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Positive year expected to New Zealand kiwi

Concerns over how to market bumper New Zealand kiwi crop 

With New Zealand’s kiwi harvest due to start soon, and run from early February to early April, a good crop is expected, according to the NZ Kiwiberry Grower Association. Thanks to favourable growing conditions, a good sized and good quality crop is anticipated. Export volume for this season is estimated at 240,000 kg, similar to the last campaign. The fruit is exported worldwide and enjoys great appreciation on the global stage. The main varieties grown in New Zealand are Tahi, Marju Red and Takaka.

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Spanish citrus set for sharp fall in 2017/18

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Estimates for Spain’s citrus crop production for the 2017-18 campaign point to a general decline in output for all crops. The reduction in output is expected to be especially marked in tangerine group, where the fall is estimated at 16.1%, mainly due to the decline in satsumas (-29.7%) and clementine (-18.7%). Likewise, smaller reductions are forecast for orange (-10.6%), lemon (-8.8%) and grapefruit (-5.8%).

Forecast for Spain’s citrus production in 2017/2018 season

Source: Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture