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Greentech: The world’s leading horticultural technology show

Greentech: The world’s leading horticultural technology show

If you are seeking to learn about cutting-edge topics and gain an in-depth look at the technology of the future to make informed investment decisions, GreenTech Amsterdam is an event for you. Greentech will be held on 20-22 October 2020 in RAI Amsterdam. As in 2019, when there were visitors from 114 countries, around half of the exhibitors in 2020 will be from countries other than the Netherlands. The top three exhibiting countries outside the Netherlands are China, France and the US. Mariska Dreschler, director of horticulture at GreenTech, said, “Horticulture is of critical importance for global food safety and security. Efficient and sustainable cultivation is therefore a necessity. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face.” Experience horticulture solutions first-hand, and join inspiring knowledge session at GreenTech Amsterdam!

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GreenTech announces nominees for Innovation Awards 2019

GreenTech announces nominees for Innovation Awards 2019

Exhibitors at the GreenTech exposition to be held in Amsterdam next month submitted 50 innovations for the GreenTech Innovation Awards 2019. This number represents an increase from last year’s edition and shows the enormous developments in the horticultural sector. The winners will be announced during the official opening of GreenTech on Tuesday 11 June 2019.

An expert jury selected 18 nominees from all entries in four categories namely ‘Innovation’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Impact’ and ‘Concept’. All the entries for the awards will be part of the GreenTech Innovation Route. The nominees for the Innovation Awards will be showcased at the InnovationLAB.

Nominations per category

Category: GreenTech Innovation Award 2019

    Autonomous crop management – Delphy B.V.

    ISO Bulb Planting Machine – ISO Group

    Koppert scout-app – Koppert Biological Systems

    Rubion – Octinion

    Ridder CO2 Optimizer – Ridder

Category: GreenTech Sustainability Award 2019

    Hortinergy – Climate modelling and analysis – Agrithermic

    Growfoam – Foamplant

    Hortiled Top 120v19 – Hortilux Schréder

    EcoExpert – Modiform

    Ridder NoNa+ – Ridder

Category: GreenTech Impact Award 2019

    SuprimAir Greenhouse – Certhon

    VA Grow Vertical Farm – KE GrowAir BV + Orange Climate Agri

    Ridder Co-Creation Climate Screens – Ridder

Category: GreenTech Concept Award 2019

    Phycotrone – MEG – Augmented Photobiology

    The Fiberglas Greenhouse Roof – Bordeso BV

    Medical Grow Rolling Container – Bosman Van Zaal

    Nexus with E-meta Intelligence – Van der Ende Groep

    e-Gro – Grodan – Part of the ROCKWOOL Group

For further information about the Innovation Awards please visit


The jury of the GreenTech Innovation Awards 2019 consists of:

    Deputy chairman: Harm Maters, AVAG (Netherlands)

    Silke Hemming, Wageningen University & Research (Germany)

    Peter Zwinkels, Tecknokas (Netherlands)

    Mark Durno, Rockstart (United Kingdom)

    Perry van Adrichem, Horti-Tech B.V. (Netherlands)

    Wolfgang Steiner, Gemüsebau Steiner GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

The jury’s advisory committee consists of:

    Enrico Verhoef, United Farms (Mexico)

    Roger Abbenhuis, Onder Glas/In Greenhouses (Netherlands)

    Heinrich Dressler, Gärtnerbörse (Germany)

    Brian Sparks, Greenhouse Grower (USA)

    Leonardo Capitano, Vivai Capitanio (Italy)

Further information and registration

Interested in the GreenTech? Please visit for more information and registration. Registration is free of charge until 3 June. After 3 June the online registration fee will be €40 including VAT per person, and €70 including VAT at the entrance desk.

About GreenTech

GreenTech brings people and technology together to increase growth, productivity, sustainability, inspiration and pleasure in horticulture. We do this because we believe that improvement and innovation in horticulture will contribute to the wellbeing for people. GreenTech takes place at RAI Amsterdam. The GreenTech Tradeshow – with 470 exhibitors from the horticulture technology sector and an estimated 11,000 visitors from all over the world – will take place from 11 – 13 June.

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GreenTech 2019 addresses crop production challenges

GreenTech 2019 will feature an all new knowledge programme which will take place on 11, 12 and 13 June at RAI Amsterdam. With this programme the international horticulture industry gets answers on how to optimize crop production and discover the latest technological innovations.

GreenTech will address challenges for growers worldwide with more than 80 sessions in three theatres which are developed in close collaboration with Delphy and Wageningen University. Sjaak Bakker, Manager Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University and Research, says: “Knowledge development, application and sharing with entrepreneurs will be highlighted during the GreenTech. During the knowledge programme, together with other stake holders and GreenTech exhibitors, Wageningen University will give a series of presentations on the latest developments in the sector on how to optimize your crop production. Do not miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge”.

A glimpse of what to expect

GreenTech, FarmTech and Agritecture are working together on a knowledge session for the vertical- and indoor farming segment. This is a growing market in the horticulture industry with high-tech innovations and rapid developments.

