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Explore Hazera’s latest product range during online Experience Days

Explore Hazera's latest product range during online Experience Days


22-24 Sept. 2020 – Hazera have enjoyed welcoming customers to their annual open days for many years, but this year, owing to the current Covid-19 situation, Hazera will offer a unique three-day, digital programme. This being organised in close cooperation with the company HM.Clause.

During this digital event, they will show and discuss their latest product range, on 22-24 September 2020, from 9 a.m. Go to

Onion – High yield, high quality!

In the onion portfolio, they are presenting a newest variety 37-222. This is an extra long day red onion with the golden combination of very high yield and high quality suitable for long storage. A newest yellow onion in the long day segment is 37-117 and it has an excellent bulb and storage quality, with firmness and high yield potential.

Power to the leeks

New to their existing leek portfolio they present a new yield booster 33-2580. This highly productive hybrid combines an attractive dark green leaf with an excellent, uniform yield positioned for late summer and autumn harvest.

Brassicas – Reliable quality in a changing environment

The environment and consumer preferences change continuously and Hazera’s breeding offers solutions to these varying market needs with their new and established varieties. Join to discuss how they create value.


Rendera is the latest variety from the high tech tomato breeding programme. It is an early cluster tomato, up to 14 days earlier than the reference varieties. It has beautiful, healthy green parts and has a great storability.
Sensera is a new, innovative and tasteful cluster tomato with an attractive red color. It’s the only tomato with natural handle, which means less plastic and packaging is needed.  

Watermelons – Quality all the way

Through offering solutions in size ranges to both growers and shippers, retailers can offer excellent watermelons of convenient sizes according to the market needs. Varieties such as Lynx have already set a new standard for the consumer: a small sweet and crunchy watermelon that brings excellent eating qualities from long distance and keeps well in the fridge.

We will feature solutions to the grower with a New Generation of Quality aiming for healthy crops with a new pipeline of watermelons.


HM.Clause will present an assortment of their best crops, including broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and several tomato specialties.

The broccoli range will be highlighted with Babilon, a main season hybrid with uniform maturity for concentrated harves. It has firm heads with a nice dome shape.

In tomato they have a very broad breeding program, adapted to meet the requirements of dedicated growers, supply and consumers in large parts of the world. This season they will  highlight Diletto, their new Albenga type. This variety produces an excellent yield and has a very good tolerance to Blossom End Rot.

The new Nantaise variety Polydor, a Priam type, will be presented. This variety shows great qualities for storage, slicing and direct sales to fresh markets from end of July onwards. It combines smooth skin with very strong roots and the healthy foliage is a benefit for organic production.

HM.Clause is proud to showcase the diversity of their brassica breeding innovations. In white cauliflower new variety HMC33833 brings an early season option with excellent curd quality and strong performance in hot conditions. In the Romanesco range they bring high-quality, attractive curds in a variety of colours.
The newest innovation is HMC33919 bringing an ORANGE Romanesco to the market. With a strong adaptability and high quality color and curd – it is in high demand from growers, retailers, and consumers. 

From this year, HM.CLAUSE offers their customer corn salad seeds treated with a biofungicide (Mycostop®). One of the advantages of this agent is not to generate residues while having a good efficiency against pathogenic fungi. This innovative process contributes to the implementation of good practices at the grower level for a sustainable agriculture and more respectful of the environment.

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Clause’s Genio, Creativo, Dolcetini cherry tomatoes meet the challenges facing food retailing

Clause’s Genio, Creativo, Dolcetini cherry tomatoes meet the challenges facing food retailing
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Valence, May 6th. 2020 – The current crisis has greatly impacted how often consumers visit food retails but also how they shop there.    

Against this background food retailers must adapt their offer to control supply and avoid food waste. A real challenge for the fruit and vegetables section. A better range of varieties will help foster what’s on offer and increase the attractiveness of the section.

Ideal shelf-life, a must have for the food chain

Genio, Creativo & Dolcetini. These three cherry tomatoes varieties are champions in the CLAUSE cherry range, and they can be available in the fruit and vegetable section all year round. Thanks to the adaptability of their supply and their ideal shelf life, they also meet consumer expectation, who want more than anything else tomatoes with taste.

“Our task is to provide varieties that can be appreciated by all links in the chain; therefore, we actively collaborate with everyone so that the client can receive products with good organoleptic qualities and premium quality and taste, which are what the final consumer demands.” Manuel Ferrer – HM.CLAUSE Food Chain Specialist explains.

HM.CLAUSE, a major player in tomatoes

Behind the brand name CLAUSE is the HM.CLAUSE company, expert in the breeding of tomato varieties for over 80 years. HM.CLAUSE is the leader in cherry tomato seeds in Spain, Italy and Morocco. A team of breeders is dedicated to the cherry program, with numerous research trials in all three countries aiming at breeding varieties adapted to its vegetable producing customers.



In parallel, HM.CLAUSE remains attentive to the needs of food retailers and consumers. Consumption of cherry tomatoes grows steadily in Europe, which is no surprise considering modern consumer behavior: ease of preparation, less food waste, healthy snacking and – cherry (tomato) on the cake – children love them!

In other product segments, such as round, beef or elongated tomatoes, HM.CLAUSE drives its variety breeding programs towards an association of optimum shelf-life and excellence in organoleptic quality.

