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Frutas Escrig, renowned for its quality


Frutas Escrig has spent the last 40 years dedicating itself to the marketing and distribution of fresh fruit to wholesalers. Specializing in oranges, clementines, melons and watermelons Frutas Escrig has increased its own production by 10% over the past year. This family firm which has facilities of 7000m2 in Faura near Valencia has shops in Madrid and Barcelona and with its top quality brand Escrig gourmet doing well in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany as well as in Canada and Brazil, Frutas Escrig has launched its new “La Sofia” brand as yet another top quality brand to join Escrig Gourmet and Escrig Hermanos which are already two of the most renowned citrus brands in Europe. Last year 28,000 tonnes of produce were sold of which 40% were oranges, 30% mandarins, 15% watermelons, 10% melons and 5% lemons and kaki persimmons. There was an increase in exports of lemons to France, oranges to Holland and blood oranges to Europe in general. Frutas Escrig will continue to import Orri clementines from Israel as well as oranges from Southern Hemisphere in their continuing quest to provide customers with citrus fruit all year round, inclusive from Peru.