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SuperValu remains Ireland’s largest grocery retailer


The latest supermarket share figures from Kantar Worldpanel show SuperValu remains Ireland’s largest grocery retailer as Christmas approaches. 

Based on data for the 12 weeks ending 6 December, SuperValu held a 24.7% share of Ireland’s grocery market, while Tesco remained in second place with a 24.1% share.   

Kantar Worldpanel director David Berry said it hasn’t been all plain sailing for SuperValu. “Over the past six months the retailer has seen falling shopper numbers, but in the past 12 weeks it has managed to get that issue under control. This has allowed SuperValu to strengthen its position at the top, posting impressive sales growth of 3.7% and increasing its share of the grocery market to 24.7%. Alongside a strong performance in its traditional heartland – fruit and vegetables – the grocer also posted excellent sales in confectionery, crisps and snacks and soft drinks during the past quarter,” he said.

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Grocery sales up in Ireland

Kantar Worldpanel says Ireland’s grocery market is improving and shoppers visiting supermarkets more often and putting more in their baskets.

The Irish retail landscape remains challenging despite growth as retailers battle hard to hold on to shoppers post-Christmas, reports Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland.

After a strong performance at Christmas, Irish grocery market sales were up 1.2% for the 12 weeks ending February 1.

Kantar Worldpanel consumer insight director Georgieann Harrington said there are clear signs Ireland’s grocery market is improving along with the overall economy. “Shoppers are taking advantage of lower grocery prices by visiting the supermarkets more often and putting more in their baskets when they go. On average, consumers increased their grocery spending by €5 in the latest period,” she said.

“The battle for shoppers will continue well into 2015 and this will create more value for Irish households as retailers go head to head.”

Kantar Worldpanel’s latest supermarket share rankings – for the 12 weeks ending February 1 – were:

  1. Tesco: has maintained its market-leading position, holding just over a quarter of the market, though its sales are down 2.1% on the same time last year;

  2. SuperValu: continues to grow and now holds just under a quarter share of the market;

  3. Dunnes: with a 23.8% share, has seen its basket spend increase by 3% to just over €35 and its sales growth of 1.7% made it the best performing supermarket;

  4. Aldi: has an 8% share and has also continued to perform well, achieving 11.5% sales growth as its shoppers spend more on each visit;

  5. Lidl: with 7.4% continued its strong performance with 12.5% sales growth and shoppers visiting its stores more often. Three in five Irish households shopped in either Lidl or Aldi in the previous 12 weeks.

Kantar Ireland rankings.png

Data to February 1, 2015 (source: Kantar Worldpanel)

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Expansion in Ireland’s prepared fruit and vegetable market



Growth in the fruit and vegetable convenience category is highlighted in a recent article from Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board.

Horticulture Division Manager Mike Neary writes that Kantar Worldpanel market research values Ireland’s prepared fruit and vegetable sales at €84 million at the retail point.

The growth in the prepared fruit and vegetable category in the retail market in recent years is evidence of the important role that convenience plays in the purchase decisions of households, he said.

According to Kantar, since 2008 the volume of sales in this category has grown 8%. “One of the drivers of this trend is the number of households that are now purchasing from this category, which has reached over 92% of all households. This is a 1.5% increase since 2012. The purchase frequency is 24 times per annum,” Neary said.

Fruit salad products performing the strongest

Private label products dominate the prepared fruit and vegetable category, with a 77% market share. Key lines in this category include vegetables, fruit, leafy salads, mixed tray salads and chilled salads, with the latter accounting for two fifths of the volume sales. However, in the last year it was fruit salad products that performed the strongest.

Neary said the Kantar research also showed people in the ‘pre- family’ stage are more likely to buy mixed tray salads, while retired shoppers are more likely to buy prepared fruit.

Prepared fruit & veg market benefits from convenience trend