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First Virtual Ecuador Food Fair is a hit

The super fruit has the right attributes to win over more consumers in the berry category, whether fresh or dried.

The Trade Office of Ecuador in the United Kingdom, PRO ECUADOR, announces its objective to increase exports of Ecuadorian goldenberries (physalis) to the UK and Europe by positioning the healthy fruit as a type of berry with unique flavour, incredible nutrition and convenient versatility.

PRO ECUADOR is actively pursuing potential new clients across the UK. Already, Ecuador’s leading goldenberry suppliers, Terrafertil and Golden Sweet Spirit, export to Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

Golden Sweet Spirit will also raise the profile and promote the sales potential of goldenberries among European buyers by taking part in The Global Berry Congress 2020 on 7-9 December in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Juan Carlos Yépez Franco, Trade Commissioner of Ecuador for the PRO ECUADOR Trade Office in London, explains: “In the last three years, Ecuador has exported US$87.1 million-worth of exotic fruit to the European Union (EU). Of that total, exports of fresh and dried goldenberries accounted for US$2.2m, including US$500,000 of dried fruit supplied to the UK.

“We see considerable potential in the UK, as well as opportunities across the EU, for both fresh and dried goldenberries from Ecuador. Between May and July this year PRO ECUADOR hosted no less than five virtual B2B business events, during which 26 UK buyers expressed their intention to purchase over US$1.5m-worth of Ecuadorian fruit, including US$1.18m-worth of exotics.

“Despite these unprecedented times, Ecuador and the UK have found ways to strengthen our bilateral trade during the global pandemic. From January to May 2020, Ecuador’s fruit exports have risen by 22 percent in value to US$74.7m, and PRO ECUADOR is working hard to ensure this upward growth is maintained throughout 2020. Furthermore, this year the Ecuadorian National Assembly and President Lenin Moreno ratified the trade agreement between Ecuador, Colombia and Peru with the UK, which guarantees trade continuity between Ecuador and the UK.”

Golden Sweet Spirit is just one Ecuadorian goldenberry supplier that is increasing its production area with a view to expanding its export horizons.

Dennis Brito Madrid, Director of Ecuador’s Non-Traditional Fruit Growers’ Association and Golden Sweet Spirit’s general manager, reveals: “We wish to create a presence on markets like the UK, where, as a result of Brexit, we expect to launch in the near future. Obviously, the pandemic has slowed our expectations but we remain on the right track. Following Fruit Logistica 2020, where Ecuador benefitted from being the Partner Country, we have a lot of potential clients already. We see many opportunities to grow throughout Europe.”

The time is ripe for the goldenberry to shine. A bright orange Andean fruit that is exotic by nature, goldenberries are distinguished by their unmistakable flavour, juiciness, aroma, and, above all, a very high nutritional content.

Yépez Franco comments: “This is a fruit with an incomparable flavour that starts with a sweet palate and ends with a delicate sour note. Ecuadorian goldenberries have the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a fact which is prized by chefs the world over. Once consumers try goldenberries they are converted into regular buyers, especially those looking for health and wellness foods.”

Brito Madrid adds: “We are so convinced of the potential for goldenberries to succeed in the berry category that we are going to The Global Berry Congress 2020 to share our story, and to give this super berry with a super taste a well deserved make-over.”

Goldenberries are considered a super fruit thanks to their high content of antioxidants, Vitamins A, B and C, calcium, zinc, potassium, fibre, and iron, according to independent studies.

Brito Madrid explains: “This little berry is an incredible nutritional powerhouse! Goldenberries have more antioxidant capacity than apples, gojiberries, broccoli and pomegranate juice! They’re a wonderful, natural energy booster, with calcium to strengthen your bones, and more Vitamin C than an orange.”

Goldenberries are also very versatile. The fruit can be added to yoghurt, cereal or smoothies for breakfast, eaten as a snack, and used in salads, salsas, cheese platters, stews, curries or soups. Plus, they are highly regarded within the international gastronomy industry for the exquisite flavour and presentation they bring to desserts.

Ecuador supplies retailers, wholesalers and processors with a range of goldenberry formats, including: fresh fruit, dried fruit, jams and frozen. Supply is year-round by air and sea.



