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Global Fruit Point: Regular Demeter Pome Fruit Program from Argentina

Global Fruit Point: Regular Demeter Pome Fruit Program from Argentina
Press release & foto by: Stock Global Fruit Point GmbH  

Last week Global Fruit Point successfully renewed its organic audit, which also included an update of the Demeter certification.

What began in March last year with the first arrival of William’s pears at the port of Rotterdam has developed into a regular program with biodynamic pome fruit from Argentina. By now, Global Fruit Point commercializes Demeter certified pears of the varieties William’s, Red Bartlett, Packham’s, Abate Fetel, Beurré Giffard, D’Anjou, and Forelle. For apples, the product range comprises Royal Gala, Cripps Pink, Pinova, Fuji, Braeburn and Granny Smith.

Up to now, the company has concentrated on apples and pears from the Río Negro region which are sourced through Patagonian Fruits Trade. Thies Claussen, QA manager of Global Fruit Point: “Thanks to our long-standing partnership we could build on the existing trustful relationship, and so it was only a logical consequence to extend our cooperation to Demeter products”.

With the Demeter program, Global Fruit Point is following the demands of the market, as there is an increasing interest in fruit that not only meets the minimum requirements of the EU Organic Regulation, but also the much stricter standards of growers’ associations such as Demeter.

For the time being Global Fruit Point’s biodynamic offer is limited to an exclusive range of Demeter apples and pears – although an extension to other products at a later date is not excluded.

About Global Fruit Point GmbH:

Global Fruit Point GmbH, based in Buxtehude near Hamburg, specialises in the direct import of fresh fruit from overseas, both from conventional and organic cultivation. Among the most important products are grapes, apples, pears, stone fruits and citrus fruits, but also berries, melons, avocados, mangoes, pineapples, and pomegranates. The company attaches particular importance to a close partnership with the producers and the absolute traceability of all products, which is why all producers are GlobalG.A.P. certified.

Global Fruit Point supplies food retailers and wholesalers in Germany and Europe with quality products directly from the port. An own branch in Rotterdam ensures professional quality control upon arrival of the goods and before loading to the customer. Modern handling structures in Rotterdam and Hamburg guarantee smooth logistics throughout Europe as well as the highest food safety and quality standards.