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Agro Mashov 2019

Agro Mashov 2019

Where will a medium sized watermelon be unveiled? Agriculture run from a smartphone?

And delegations from all over the world, including a Palestinian delegation, that will come to do business?

There is no farmer, CEO of a seed company or anyone else dealing in agriculture who can’t miss participating in the Agro Mashov 2019 Exhibition.

Agro Mashov is considered the leading platform for anyone interested in viewing, up close and personal, the latest developments in the field, both from Israel and from around the world.

Furthermore, professional conferences will be held within the ambit of the Exhibition.

For example, a bell pepper conference will be held, which will review the situation and attempt to propose solutions for growers and those involved in the field.

Another conference will deal in the field of cannabis.

The objective of the conference is to transfer professional knowledge and to provide tools for an industry estimated by the Government to be worth 100 billion Shekels per annum with an economic potential of exporting 4 billion Shekels in value per annum.

The conference will be opened with a speech by the Minister of Agriculture and new technologies in the field, ways of financing, etc., will be discussed.

Another professional conference that will be held is “Avocado is King”. At this conference, the future trends and forecasts will be discussed, as will the marketing potential in Asia, the Ministry of Economics leverage and also how the avocado industry is perceived by marketers in Israel.

As stated, many seed companies will attend and will exhibit, inter alia, a medium sized watermelon and a sweet yellow watermelon named Emoji. Other companies will exhibit new cherry tomatoes, long bell peppers, cherry tomatoes containing a particularly high quantity of Lycopene, etc. Additionally, pest control companies will exhibit, at the conference, natural pest control solutions, etc.

Delegations from all over the world are expected to attend the conference, as well as a delegation from the Palestinian Authority which will include close to 300 people coming to examine business opportunities.

Haim Alush, the founder and CEO of Ago Mashov 2019 states: “The Agro Mashov Conference puts agriculture on the map and exhibits the multiple strata of which agriculture consists. Each year anew we see how agriculture is being streamlined and improved and how new and interesting technologies are introduced into the industry.”

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New and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables in Fresh Agromashov

דלעת כחולה- קרדיט יחצ אוריגן

A retrospective Fresh-Agro exhibition, to be held at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds at the end of June, will present a wide range of new and unique varieties of fruits and vegetables that will soon reach the success of all of us. So what’s new this summer in the fruit bowl?
‘Origene Seeds’ will present the unique development of all that was released this year – the Blue Pumpkin. It is unique in the color of the gray-green shell, and is suitable for cooking and soups. It also has a strong taste (a regular pumpkin has almost no taste without spices), and it excels in a long shelf life.
In the exhibition you can also watch a special type of watermelon. Further to the development of a charming watermelon, weighing up to 10 kilograms, and the little watermelon Anna, the newest species came to the medium-sized, 6-kilogram Hoya for relatively small families.
You will also find a brand new and refreshing Melon called ‘fresh dew’. Its uniqueness – high sweetness and long shelf life. The color of his shell is gray and white, and its cover is green, unlike the normal orange float.
‘Hazera’ company will introduce a new Aromato cucumber: a high quality Japanese cucumber, nigis and tasty, and something new and interesting – Dora’s tomato, which peels easily with a peeler, just like a cucumber or carrot. The DORA is a large and uniform egg-shaped tomato (rome), very smooth, bright red and with an unusually high lycopene. Another new development of the company – Angel Hotel, pineapple type, tasty and very sweet.
‘Zeraim Gedera Syngenta’ will introduce a new type of watermelon known as sweet dawn, which will provide fruit before the summer begins, and a new and unique pepper species, resistant to small soil worms that attack the roots of the bush.
Haim Allouche said about all the new products that: “We are excited every year to re-offer the new fruits and vegetables in the market. We believe in Israeli agriculture and want to empower it. We invite the general public to come and participate in the exhibition and hear from industry leaders how to reach agricultural solutions and see the latest developments in the field. Come to see the Israeli agriculture industry as a model and we are here to show this model”.

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Israel’s Fresh AgroMashov starts June 28

Fresh AgroMashov, Israel, is an international exhibition attracting the world's leading players in the marketing of fresh agricultural produce.

The next edition of the Israeli agricultural showcase Fresh AgroMashov takes place June 28-29.

The location for this event – and one of the secrets to its success – is the rendezvous point of Asia, Europe and Africa – Tel-Aviv, specifically at the Israel Fairs & Conventions Centre.

Promising a vibrant mix of conference and exhibition elements, Fresh AgroMashov 2016 is expected to double the number of presenting companies and visitors.

This year the focus will be on the leading players in the marketing of fresh agricultural produce.

“The increasing quality of life in Eastern Europe and the Far East offers fascinating new marketing opportunities and channels for growers and marketers of fresh produce worldwide. The exhibition for marketing of fresh produce – Fresh AgroMashov – is one of the pivotal international meetings in the world of dynamic trade in agriculture,” the event organisers said in a press release.

“The existing Western European market is supplemented by new Eastern markets that are changing the rules of the game in the area of agricultural produce marketing. Following the rise in quality of life in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, India and China, Eastern Europe and Asia, (they) have become important destinations in the marketing of agricultural goods.

“These developments were paralleled by a decrease in the purchasing power of Western European countries that were considered as major consumption players, forcing growers and marketers to acknowledge and accept the new rules of the game in terms of new major players in this dynamic market.

“Both the new and old players will be our guests at this year’s international Fresh AgroMashov exhibition,” they said.

Important topics attracting presenters and visitors to this edition of the Fresh AgroMashov international exhibition are those of taste and health. These important factors for modern consumers will also be addressed at the exhibition’s central symposium.

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