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FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021: Inspire by focusing on change and opportunity

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021: Inspire by focusing on change and opportunity

Berlin, 6 July 2020 – FRUIT LOGISTICA is reaffirming its ambition in a time of unprecedented challenge, transition and reinvention for fresh fruit and vegetable businesses everywhere by focusing its 2021 edition on the many opportunities for all those fresh produce professionals who come together every February in Berlin.

“FRUIT LOGISTICA is the platform to set scene for new opportunities for the global fresh produce business and to prepare the new global scenario”, says Madlen Miserius, Senior Product Manager at FRUIT LOGISTICA.  

“The current situation has brought unprecedented challenges to all of us,” she explains. “Changes already underway have been accelerated by this pandemic. Companies have had to adapt quickly and show great resilience. There is no doubt that 2021 is going to be a year of consolidation. Only those best prepared to face the challenges ahead of us will prosper. At a time of great change, our role at FRUIT LOGISTICA is to help you generate new business, to help you find ways to innovate and to inspire.”

Pressing refresh

As part of its continued commitment to supporting the international fruit and vegetable business, FRUIT LOGISTICA is making available for free a brand new report on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the fresh produce industry.

“Pressing Refresh”, published by Fruitnet Media International, combines analysis from key players in the fresh produce industry with insight from Fruitnet’s international team of experts. “Pressing Refresh” is now available at The report covers three key areas: markets, supply and logistics, and underlines the fresh produce industry’s strong determination to overcome the new challenges created by the outbreak.

For example, the report explains how Dutch tomato business RedStar has had to completely rethink staffing arrangements at its greenhouses, while in New Zealand T&G Global is now chartering its own ships to ensure millions of apples destined for Europe arrive without delay.

FRUIT LOGISTICA’s organisers are aware of uncertainties ahead for everyone even though the number of stand registrations for 2021 is already very promising. That’s why they are continuously publishing updates to their Frequently Asked Questions page. This section helps exhibitors answer their most common concerns in the run-up to the 2021 edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA.

Exhibitors who submit their applications by 31 July 2020 can be first in line to get their preferred locations in the floorplan for FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021, says Miserius.

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Fruit Attraction 2020: a fulcrum for reconstruction and a tribute to the sector

Fruit Attraction 2015, which will be held from 28 to 30 October in halls 7, 8, 9 and 10 at Feria de Madrid, is the largest and most complete edition yet, with the participation expected of 1,000 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, up 20% on last year.

In its twelfth year, Fruit Attraction 2020 will incorporate new elements into its format with the aim of serving as a fulcrum to promote the reconstruction of international trade relations within the fruit and vegetable sector. It takes place in October, which is the key time for the sector. The confidence of the sector as a whole, and the support of the international Fruit Attraction community to speed up the recovery, has allowed the fair to have recorded an increase of 5% in registrations for participation, compared to the same dates last year.

“We have a responsibility to celebrate Fruit Attraction 2020 together. I am sure that when it closes its doors on 22 October, all the heads of the participating companies will be proud to have contributed to the reconstruction of international trade relations for the entire fruit and vegetable sector value chain. During these months of COVID-19, our agri-food sector has shown and will continue to show the community as a whole all its strengths, reaffirming itself as a strategic and fundamental sector for our social structure’s food supply and confidence”, said fair director, Raúl Calleja.

Jorge Brotons, president of Fepex and the Organising Committee for Fruit Attraction, said: “We continue to work towards October, in a scenario of a return to a certain normality, because we need to see each other’s faces and work to help companies continue selling and growing. Fruit Attraction will be a great tribute to and recognition of all the professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector who have been working intensively in the field, in maintaining supplies, in the factories, in logistics, in distribution, in marketing, in warehouses, and at the points of sale around the world during these months of confinement and uncertainty”.

IFEMA and the Community of Madrid have agreed to dismantle in May the Emergency Hospital that its facilities are currently hosting, as will happen with the resource made available to the homeless. This will allow the maintenance projects and investments scheduled for the summer months to be carried out, ensuring the infrastructure is in optimal condition to resume activity in September.

The new provisions that IFEMA will implement in the coming months include services such as a thermal solution for measuring body temperature that will be incorporated to help monitor people accessing the site.

