With its production of peaches and nectarines of approximately 1,360,000 tonnes, Italy is now a leading European producer in the sector along with Spain. Consequently, a convention on peaches and nectarines will be held on the occasion of the 35th edition of Macfrut, to be held in Rimini from 9 to 11 May, promoted by the Macfrut trade fair and CSO Italy. On 9 May, the opening day of Macfrut, the European production forecasts for 2018 will be presented at a meeting with experts in the sector from leading producer countries in Europe – first and foremost Italy, Spain and Greece – and from emerging countries in the Mediterranean basin, with the participation of European large-scale retailers.

According to the data collected by CSO Italy, if we take a look at European production from 2000 to the present day, especially in the years marked by major crises in the industry, such as in the 2004-2005 period, it is evident that the production of peaches, clingstone peaches and nectarines in Europe had reached 4 million tonnes. Later, the European supply averaged around 3.6 million tonnes, with lows of 3.4 million tonnes, such as in 2016. As far as the Italian supply is concerned, the production of peaches for fresh consumption was +10% compared to 2016, at approximately 590,000 tonnes, whereas clingstone peaches showed +24% at almost 85,000 tonnes and +5% was recorded for nectarines at about 690,000 tonnes. Following the trend of the other major producing countries in Europe, production in Spain increased by 9%, France showed +3%, whereas Greece recorded a high percentage increase of +53% compared to its particularly poor production in 2016. In all major European countries, the expected supply for 2017 exceeded the previous year’s production by 16%.

This year, for the first time since 2007, the production of peaches, nectarines and clingstone peaches reached 3.9 million tonnes, of which peaches and nectarines alone were equal to 3 million tonnes against 2.9 million tonnes in previous years. Spain played a major role in this rise: after producing a maximum capacity of about 1.2 million tonnes, it is now capable of producing 1.5 million tonnes. In fact, this significant increase is continuing, especially for doughnut peaches, which account for 50% of total production in Spain. By contrast, in Italy the supply has dropped from 1.7 million tonnes to about 1.3 million tonnes due to the widespread removal of plants over the years, mainly in northern regions.

This is the issue at the heart of the recent peach crisis that has affected all of Europe.

Along with the increase in production in Europe, which leads to an imbalance between supply and demand, in the years when production is approaching its full potential, other factors are contributing to the crisis in this market: major unbundling of supply, high production costs, new competitors entering the market, competitive new products on the market and the ongoing Russian embargo. Last but not least, the economic problems linked to climate change, which for products such as peaches and nectarines – not intended to have a long shelf life – can significantly affect market trends.

All these themes will be discussed at the convention to be held at the Macfrut event, which will focus on current production trends in 2018. The availability of forecast data prior to harvesting is essential to peach production so that any necessary corrective measures can then be implemented.

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Asia & Middle East featured this Wednesday 10th at Macfrut by Eurofresh Distribution conference, May 10th

Key industry leaders from China, India and the UAE to give their visions and recommendations, May 10th 14H40 in Rimini.

Key industry leaders from China, India and the UAE to give their visions and recommendations, May 10th 14H40 in Rimini.

Organized by EUROFRESH DISTRIBUTION magazine and MACFRUT expo on May 10th in the afternoon, the aim of the conference is to debate market opportunities, constraints and recommendations for a better “value chain” with the Middle East and Asian markets. Leading importers, retailers and experts in e-commerce are invited from the UAE, India and China. They will explain the latest consumer and market trends in their countries, with their analyses of the opportunities given by the different distribution channels:

1/ “Market overview, distribution channels and growing trends” by EUROFRESH DISTRIBUTION editor, Pierre Escodo.

2/ “Premium produce, a rising demand in the Gulf” by DANUBE SUPERMARKETS (BIN DAWOOD) head of procurement, Ahmed Ali.

3/ “Raising standards and driving new customers in the UAE” by Elite Agro LLC purchase manager, James Varghese.

4/ “Indian market reality and opportunities” by Suri Agro Fresh Jt. Managing Director, Hitin Suri.

5/ “Market access, the next doors to be opened”, by CSO market expert, Simona Rubbi.

6/ “China retail, priority and growth with imported brands” by CR VANGUARD head of perishables procurement, Mike Li.

7/ “The new Asian distribution channels; how to approach them” by FRUTA CLOUD manager George Liu.

8/ “Online & Offline, New retail phenomenon in China” by HEMA SUPERMARKET (ALIBABA) head of procurement, Paul Sheh.

9/ “Best Channels for Fresh Food and using KOLs to your full advantage”” by ARCTIC SOLUTIONS CEO Bjorn vd Veen.

