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Gulfood holds webinar event to discuss future of sector

Gulfood holds webinar event to discuss future of sector

With international expositions and conferences currently suspended due to the pandemic, Gulfood is offering a virtual webinar to keep industry professionals informed. On Wednesday April 29th at 15.00 UAE time, there will be a free to join 1 hour webinar focusing on whether our supply chains can cope with the current quarantine conditions.

During the 2007/8 crisis The World Bank blamed export restrictions for price increases of between 30% for rice and 45% for wheat. Is this a sign of things to come? We are already witnessing countries restricting major export commodities, significant logistics challenges and big increases in freight and shipping costs.

► Duration: 45 minutes speaker debate + 15 minutes Q&A

A focused webinar agenda will highlight:

  • How are retailers responding to the crisis and exponential increase in demand? 

  • How will the increasing export bans affect food on shelves?

  • Social distancing in production lines: What impact it has on productivity and output?

  • How can local production support the food manufacturing industry

  • What innovations and changes are required today are here to stay beyond the disruption?