Anticipating in the growth of the Medicinal Cannabis industry, a session dedicated to Medicinal Cannabis will take place. Medicinal Cannabis attracts a lot of growers and investors. This session will be organised together with PhytoNext, Hoban Law Group and International Hemp Solutions.

Other horticulture experts will discuss relevant topics like organic greenhouse growing, the use of Artificial Technology for greenhouse production, autonomous greenhouse management but also water efficiency, energy efficiency, LED lighting strategies, greenhouse heating without fossil energy, climate control, human capital, robotics, organic crop production, biological crop control without chemicals and precision horticulture. Find out more about the knowledge programme and planning on

Free registration for GreenTech until 3 June

Visitors can register free of charge until 3 June on After 3 June the online registration fee will be €40 including VAT per person, and €70 including VAT at the entrance desk.


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GreenTech Summit’s theme revealed!

GreenTech Summit’s theme revealed!

GreenTech will open its doors for the fourth time at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, and this year from 11 – 13 June, the theme of the summit will be:

‘Autonomous technology – a formula to accelerate business, professional horticulture beyond the green thumb’.

The summit will be on 12 June, the second day of the trade show. The trade show is a must visit for all horticulture and other indoor growing professionals worldwide and presents the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving industry. 95% of all the available exhibition space has been booked. This shows the immense interest of connecting with professionals and sharing knowledge about the horticulture technology.

What to expect at GreenTech 2019: Extensive knowledge programme

Visitors to GreenTech will have the opportunity to meet at least 470 exhibitors. Among these exhibitors are all the mayor greenhouse builders including the Dutch market leaders and innovators, the front runners in the horticulture technology sector and some of the biggest seed companies. Besides that we have 4 dedicated pavilions in Vertical/ Indoor Growing, Precision Horticulture, Medicinal Cannabis and Organic. In these pavilions the providers of the latest technological solutions, for these sectors, come together.

At GreenTech you can find a wide variety of growers in vegetables, fruit & flowers, horticulture investors and governments from all over the world. This year we will have 3 theatres: ‘Food & Flowers in Greenhouses’, ‘Climate, Water and Energy’, and ‘Trends and Innovations’, where more than 80 sessions will be organised on what’s happening in the world of horticulture.

Special attention at this year’s edition

This year’s edition will focus on artificial intelligence and autonomous technology for greenhouses. Special attention will be given to organic, indoor farming and to growing media (substrates, peat, etc.). This year will also feature an area for medicinal cannabis farming. Next to that it will be possible to visit world’s leading vegetables and seed breeders in their own demonstration areas in close distance to Amsterdam. Also pot and bedding plant breeders will show their newest varieties during the FlowerTrials, which will run parallel to GreenTech 2019.

GreenTech Summit 2019 theme

Mariska Dreschler, Director Horticulture of RAI Amsterdam: “There is a big demand for successful horticultural entrepreneurs, but this line of business is unfortunately still very scarce. Horticulture is dependent on location, infrastructure, specialist skills, ‘green fingers’ (the green thumb) and the availability of labor. Developments in autonomous technology create opportunities to reduce dependencies in horticulture and increase flexibility in the industry. Therefor we have chosen for this theme: ‘Autonomous technology – a formula to accelerate business, professional horticulture beyond the green thumb’.“

During the GreenTech Summit 2019 on 12 June (afternoon/evening), industry leaders will get insights into current and future developments in autonomous green technology and a status update on progress towards the greenhouse of the future. These leaders will have the opportunity to be inspired by the shipping industry that faces challenges that are similar to their own, but are different from their visions and perspectives.

More information on attending the GreenTech Summit 2019 will be shared with pre- registered visitors.

The GreenTech Innovation Awards

GreenTech has asked the industry to share their latest innovations. Every entry will then be assessed by an expert jury. The winners in 4 categories (Innovation, Sustainability, Impact and Concept) will be announced during the official opening of GreenTech, Tuesday 11 June.

Free registration for GreenTech until 3 June

Visitors can register free of charge until 3 June on After 3 June the online registration fee will be €40 including VAT per person, and €70 including VAT at the entrance desk.

About GreenTech

GreenTech is the global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face. All Dutch front runners, greenhouse builders and suppliers are present.

Last year a total of 10,465 professionals from 112 countries visited GreenTech. More than half the visitors came from outside the Netherlands and the number of multinational companies increased. More information via or follow

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APR Greenhouses & Technology – 35 years’ experience in providing solutions

Novedades Agrícolas is currently the Spanish company in this sector with the greatest international presence, thanks to its export division, APR Greenhouses & Technology.

Novedades Agrícolas is currently the Spanish company in this sector with the greatest international presence, thanks to its export division, APR Greenhouses & Technology.

The company has nine subsidiaries, in Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, France, Germany and Portugal, as well as 18 distributors, in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central America and South America.

The company’s sales are growing year by year thanks to its entry into new markets and the quality of its service.

“Our experience enables us to prepare a full technical study in order to adapt each case to the characteristics of the crop, soil and climate, as well as to our clients’ needs, so we can optimise the resources and always offer the best results in production,” said export manager for Europe and Asia Pascual Miralles.

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Grupo Armando Alvarez launches more flexible system

The Armando Alvarez group is adding a new product to its order list – Flex Alvatank, a flexible system that can accumulate quantities from 1-500 cubic metres of any liquid.


The Armando Alvarez group is known as a manufacturer of high quality plastics, both rigid and flexible, for covering greenhouses, as well as of mulches for soil-grown crops and soil disinfection films, among others.

And now it is adding a new product to its order list.

“We are currently launching our Flex Alvatank, a more flexible system that can accumulate any quantity from 1 to 500 cubic metres of any liquid,” said José Herrera from export sales.

Grupo Armando Alvarez exports to over 90 countries, spanning South and North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and has annual revenue of €700 million. 


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GreenTech 2016: A unique blend of exhibition, trials and networking

GreenTech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology in RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

GreenTech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology in RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With over 350 international exhibitors including all the market leaders, GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticulture chain and production issues relevant to growers of flowers and vegetables. 

An unmissable event 

Knowledge is power they say, and ensuring that knowledge and best practice is shared, is one of the driving forces behind the show. By visiting Amsterdam, you join horticulture industry professionals from around the world zooming in on all the technologies required for producing crops throughout the horticulture chain. GreenTech turns the spotlight on innovations as well as proven-in-practice products, applications and solutions. All the technologies related to modern plant production will be on display, from seed to tomato or rose, ensuring professional flower and vegetable growers as well as manufacturers and suppliers from around the world gather in Amsterdam.

The perfect time

GreenTech is organised in the second week of June. During this week a range of interesting parallel events are available, including the Flower Trials and Vegetables Trials. Held in close proximity to Amsterdam, the mix of trials and other technical excursions provide genuine added value to international professionals. After all, where and when else is there such a great opportunity to see a world of new and proven techniques under one roof, while also viewing them live in various professional, high-tech greenhouses?

Themes that matter

Based upon close consultation with the horticulture and floriculture sectors, the organisers of GreenTech Amsterdam have established four connected themes for the event: Crops, Water, Energy and Biobased. Next to that the show includes a Vertical Farming Pavilion and Demo area for heavy equipment and machinery.

Come to GreenTech and join the horticulture community:

  • Explore the best horticulture technologies worldwide
  • Discover a world of innovation and new products
  • Meet cutting edge greenhouse builders and suppliers
  • Watch the latest trends on crop optimization
  • Be inspired by four sustainable themes: Water – Energy – Biobased – Crops
  • Gain a years’ worth of knowledge in one visit
  • Combine a visit with live showcases by top breeders and suppliers
  • Expand your network in the horticulture world
  • Visit the exciting city of Amsterdam
  • Join free by subscribing to our enewsletter:

Register now to secure a free entrance ticket to GreenTech 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Please use code GRT810001 to ensure free registration. For more information and registration, please visit

Save the date: 14-15-16 June 2016

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GreenTech to reward innovation and excellence

Innovation and excellence will be rewarded at GreenTech. The Innovation Award is now open for entries.

Entries are now open for the GreenTech Innovation Award, which recognises Innovation and excellence.

All exhibitors are invited to submit their most innovative concepts, products and technologies for consideration by completing the online application by April 1.

The award will be judged by an independent, international jury and the winners announced on the first day of GreenTech – Tuesday June 14.

For the second time, the judging will take place under the inspiring leadership of Aalt Dijkhuizen – former President and Chairman of Wageningen University and Research Centre. Dijkhuizen has been appointed by the Dutch government as President Dutch Topsector agriculture & Food. “Global food security poses an unprecedented challenge to human ingenuity. This requires new knowledge and technology,”  Dijkhuizen said. “The Green Tech Innovation Award puts the best examples centre stage. As chairman of the jury , I therefore urge you to submit your innovation with us and compete for this prestigious award.”

The award nominees and winner will enjoy high profile attention on the show floor and full press coverage in the global media. The nominees will be presented in the InnovationLAB, especially designed to be an inspiring environment where pioneering products and other revolutionary ideas are presented and discussed by exhibitors and visitors alike, and where knowledge and experiences in the field of horticulture innovation are shared freely. In this futuristic setting, the nominated products will be in the spotlight.

“Knowledge and innovation are the cornerstones of GreenTech”, said GreenTech manager Mariska Dreschler. “A visit to GreenTech offers you a view on the future and can have significant impact on any business,” she said.

With water becoming scarcer and more polluted every day, innovation is crucial for sustainability, which is why GreenTech will continue to support the AMREF Flying Doctors by donating the registration fees of the Innovation Award.

Free entrance by preregistering
All horticulture professionals can visit the GreenTech trade show taking place 14-15-16 June 2016 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Entrance to GreenTech is free for professionals in the industry, provided they preregister online before the show via

GreenTech is the global meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture technology. It focuses on the early stages of the horticulture chain and production issues relevant to growers. The GreenTech trade show, being held June 14-16, is organised by and will take place at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

source: Call for innovations