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At Macfrut the spotlight is on strawberries

The symbol of rebirth of the Italian fresh produce industry and representative fruit of spring will be the star of the "Strawberry Days"

The symbol of rebirth of the Italian fresh produce industry and representative fruit of spring will be the star of the “Strawberry Days”, a series of initiatives to be held from 7 to 13 May in holiday resorts in the Romagna Riviera in conjunction with the international fruit and vegetable trade fair

With 150,000 tonnes produced every year, strawberries have become the symbol of rebirth of the Italian fruit and vegetable industry, of the Romagna region and of its agricultural tradition, as well as the fruit that represents the hospitality of Romagna’s tourist resorts. This is why Macfrut, which this year will be held in the spring from 10 to 12 May in Rimini, in conjunction with the start of the tourist season, has dedicated a special initiative to this fruit called “Strawberry Days”: a fringe event including initiatives, tasting sessions, exhibitions, promotions and a music contest dedicated to strawberries, to be held between Cesena and Rimini from 7 to 13 May. The whole initiative will be accompanied by music, with two tribute evenings to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever, during which the best Italian Beatles Bands will perform, with themed merchandising, vinyl records and vintage items.
In Italy, strawberry production is concentrated in specific regions such as Basilicata, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont. With its unique geographical characteristics, Italy can now produce strawberries in several months of the year – grown in Sicily and in other areas in the south of Italy starting from January – up to full production in May. In Emilia-Romagna, but not only, strawberries are grown using integrated production techniques, with low environmental impact and always more frequently with organic farming. Basilicata, the main strawberry-growing region in Italy, will be the Partner Region of Macfrut 2017 and, for the occasion, will organise a tour that will offer participants the opportunity to visit some of the most dynamic fruit and vegetable producers in the Metapontino area, as well as Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019. 

“Strawberry Days is the result of a team effort, created in a short time by bringing together public and private parties, merging agricultural and tourism aspects”, says Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera. “We have chosen strawberries for several reasons: it is the symbolic fruit of the 2017 edition of Macfrut and, in 2020, Rimini will host a major international strawberry symposium that is expected to attract 1,000 researchers from all over the world. Strawberries also symbolise the revival of fruit and vegetables, previously in decline but now intensively produced by investing in high quality”.  
The “Strawberry Days” initiative has been created with the aim to combine tourism, territory and agriculture with entertainment, vacation and well-being, and strawberries, which more than any other fruit recall an image of freshness and of spring awakening, are the ideal ingredients to create this bond. Exhibitions, events, tasting sessions and promotions in more than 100 major retail outlets will be organised in many tourist resorts in Romagna. The whole initiative will also be filled with music, with various tributes to the Beatles, the historic English band that, 50 years ago, issued the legendary song “Strawberry Fields Forever”, which will serve as the soundtrack to the event.
“Promoting a territory is worthwhile if done in an integrated manner and connecting different sectors: tourism, food and wine, agriculture,” says Simona Caselli, Councillor for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration. “Macfrut is not only a trade fair, but also a platform for promoting healthy lifestyles. Strawberry Days goes in this direction, especially in a tourism-friendly city like Rimini. There is a growing interest in fruit and vegetables, also thanks to the great attention to healthy eating: now is the ideal time to promote the sector. Our producers have invested in quality and are focusing on internationalisation: the results are there for all to see.” 
Our hope is that the Strawberry Days initiative will contribute to promoting this wholesome fruit with excellent organoleptic qualities, as well as the land that produces it. Strawberry Days is created by Macfrut in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Regional Administration, APT Servizi Emilia Romagna, under the patronage of the Municipalities of Cesena and Rimini and with the participation of seven sponsor companies: Almaverde Bio, Bestack, CPR System, Infia, Coop Sole, Solarelli and Valfrutta.

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Macfrut’s trip to Colombia

Macfrut is strengthening its cooperation with Colombia. Colombian traders are particularly interested in the technologies.

Macfrut is strengthening its cooperation with Colombia, one of the major fruit and vegetable producing countries in Latin America. In the last few days, a delegation of the international event organised by Cesena Fiera, to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre from 10 to 12 May 2017, was received by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Colombia, Juan Pablo Pineda Azuero. The deputy minister and a group of Colombian entrepreneurs and sector organisations that attended the presentation of Macfrut 2017 in Bogotá expressed their interest in cooperating, as well as great appreciation for the previews of the 34th edition.

In 2016, a group of Colombian entrepreneurs had attended Macfrut with a positive outcome, thus encouraging other companies to join. In fact, this year, twenty companies from the South American country will participate in the trade fair and ten of them will have their own exhibition area.