Aware of the uncertainty, but in a context of having to generate commercial sourcing and supply opportunities to match international fruit and vegetable supply and demand, accompany companies in the new investment scenario and minimise the risks associated with participating in Fruit Attraction, work is already under way on a new format in which the “functionality and commercial utility intrinsic to the fair” will be enhanced. It will probably be less social in order to preserve attendees’ health and safety (access management and capacity limits, temperature monitoring, hygiene-sanitary measures, etc.). This means moving away from grouping many visitors together and toward an event model that focuses on buying and selling processes and presenting new developments, innovations and know-how for this new market and consumption scenario. Three days during which the industry comes together to generate and develop commercial relationships in a mixed face-to-face and digital format, enhancing the quality of the buyer profile. Three days of international buying and selling, supply agreements, campaign planning, news, face-to-face and virtual forums and debates,  all taking advantage of IFEMA’s 5G technology.

Fruit Attraction will be held at a time when visitors from many countries will be able to attend the event in person and others will participate digitally through a new B2B-eMeeting service (30-45 minute video calls on a platform available for smartphones and laptops), with prearranged or spontaneous agendas between exhibiting companies and buyers from all over the world that are part of the entire Fruit Attraction digital community. This will enable the fair to put forward new value streams for customers who are unable to attend.

The intense specialised programme of congresses, conferences, debates, company presentations, etc. covering the entire value chain will also take place in a mixed format, and will begin virtually with the “VIRTUAL FRUIT FORUM” on 14 October, for the entire Fruit Attraction international community. There will then be daily digital events with high-value content up until the start of Fruit Attraction on 20 October, when the on-site events will begin, including the BIOFRUIT CONGRESS that will be held on the 22 October.

All the conference spaces, common areas, working areas and the layout of the fair are designed and planned to comply with all the social and hygienic protocols set by the authorities, with capacity control and management systems, temperature monitoring, etc. ensuring the health and safety of everyone attending the event, who will previously receive a Post Covid-19 Behavioural Recommendations Guide.

Optimising costs, minimising risks and simplifying setting up the stands for the participating companies will be another of the strategic pillars of Fruit Attraction 2020. It will make two types of modular customisable stands available, Basic and Premium, that are all inclusive and include 3 Premium WIFI connections, to effectively manage video calls with participating remote buyers. This service is also included for all exhibitors participating with custom designed stands.

The online Participating Companies Directory will play a leading role, since it will be essential for identifying companies, products, news, contacts, agenda and eMeeting services, etc. for all those visitors who cannot attend the event in person.

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United Fresh launches appeal for support

United Fresh launches appeal for support

Following the successful closure of the first digital edition of United Fresh, the organisers drew some positive conclusions for what was a memorable event. More than 12,500 attended the event, with more than 7,500 online at any one time. Over 1,000 joined the general sessions, while the workshops, coffee talk roundtables, networking receptions and morning fitness classes reached thousands more.

The Board of Directors made the decision to open up this platform free of charge, not just to United Fresh members, but to the entire industry. After debating charging a reduced fee, maybe even just $100, United Fresh decided to let attendees decide what this has been worth. No one knew what to expect in a virtual trade show and convention. Now we do.

This decision meant giving up US$1 million in direct registration revenue, and a large amount of exhibit fees were refunded to exhibitors who didn’t have the means to continue online. However, many exhibitors were able to stick by United Fresh, and there were many new exhibitors who joined in this new format. As the convention makes up 30% of the annual budget, the organisers are appealing for support from across the sector to keep it going. A statement read: “Please make an investment in our industry’s future and in United Fresh’s future so that we can continue to serve you by connecting and advancing the supply chain. The future will be different, and we think our industry will be different. But together, we can continue to increase the consumption of fresh produce and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our world. Food will win.”

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Hong Kong’s Largest Vegetarian and Green Living Exhibition

Vegetarian Food Asia 2020 - Hong Kong's Largest Vegetarian and Green Living Exhibition



Since its inauguration in 2015, Vegetarian Food Asia has become Hong Kong’s largest exhibition for vegetarian products and services. LOHAS Expo, its concurrent event, is the leading trading platform for natural, organic, green living, and sustainable living products in Hong Kong and overseas.

Apart from showcasing 4,000 vegetarian, natural, organic, and green living products, the expo will also feature exciting events.

The expo’s “Public Zone” was successfully debuted in the last edition with a record-breaking 30,000 visits. In the 2020 shows, the organizer will expand the Public Hall’s scale and continue to open to public for three days. Public visitors will be able to find and shop a wide variety of vegetarian and green living products around the world.