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The Russian embargo and Turkey’s fruit and vegetable exports

In 2014, 43% of all the volume of tomatoes exported from Turkey went to Russia (336,000 tons).

Since January 2015, Turkey had exported to Russia food valued at $1 billion, or 4% of all Russia’s food imports, according to Russian Customs statistics.

The leading export products were tomatoes (292,800 t) and citrus fruit. Russia also imported grapes (68,000 t), peaches (26,000 t), apricots (28,800 t) and other fruit.

During the fruit season, the share of some Turkish products (for example, citrus) reached 50%.

In 2014, 43% of all the volume of tomatoes exported from Turkey went to Russia (336,000 tons).

“We can substitute Turkish tomatoes with those from Iran, Morocco, Israel, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan,” said Aleksander Tkachev, Russian Minister of Agriculture.

As for Turkish citrus fruit (250,000 tons imported in 2014), they can be substituted by ones from the RSA, Morocco, China, Argentina, Israel, Abkhazia and Georgia, he said.

It is possible that the embargo for Turkish tomatoes, in particular, will lead to price rises; however it is unlikely that the prices will be higher than last winter. In January 2015, 1 kg of tomatoes cost about $3; if it costs more, the demand will slump.

The government has ordered the Ministries of Trade and Agriculture to track price trends; and the Ministry of Agriculture to see how it can support Russian producers.

At the same time, the embargo does not extend to some specific products, such as lemons, lettuce, figs, etc.


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Fresh Food Russia Forum November 13-14 in Moscow

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About 300 delegates from 50 federal and regional retail chains are attending the Fresh Food Russia Forum being held November 13-14 at Moscow’s Kosrton Hotel.

Dedicated to fresh grocery and in-store produce, the event also includes opportunities to join a special negotiations session with commercial directors, purchasing directors and buyers from retail chains from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk.

According to the Fresh Food Russia Forum organisers, the recent US and EU food import ban by Russia means the country’s retail chains are in search of new suppliers. “They are looking for reliable international partners.”

“Russia was the leading retail market by turnover in Europe in 2013. Two thirds of Russian customers are willing to pay more for fresh grocery, according to recent surveys by consulting firms,” they said.


More information and registration:

Kseniya Kamenskaya, +7 (495) 785-22-06, 781-11-34

Official forum web site: