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Fama to offer red Israeli mandarins

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30 years after it was founded, Fama S.A. is now an established name in the production and export of fresh citrus fruits in Argentina. The company’s twenty joint owners are spread across three generations of fruit producers and are united behind the common goal of producing quality products. Today Fama owns 7,000 ha of citrus fruit production in Entre Rios y Corrientes, which is split 50-50 between oranges and mandarins. Varietal development has become something of a policy for the company, which it continues today with the development of the Orri and Muriel varieties. With yields reaching an impressive 2,000 tons, Fama is expecting further increases in the forthcoming years to as high as 5,000 tons. In 2016, the firm introduced five new red Israeli varieties to Argentina. For Fama, this will represent an entirely new line of red products that will be very different from the orange ones it currently produces. Commercial manager Alberto Lavino Zona said, “Fama continues to believe in quality. By aiming for the best possible levels of quality, clients and volumes will inevitably follow.” The firm is also working on minimising costs and  has recently installed a pre-selection machine in its packaging plant in order to raise efficiency levels and improve the quality of its final product. As Fama looks to enter new markets, it continues to strengthen relations with Canada, where, until last year, it only operated in the Toronto area, but has now extended its reach to include Vancouver as well. Lavino Zona said, “Consolidating ties with our clients will always remain our priority as good clients become good friends who you never want to lose.” Meanwhile, Fama is also seeking to develop new markets, such as the UAE and Southeast Asia.

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Fama introduces Israeli varieties of mandarins

Fama has  7,000 ha of citrus farms in the provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes, with 50% oranges and 50% mandarins.

Thirty years after it was founded, Fama S.A. now occupies a significant place within the production and exportation of fresh citrus from Entre Ríos and Corrientes, Argentina.

The company has 20 owners from three generations of fruit producers whose mentality is aimed at producing quality fruit.

Today Fama has 7,000 ha of citrus farms in the provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes, with 50% oranges and 50% mandarins.

For the latter, the company has been making contracts to have exclusive, patented varieties such as Orri, of Israeli origin.

Commercial director Alberto Lavino Zona explained: “This enables us to be always a little ahead of our competitors. Also, at times when there is too much fruit, by having what nobody else has it is easier to sell it.”

He went on to describe the company’s strategy, which is based on three prongs: “Innovation in varieties, where we are entering the field of red Israeli varieties, which are very valuable and take five years to develop; we are not thinking of increasing the area but improving technology to get greater production per hectare and a better yield, making the work more effective; and having varieties the market seeks, thus being more competitive.”

Although the most significant market is Russia, which accounts for 50% of the volume exported, it is currently present in 30 markets and the idea is to continue growing and opening up new ones.

“What has differentiated us from our competitors is that we have always been opening up markets according to the type of fruit we produce and trying to maximise the value of each variety and each calibre.”

Interested in opening up the US market, Lavino Zona underlined the need to have the backing of the Argentine government to bring down tariffs barriers.