Colombia’s participation will be coordinated by Adriana Senior Mojica, President of CCI, a public-private organisation that promotes agriculture, with financial and organisational support from Procolombia.

Colombian traders are particularly interested in the technologies that will be showcased at Macfrut and in the opportunity to expand their business.

The peace process initiated in Colombia after decades of guerrilla war between the government and the FARC militia should strongly encourage the development of the country’s economy and, in particular, of the fruit and vegetable sector.

After the meetings held in Bogotá, the delegation headed by the President of Macfrut, Renzo Piraccini, which also includes Mauro Camicia of IILA (the Italo-Latin American Institute) and Enrico Turoni (President of Cermac, a consortium of companies in the fruit and vegetable sector), presented Macfrut 2017 to entrepreneurs coming from the important area of ​​Medellín.

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Macfrut launches fresh programme for 2017

The 2016 edition of Macfrut ended with remarkable record numbers, cementing the Italian show as an international produce showcase. Macfrut organiser Cesena Fiera is launching a fresh programme for 2017.

Cesena Fiera celebrated Macfrut in September in Rimini with more than 38,000 participants, 9% more than in 2015, and 30% from abroad.

Macfrut president Renzo Piraccini said the 2016 edition saw a significant number of professional visitors from Eastern Europe, Central and South America and Africa.

As the organiser of this international fruit and vegetable sector trade fair, Cesena Fiera is already preparing the 2017 edition, to be held May 10-12 at the Rimini Expo Centre with a focus on building business relationships and international trade.

The fair will have a re-branded, fresh agenda in 2017:

– The strawberry is taking centre stage at Macfrut 2017 as the symbol of the trade show and the emblem of “Strawberry Days”, a series of activities on the theme of strawberries organised in partnership with leading Italian strawberry producers.

– Macfrut welcomes Basilicata, the main strawberry production area in Italy, as a regional partner of the show.

– China sponsors the fair as a country partner. The Asian giant, today a key overseas market for Italian kiwifruit and a major buyer of technology, is projected to become an increasingly strategic market for Italian and European fresh produce.

– Macfrut Bio makes its debut in 2017 with a focus on organic produce and export opportunities to northern European markets.

– Macfrut Gourmet will be an area of the trade show dedicated to artisan fresh produce growers and processors supplying the highest quality products to retailers and specialised shops.

– “Macfrut in the field” brings visitors from the pavilions to some specific test fields on the day before the trade show starts (9 May). This new addition to the programme will showcase the latest technology in a series of field demonstrations.

Green Export: exporting 100% Italian products

Green Export is an Italian company that exports fresh fruit and vegetables. Its products are mainly from the south of Italy, such as grapes, early peaches and nectarines, and it is developing vegetables such as parsley, dill, spring onions and horseradish.

Green Export’s products go directly to the customer at the greatest speed, with Scandinavia and Switzerland the company’s core markets.

Sales manager Jan Schmidt highlighted that the company’s product portfolio mix is 10% organic and 90% conventional. “The organic section has been getting very strong recently, so we expect to raise our rates next year,” Schmidt said.

Global procurement at Macfrut

The Spanish company Fruit Outsourcing Procurement exhibited its comprehensive services at Macfrut, proposing them for big fresh fruit and vegetable producers in the Southern Hemisphere and Europe. Currently, the company is presenting the Arguta kiwi, a small kiwi weighing 125g with a soft, fine skin and sweeter taste.

Although it is still being introduced, it promises to be a great sensation in 2017, since production will increase by 60% in both Italy and Portugal, where it is already on trial.

“These are products that began production three years ago. The company sells in Spain, Portugal, France and the Middle East,” said Pablo Beneite, an independent agent and manager of Fruit Outsourcing Procurement.

Government of San Juan fosters investment in fresh produce

The Argentine Ministry of Production and Economic Development strongly backs fruit and vegetable development in the province of San Juan. This province’s fruit and vegetable production is growing year by year for both fresh consumption or processed.

The need to add value to local fruit production, fostered by the availability of high-quality raw material, a qualified workforce, the availability of soil with exceptional properties, all make the province of San Juan a land of investment opportunities.

“With ideal agro-ecological conditions in the province, we are working to position ourselves as leaders in grapes. Moreover, San Juan is an excellent exporter of white garlic, onions and squash.” said Marisa Fernández, subdirector of the Investment Agency.

Municipality of Villa Regina opens to the world market

The Municipality of Villa Regina belongs to the province of Rio Negro in Patagonia, Argentina. The most significant economy of the city and the region is based on growing fruit trees, with apple and pear trees among the most important.

Villa Regina’s iconic fruit is the Williams pear and all varieties of apple. There are a total of approximately 8,000 ha with an export level of 80% for processed pears and 60% for apples.

