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Fyffes recognised for Fairtrade contribution


This year marks 30 years since Mexican coffee producers decided to advocate for better trade conditions to reduce their dependencies on charity and off-farm activities, creating the basis for what is today the Fairtrade Movement. At a celebratory event titled “Fairtrade: Thirty Years Creating Value with Producers Worldwide” held in San Jose, Costa Rica, key actors were recognised for their contribution to the movement. One such player was Fyffes, in the Trader Category, which was awarded a prize for its fundamental role in developing fairtrade practices. Fyffes is the largest Fairtrade Banana buyer and committed to balanced purchases from small producer organisations and plantations. This award follows another that the Ireland-based company received in April for its Sur Agrícola de Honduras (Suragroh) melon operation in Honduras, which received Fair Trade certification from Fair Trade USA. “Fyffes is honoured to have received this important award from CLAC during the Fairtrade International General Assembly,” said David McCann, chairman of Fyffes Limited. “This is another recognition of Fyffes commitment to maintaining fairtrade and sustainable business practices, including supporting small producers who are important contributors to economic development in their communities.”

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Fyffes flags price rises to offset currency fluctuations

Fyffes has delivered a positive performance in the early months of 2015, with profits in the year to date in line with expectations

Dubin-based tropìcal fruit group Fyffes plc says it will continue to pursue “necessary increases in selling prices in all markets” as a response to the significant strengthening of the US Dollar against the Euro and Sterling.

In a stock exchange notice, the importer and distributor of products including bananas, pineapples and melons also said it had delivered a positive performance in the early months of 2015, with profits in the year to date in line with expectations. Fyffes said it is maintaining the following target earnings range for 2015:

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According to a Fyffes plc presentation at its AGM on April 30, Fyffes is Europe’s number one for banana sales and number one in the US for melons.

Fyffes market position.png

The presentation also shows Fyfess grows all of the melons it sells, about 65% of the pineapples and about 7% of the bananas.

Fyffes overview of operations.png

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Fyffes plc April 30, 2015 announcement
Fyffes plc presentation at its Annual General Meeting 30 April 2015