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Syngenta’s hot peppers to make Indian processors life easier

Syngenta’s hot peppers to make Indian processors life easier


Indian Hot pepper market has seen a significant growth by involvement of Hot Pepper Processors from 2008, who raised the opportunity in hot pepper market by starting processing and exporting across the countries.

To compete in Global market, processors were in search of a product which can improve the produce quality and reduce the cost of processing. Poor quality of extracts, complex blending process to get desired quality and high wastage in older varieties available  in the market were pushing processors in search for good and consistent quality product.

 Hot pepper Syngenta variety HPH 5531 is the solution supplied to highly demanding processing industry

Its unique features:

  • High red Color value with good pungency reduces the cost of blending
  • High oil content increases purity of the extracts thereby reducing overall processing cost
  • Quick drying nature helps to reduce toxin accumulation during post-harvest.

HPH5531 is the quality benchmark in the red dry Hot pepper market.

Higher yields & preferential buying with premium price makes HPH 5531 more reliable & trusted variety among growers from last 10 years.

HPH5531 is catering the needs of each & every member in the value chain offering the consumer market best in class final product.

With annual production of ~100 000 MT, HPH 5531, with ideal red dry fruit quality is the favorite brand among Hot pepper Processors.

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