Its main market is Europe, with Italy and Rotterdam the main distribution and consumption centres.

“The remaining percentage is for national consumption, much of it for industry, canning and making concentrated juice,” said Villa Regina’s Daniel Fioretti.

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Macfrut returns to Rimini in May 2017

Strawberries will be the main star at Macfrut 2017, which takes place May 10-12 in Rimini, Italy.

Strawberries will be the main star at Macfrut 2017, which takes place May 10-12 in Rimini, Italy.

The event Strawberry Days – being held In partnership with leading Italian strawberry producers – will be one of the features of the show.

Other recently announced highlights of Macfrut 2017 include the debut of an organic section, in response to the ongoing growth of this segment in various European countries. Italy is a leading organic fruit and vegetable supplier and intends to focus on this sector to re-launch its exports in North European markets.

Among other new features, the next edition will boast the first Macfrut Gourmet – an area dedicated to artisan businesses in the field of top-quality fruit processing for modern distribution and specialised retail – and also Macfrut in the Field.

The latter is an initiative scheduled to be held May 9, on the eve of the trade fair, and will involve a demonstration of cutting-edge technology in the field.

Italy’s leading strawberry-growing region, Basilicata, will be the partner region for Macfrut 2017, and China the partner country.

Macfrut 2016 drew more than 38,000 participants

The 2016 edition of Macfrut, also held at the held at the Rimini Expo Centre, attracted more than 38,000 participants, up 9% on 2015 and with 30% more participants from abroad.

Macfrut president Renzo Piraccini said there was a significant number of foreign professional visitors from Eastern Europe, Central and South America and Africa.

Cesena Fiera is the organiser of this annual international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector.

source: Macfrut ends successfully and will be held again in May 2017

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Mac Fruit Attraction to spread its span to South America, Asia

Mac Fruit Attraction organisers have decided to relaunch Mac Fruit Attraction, expanding the project to another two strategic areas for the sector: South America and Asia.

From the first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction – held in Cairo May 4-7 –  sprang new ideas to further internationalise Macfrut.

In a press release, the Mac Fruit Attraction organisers said firstly, it was decided to relaunch Mac Fruit Attraction, expanding the project to another two strategic areas for the sector: South America and Asia.

Secondly, there was a commitment for the event to confirm itself as a driving force for developing the entire supply chain as part of the internationalisation process.

And thirdly, to send a message to European and international institutions that the fruit and vegetable sector can significantly contribute to the development of African countries and of the Middle East.

Specifically, it can improve the living conditions of its inhabitants, thus reducing migration flows to Europe. If Italian companies in the supply chain cooperate, they can play a key role in this process. Many countries in this area have now become important markets for European and Italian fruit and vegetable produce, the release said.

“This is all supported by data,” said Cesena Fiera president Renzo Piraccini. “The improvements made in the cultivation, storage and processing techniques of agricultural products, especially fruit and vegetables, are the quickest and perhaps safest way of developing the economy of African countries, creating new jobs and improving the living conditions of its inhabitants and, as a result, reducing migration flows to Europe.”

“The Mac Fruit Attraction project, with Feria de Madrid, focuses on three development areas,” Piraccini said, “namely, North Africa, South America and Asia. After this first edition, the attention will likely turn to the other two areas of the world, always in collaboration with a partner linked to the local area in order to promote and organise the event, as in this case with IFP.”

“In view of our participation in other international events, we want to become a means for coordinating our presence along with that of other companies in this sector,” he said.

Feria de Madrid president Raul Calleja said consideration had long been given to implementing the international platform for the fruit and vegetable sector, something achieved with Macfrut. “Today, we need to have a global view of the industry, and Mac Fruit Attraction is heading in this direction.”

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Macfrut ‘increasingly international’

The increasingly international Macfrut trade fair attracted major foreign delegations and will now be followed by the new Mac Fruit Attraction event in Egypt in May.

The first edition of the “new phase” of Macfrut, held September 23-25 at the Rimini Expo Centre, ended on a high note.

The trade fair of the Italian fruit and vegetable sector drew 39,000 people – the highest attendance the event, organised by Cesena Fiera, has achieved in 32 years.

In addition to the growing numbers, the change in Macfrut can also be seen in the type of visitors attending. One in five exhibitors was from abroad, illustrating its international appeal, and the overall number of exhibitors and event surface area have also increased.

Cesena Fiera president Renzo Piraccini and Rimini Fiera president Lorenzo Cagnoni expressed their satisfaction with the outcome. “This outstanding result proves what we can achieve if the supply chain works together,” Piraccini said.