Among recent product launches, it is worth mentioning Harrison, Kabrera and Badira tomatoes as they perfectly meet the requirements of both food retailing and consumers.

  • Harrison was launched in 2019 in Spain: “Harrison tomatoes are ovoid in shape, intensely red and have the perfect firmness. In addition to a great shelf-life it also displays a high brix. Size, firmness, color and taste all meet into Harrison!” Manuel FERRER – HM.CLAUSE Food Chain Specialist explains.
  • Kabrera, a round fleshy type, was launched both in Spain and in Italy: “Kabrera is a genuine revolution in the “beef tomato” segment. Its fruit are large, full and fleshy; they handle manipulations well and have a long shelf life while offering excellent taste qualities!” Giovanni CANINO – HM.CLAUSE Regional Development Manager in Sicily tells.
  • Badira, a round shaped type tomato produced in Morocco, has an excellent firmness and ideal shelf-life. “The additional assets of Badira are caliber homogeneity and persistent round shape. It can be available all year round.” Mohamed CHARI, Specialist Tomato Morocco at HM.CLAUSE, adds.


Click here to watch our video on the 3 Clause champions: Genio, Creativo & Dolcetini:


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HM.CLAUSE leads the fight against Rough Tomato Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)

HM.CLAUSE leads the fight against Rough Tomato Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)

Due to the appearance and rapid spread of the Rugged Virus of Tomato Fruit (ToBRFV), HM.CLAUSE IBÉRICA organised a technical conference in Almeria last Thursday, May 30, attended by more than 250 technicians from the main producing areas of tomato under protected cultivation (Almería, Granada, Murcia). The main topics addressed were identification, awareness, and prevention.

During the day, members of the HM.CLAUSE IBÉRICA team presented research and documentation that it proposes worldwide, explaining the main symptoms, ways of prevention and different lines of work that are already in place.

Due to the mechanical transmission of this virus and its ease of infection, prophylactic measures play a key role in prevention, measures which HM.CLAUSE IBERICA detailed concisely during this day. Attendees were made aware of the importance of adequate prophylaxis during field work, described in detail in a distributed manual. This manual consists of a small guide that describes the main symptoms of this virus, as well as a series of recommendations to prevent its appearance through prophylaxis.

This virus has been detected in tomato-producing countries such as Jordan, Turkey, Mexico or Italy; however, its presence in Spain has not yet been identified, according to official sources.


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HM Clause creates tomatoes to conquer new markets

HM Clause launches this season of the cherry tomato varieties Saborini and Astuto, as well as a ‘unique’ variety of Marmande tomato

Saborini and Astuto: the new tastes of HM Clause

HM Clause continues to pursue a policy of innovation in all its crops, especially the tomato. In so doing, the firm strives to supply varieties that will be up to the standards demanded by farmers and the major markets. Proof of their intent is the launch this season of the cherry tomato varieties Saborini and Astuto, as well as a ‘unique’ variety of Marmande tomato that the firm will present at Fruit Logistica. Saborini is a round cherry tomato, picked individually, (recoleccion en suelto), noted for the regularity of its size throughout the cycle (25-30 mm in diameter), for its high yield, its great consistency and its durability. Saborini is one of HM Clause’s “superflavour” varieties with its high Brix content, intense red colouring, and rounded form. This variety is suited to long cycles and offers the farmer a good yield. Another of HM Clause’s “superflavour” cherry tomatoes is Astuto. This round cherry variety can be picked individually or in a truss. It is admired for its high quality, its good yield, and the flavour deriving from its high levels of sugar concentration throughout the cycle. Last in HM Clause’s range of great-tasting cherry tomatoes is Flavoriti, a pear cherry tomato that can be picked both singly and in a truss thanks to its very robust stalk (raquis). With these varieties, HM Clause nails its colours to the mast and makes clear its pledge to “invest in flavour for today’s cherry market,” said Manuel Ruiz, the firm’s development and marketing coordinator.

A unique tomato presented at FL Berlin

Meanwhile, HM Clause uses the opportunity of the Berlin fair to continue promoting its new type of Marmande tomato. For the time being, this ‘unique tomato’” is being marketed exclusively by Casi, Agrupalmería, Biosabor and La Palma, with the latter two supplying the product organically. With this innovative tomato, the firm aims to create a new brand which consumers will associate with high quality. Manuel Ruiz said, “The tomato will be labelled with a sticker and will have to pass an auditing process both in the field and with the supplier to guarantee it complies with well-defined quality norms. The aim is for the customer to be able to identify the product in the supermarket and buy it safe in the knowledge that they are getting great quality.

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Cutting-edge melon innovations at HM.Clause


The leading player in melon breeding once again hosted a special melon event in Murcia in early July, well attended by major melon European traders.  The event also provided an excellent platform for exchanging views about market expectations and consumer trends. Some varieties in particular garnered significant interest from the visitors. Among them is Karman, a LSL Charentais variety well-known for its attractive looks and great taste – but also the 2014 novelty Soliman, which retains Karman’s best qualities, but is better adapted for the earlier slot thanks to its larger fruit size. The LSL Galia range also caught our visitors’ eye.  At the top of the list was Capoeira, a reliable melon increasing in the overseas season, especially in Brazil – not forgetting Lambada for Murcia, which produces high marketable yield of attractive, sweet melons. SAPHIR, a unique variety, was also much appreciated by melon lovers and gourmets.