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Fioretto™, the sweet cauliflower stick by Tokita Seed


Fioretto™ is a new, long-stem cauliflower with a small head and long, sweet green stem, developed by Tokita Seed, a Japanese seed company.  This new variety will leave no consumers indifferent if they pay attention to details, freshness and taste. The catalyst for this new cauliflower variety came from a Tokita Seed employee that shared his thoughts aloud: “Why can´t we have a cauliflower without a long stem?”. After considering, assessing and trying it, the company finally launched a new variety with these characteristics and named it Fioretto™, meaning “little flower” in Italian. Its appearance is attractive with its white tops supported by long shining stems.  Fresh or cooked, this new variety stands out for its taste and sweetness. Whereas with the cauliflower it takes some time to separate the edible part from the bulk, with Fioretto™ it is as simple as choosing the bouquet and that´s all.  With a softer texture than the cauliflower, Fioretto™ has just the right degree of firmness. Convenient and easy to prepare, this new variety is cut into individual stems weighing between 10 and 20 g each. Commercially available in three varieties with a period of 65, 80, and 100 days of ripening respectively, Fioretto™ is for professional growers and home gardeners.