“This is the beginning of a new phase that will make Macfrut become a world-leading trade fair. In May 2016, we will be in Cairo together with Fruit Attraction to host the first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction,” he said.

source: Macfrut press release



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Record figures at 32nd edition of Macfrut

The 32nd edition of Macfrut has officially opened, with exhibitors increasing to 1,000 plus 30 delegations from abroad and 350 buyers attending.

The official inauguration of the 32nd edition of Macfrut, organised by Cesena Fiera and hosted at the Rimini Expo Centre for the first time, has taken place with exhibitors increasing to 1,000 plus 30 delegations from abroad and 350 buyers attending

These numbers were provided by Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera, on Wednesday 23 September, the opening day of the trade fair. “Things are looking good thanks to plenty of positive signs. The preview event of the Macfrut 3.2 edition raised huge interest with 8,000 participants. This year, the number of exhibitors has risen from 800 to more than 1,000, and one out of five is from abroad, representing 30 foreign countries. A total of 350 buyers will be attending the event and the exhibition area has increased from 20,000 square metres of the previous edition to 33,000 square metres at the Rimini Expo Centre. This year, we expect Macfrut to be the greatest so far. And this is thanks to our many partners, above all Unicredit, which agreed to join us, and the administrators who understood the importance and future-oriented approach of this project.” Piraccini then presented some figures regarding the fruit and vegetable sector. “Exports have increased by 10% on last year and, after several years of crisis, household consumption of fruit and vegetables seems to be growing steadily (+3%). With regard to exports, the fruit and vegetable sector ranks in second place, preceded only by the wine industry. I believe that we can work at a global level in this industry to promote Italian products. We need more drive and a pragmatic approach but we are capable of this.”

The ribbon was cut by Andrea Olivero, the Italian Deputy Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, who thanked all the organisers for facing a bold challenge with Macfrut. “A partnership between Cesena and Rimini, showing great courage and far-sightedness,” Deputy Minister Andrea Olivero said, “is certainly the path to take in order to be competitive and keep up with the times. In recent years, important work has also been carried out in the field of innovation, paying attention to quality and promoting consumption. Moreover, the new feature added this year, namely, the organisation of show cooking initiatives featuring renowned chefs, plays a crucial role in showing the world the importance of our Mediterranean diet.”

“In early 2015, things started well for the agricultural sector,” the deputy minister continued, “yet there is a lot more work to be done.” We need to improve some of the phytosanitary barriers, increase the aggregation of production, and focus especially on logistics. High energy costs are heavily affecting some of our businesses. Together with Europe, we need to make all our resources available, so that Italy can play its part in the international market.”

“We always need to think big, never small,” said Paolo De Castro, chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, “and the steps taken by the two trade fairs, Cesena and Rimini, in order to implement this new edition, are actual proof of this.”

Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of Rimini Fiera, pointed out that “Macfrut is the result of a synergic collaboration, a successful example of two areas working together in harmony.” “Unfortunately, in the past,” Cagnoni continued, “Italian trade fairs have sometimes been affected by unfair competition and tensions.” This edition of Macfrut offers an innovative feature, and we hope that it can set an example throughout Italy.”

The two mayors of Cesena and Rimini, Paolo Lucchi and Andrea Gnassi, also took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and gave a speech. Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini, stressed the fact that, if the Romagna region gets together as a team, we can achieve anything. Yet, in order to do this, we must have the strength to act differently, since only in this way can we become far-sighted. “Instead of concentrating on our own area,” Gnassi said, “Lucchi and I decided to analyse both situations in order to understand what is going on in the world. Our region has never feared internationalisation, therefore we must work together to offer the best features we have.”

Paolo Lucchi, while thanking Domenico Scarpellini, former President of Cesena Fiera, for his contribution to the trade fair and for leaving it in a positive situation, pointed out that the choice of moving the event to Rimini was made together with local companies. “We understood that the fruit and vegetable sector was becoming increasingly ambitious,” Lucchi explained, “so there were two options: either we joined forces to face new challenges or we would risk being held back. Hence, we set aside our own centred interests, as we are also doing in many other sectors (water, health, transport and the Chamber of Commerce) in order to start this collaboration process with Rimini. The Romagna region must become our strength, like a widespread metropolitan city that shows the rest of the world the best we have to offer. Only in this way will we be able to face future challenges.”

Domenico Scarpellini, the former President of Cesena Fiera, Tiberio Rabboni, the former Commissioner for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna region, and the representatives of the Dominican Republic, a guest of honour at Macfrut, also took to the stage: they all received acknowledgement for their deep commitment and work for Macfrut over the years.

source: Macfrut